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Urban Legends (Long-Term OPEN RP)
derpyhooves Platinum Sparx Gems: 5662
#1 Posted: 18:15:13 29/06/2020 | Topic Creator
"Urban Legends" is a modern fantasy RP set on the islands known as "The Diamond"- a sanctuary for magical beings and those seeking protection, and "The Comma"- a bustling land for newcomers and settlers to make their living, rife with unexplored land just waiting to be discovered.

The Comma is the mainland and home of Othercity, the capital of the islands. Othercity is the busy heart of the island, never sleeping even as the land around it remains unexplored and supposedly wild. How did such a metropolis spring up in such wild territory? With the charismatic mayor's dream, and the help of Rebirth Enterprises, a company that specializes in the combination of magic and technology for the betterment of the every man's life. But Othercity isn't the only settlement on the's just the only one that matters*

And then we have the Diamond, the upper island of the two and a much calmer atmosphere. Founded alongside the city, the Diamond began as a sanctuary for misplaced beings and those who needed a boost to start their new lives. While the Comma is settled, the Diamond remains mostly uninhabited by foreign lives save for the single facility near the shore. Most newcomers to the islands will make their start here, some choosing to move on to the city or explore the unknown, where others will choose to stay and help others who started the same way they did.

Sounds like a lovely place, does it not? A bustling city, a beautiful sanctuary......Just ignore all the rumors about "Black Markets" and "Political Corruption", if you can. It's not like a newly settled land, filled to the brim with magical beings, can so quickly fall into such seedy practices, right?

*message brought to you by Rebirth Enterprises

Usual rules apply. No godmodding, be patient, don't be too stupid in the not so fun way. Have your wits about you, basically.

This roleplay is LONG TERM and will be on DISCORD. I will PM you the invite to the server once your character sheet has been accepted.

If I'm being honest, I wanted to give some of the rpers still on-site another more active place to go.

Any species, gender, or character is allowed. If they're canon, just give me a reason they made it in the RP in the Backstory section and we'll be set.


Player Name:
Character Name:
Alias (If they have one):
Types of Weapons:


Appearance: (Try to use original images OR source the artist on the picture you post.)

Basic Backstory:
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ThunderEgg Emerald Sparx Gems: 3601
#2 Posted: 18:37:34 29/06/2020
This looks neat!

I might try to make a character, but first I have a couple of questions.
>Will it be text-based rp?
>What species are available to roleplay as?
>What is the "rating" of the roleplay (PG, PG-13, etc etc)?
I AM ETERNAL! (banner by skylandersfan60)
derpyhooves Platinum Sparx Gems: 5662
#3 Posted: 18:40:14 29/06/2020 | Topic Creator
Hey there c:

>> This is a text based roleplay, so don't worry!
>> You can use anything you want, because almost anything you can think of can be implemented into the story.
>> The RP is mature in nature and may contain darker themes, so I'd set it as a 16+ kinda thing.
ThunderEgg Emerald Sparx Gems: 3601
#4 Posted: 18:42:10 29/06/2020
Coolio. I'll start thinking of character ideas then!
I AM ETERNAL! (banner by skylandersfan60)
derpyhooves Platinum Sparx Gems: 5662
#5 Posted: 18:44:25 29/06/2020 | Topic Creator
Alright, awesome! Glad to see people are interested. c:
ThunderEgg Emerald Sparx Gems: 3601
#6 Posted: 23:11:37 08/07/2020
Hey, I'm sorry, but I've had some stuff irl come up that I have to focus on right now, so I won't have time to RP.
I AM ETERNAL! (banner by skylandersfan60)
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