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Aerutaerc - A Pokemon-Inspired Test Roleplay
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#1 Posted: 18:12:44 09/07/2020 | Topic Creator
Inspired by Pokemon and Wizard101, you are a new trainer in a world of fantastical creatures - called Aerutaerc - to tame!

This roleplay will be heavily driven by mechanics such as RNG and mathematical equations. This area will serve as a place to test those mechanics.

Unlike Pokemon, where creatures are divided into different types, Aerutaerc are divided into different moralities. Depending on the morality of your trainer, Aerutaerc will evolve accordingly!

There are two rivaling schools - one good, whose trainers are called Advisors, and one evil, whose trainers are called Directors. There are also independent studiers called Overseers who are neutral in morality. Your character's morality determines how their Aerutaerc will level up, how they will evolve, and how quests can be tackled, so choose wisely!

There are three starter Aerutaerc who are categorized by morality:
- An Advisor will start with an angelic being known as a Seraph.
- An Overseer will start with an entity of balance known as an Equilibrium.
- A Director will start with a creature of darkness known as a Wraith.

Character Sheet:

Morality: (Good, Neutral, or Evil)

If you have any questions as to the world's lore, roleplay mechanics, or anything else, please ask them! Questions and constructive criticism will help this roleplay take shape.
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