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The Avalar Council - Gritty OG Spyro RP
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#1 Posted: 07:13:28 20/04/2020 | Topic Creator
A year after Ripto had been given his defeat in Avalar at the hands….paws...horns? Of Spyro, Avalar had enjoyed a year of peace...Well, that is if you ignore the war between the Land Blubbers and the Breezebuilders causing much death and damage, and the state of Scorch being in ruins from the return of Bombo after the twins had left. Not to mention the reinvasion of evil warlocks at Cloud Temple and the lack of crops in Robotica Farms which was destroying their economy. Things behind the scenes weren’t great and what was worse was that exactly a year from that day of Ripto’s defeat, enemies began to slowly but surely appear in the worlds around Avalar, things were beginning to grow dangerous. Until a Gemcutter named Beau had an idea…

This Roleplay takes place in the world of the original trilogy of Spyro in Avalar, Spyro has been gone for a year and things are bad, Beau the Gemcutter has decided to assemble a United Nations of Avalar to try and combat the evil that is coming into the worlds. You will play as a native to one of the worlds of Avalar! You have received a letter from Beau asking if you would join the Council. Please no more than one of each species! Do you have what it takes to help clean up Avalar?

No godmodding
No killing without asking
Keep it pg-13
No repeat species
Be descriptive and try to make your replies at least two sentences to a paragraph

Character Sheet:



Name: Beau
Age: 25
Gender Male:
Species: Gemcutter
Homeworld: Glimmer
Personality: Beau is among the bravest of the Gemcutters, realizing something had to be done about the declining state of Avalar and the evil that was beginning to come into the worlds. That being said he is still very nerveracked by many things, he often lacks confidence in himself but the confidence he lacks in himself he makes up for by believing in others. He doesn’t care for the job of a miner and believes he is destined for greater things.
Appearance: A Gemcutter with a blue baseball cap

Name: Aurie
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Faun
Homeworld: Magma Cone
Personality: Like most Faun from Magma Cone, Aurie loves a good prank and a good party, but more than anything he loves a good tune, while young Aurie is very talented and often speaks his thoughts through his music. Stubborn, sometimes to a fault, he seems like someone who doesn’t care about much but deep down that couldn’t be more wrong. He was convinced by Beau to join the Avalar Council because the other Faun were too lazy and as Beau put it “If there’s no Avalar, there’s no music”
Appearance: A regular Faun from Magma Cone who carries a guitar strapped to his back at all times

Name: Lynel
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Species: Breezebuilder
Homeworld: Breeze Harbor
Personality: Sometimes cranky and curmudgeon and sometimes insightful and kind, there isn’t really an inbetween for Lynel, he just wants to sit back, enjoy his puzzles and not have to give a damn about anything, unfortunately the Breezebuilders are still at war with the Land Blubbers and he didn’t have much choice but to join the battle. He doesn’t like to talk about it. Lynel joined the Avalar Council because Beau told him that he wouldn’t need to fight a war if he was a part of the council, but even more compelling, if there was a chance at creating peace between the Breezerbuilders and the Land Blubbers, there’d be more time for peaceful puzzles
Appearance: A yellow Breezebuilder with a clipped left wing

EDIT: Here is a list of all the going ons with the Avalar worlds, if you have more ideas for the chaos going on lemme know!
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#2 Posted: 07:14:54 20/04/2020
Name: Electrick (otherwise known as Rick or, by some, Trick)
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Species: Electroll
Homeworld: Hurricos
Personality: This little guy is something of a mad scientist. Or a perfectly sane scientist, as he'll claim. Okay, maybe a mad but totally morally sound scientist, give or take on the morally sound part of it. Eccentric and enthusiastic about technology, he quite enjoys having intellectual discussions with other people. Perhaps from his experience with the Gear Grinders, he can be rather distrusting of large, stocky characters.
Appearance: Electrick looks like your standard Electroll - a blue creature with ears that stick straight up and have an electric current that runs between them. He is also in possession of a large pair of glasses.
Other: Don't shake his hand unless you want to get zapped. Though unintentional, he still tends to shock people when he touches them.
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#3 Posted: 07:15:17 20/04/2020 | Topic Creator
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#4 Posted: 20:04:34 22/04/2020
Name: Bruiser
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Species: Cheetah
Homeworld: Summer Forest
Personality: He's big and strong, but a little dumb. Bruiser is a bit of a hermit, but is well-meaning once you get to know him. He enjoys taking vacations and is a little lazy. Bruiser's vision is somewhat weak, but he corrects this with a pair of glasses.
Appearance: A large, muscular cheetah. He wears a pair of pink glasses.
Other: Takes inspiration from the GBA character of the same name (//
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#5 Posted: 20:41:57 22/04/2020 | Topic Creator
I never thought about the homeworlds and their natives, interesting. accepted~
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