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Memories from the Hunt: Reminiscing About Collecting / Brag Story Thread
Matteomax Emerald Sparx Gems: 4922
#1 Posted: 04:30:48 29/06/2020 | Topic Creator
Anyone have any good old hunting stories they want to share? I've honestly missed the hunt a lot, so I wanted to hear stories from the die-hard fans still active here.

One of my biggest scores ever was on the release day for the wave of SuperChargers that contained High Volt. At the time, people were going crazy trying to find the Patina chase variant.

I ended up going to my ToysRUs at around the opening time to pick up a few figures. I checked each nook and cranny on the front-of-store display to try and find one alongside Patina Shield Striker. Had no luck on that end until I noticed a bunch of boxes near the electronics counter.. Had an employee open all but one box with no luck, until we tore open the last box.

Not just one, but three Patina High Volts were inside. I was in absolute shock when I saw that and was just blown away with my luck there.

Yes, I couldn't refuse buying all three.. Call me selfish, I know, but I wanted to live in the moment and there were next to no hardcore collectors invested into the series in the area; They only would've been scooped up by eBayers who made rounds checking the stores every once in a while.

I've managed to also find multiple Stone Whirlwind, Stone Zook, Patina Burn Cycle, and Clear Stealth Elf over my time hunting.

Anyone else miss hopping from store-to-store hunting for them? I know there are plenty of collectibles that have chase variants, but nothing can honestly come close to the fun (and sometimes pain) that this series had to offer with new releases.
Will still be checking the forums every now and then!
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Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 7120
#2 Posted: 12:55:49 29/06/2020
Don't have any positive stories, having to buy almost all of my figures online after Giants(and you bet the figures here would never be chase, these never worked in my country), but... The only reason I have Battlecast cards other than what a very generous fellow fan (that I'm forever thankful for) sent me a few months before, is because my order of Bad Juju had someone stamp the address and it was returned for having incomplete information... They lived in another continent. Me and the seller basically had to pray it'd actually arrive the second time, and they sent one of the big Battlecast packs that weren't selling anyway as compensation. Still gonna frame them or put them in an album someday!
I do art!
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