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Howlite Paladin - Guild Quest
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#1 Posted: 22:08:03 16/04/2020 | Topic Creator
Far away in a distant realm, magic ruled over all. The bravest of those that practiced in its ways (Known as Mage's) were part of what was known as a Magic Guild, a place that provided shelter, food, water and more to those that were in want of joining in return of a fraction of the profit made from completing bulletin board tasks. These tasks were posted in hopes that a team that held a legal Guild membership would help in times of need. It could have been anything simple from rescuing a cat from a tree to fighting a demon that was devastating a village. Tasks were ranked from C to S, with S being the highest. It is a Mage's dream to achieve an S rank level in a guild.

This roleplay is based on the anime Fairy Tail and is thus very similar. You’ll start as a C rank Mage who has always dreamed of being in the A tier guild known as Howlite Paladin, a guild can be ranked anywhere from C to S, but your ambitions are high, Howlite Paladin has a reputation for treating its members like family, having fair rules and overall a fun atmosphere. Howlite Paladin is in the top five of Guilds, those being A Tier Howlite Paladin, A Tier Blazing Leonine, A Tier Midnight Royale, S Tier Obsidian Rex and S Tier Black Wyvern. Your ambitions are high as a C class Mage trying to get into the top five, but you believe it’s worth a try, and if you fail there’s always C class Guilds.

Every Mage has a unique magic skill, try to be as unique as possible, but remember magic isn’t unlimited, if you use too much or get too beat up you won’t be able to control it well or use it until you’re rested up. So it’s about being smart. Any type of magic is usable except for those that would be considered OP.

No overly OP Magic
No godmodding
No killing characters unless I say so
Have fun

Character Sheet:

Magic (What kind? How does it work? What are its limitations?):

Name: Kallin
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Magic: Bone Magic. Kallin can control the bones of a dead animal that he finds, though bigger skeletons are harder to control, if he carries the bone of a small to medium sized animal he can conjure a full skeleton from that one bone
Personality: WIP
History: Not much is known of Kallin’s history but he has been with Howlite Paladin for about 5 months, he is currently a Rank B Mage, he generally goes on Tasks alone, but rumor is he used to be part of a team, what happened to them is unknown.
Appearance: 5’10 and seemingly scrawny, Kallin actually is very strong, he duo wields bone blades, he wears a vest that is colored rust and gray, it covers his chest. He wears a belt around his waist that has many dangling bones of different shapes and sizes. His skin is tanned and he has short hair that protrudes everywhere, it is a light mint green color. He wears tight trousers that seem to be made out of burlap and white boots that look like they are made of something hardy.
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Name: Candell
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Magic: Light Generation - From soft glows of light to blaring rays that are capable of setting material ablaze, Candell creates balls and rays of light, either to harm or to console. Pray it be the latter.
History: Candell isn't the type to tell people about her past. What can be discerned from her, however, is that, while cold and distant to nearly everyone, she has a fondness for children.
Appearance: Standing at 5'8, she's hardly an imposing figure. She possesses a thin musculature - so devoid of curves that people often mistake her for a man. Aside from this, little can be discerned of her actual appearance given the fact that her attire conceals everything else. The most obvious accessory of hers is a bright yellow mask that covers the entirety of her face. This mask has a large smiley face carefully inked in black on it, and while it does have holes to see out of, her eyes are entirely in shadow to the extent where they cannot be seen. Her head is covered by what appears to be a black balaclava, hiding her hair and even the entirety of her face and neck. Atop her head she wears a wide-brimmed bolero hat. Much of her body is covered by a black leather duster coat which reaches down to her mid shin. She also wears nearly knee-high boots and gloves, which, surprise suprise, are black in coloration.
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