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Comparing AHT to J&D
Bolt Hunter Gems: 5938
#1 Posted: 01:37:53 11/04/2020 | Topic Creator
The first Jak and Daxter game came out in 2001 and A Hero's Tail came out in 2004, just for reference.

JCW recently bought up an old post he made comparing this game to Jak and Daxter and it just ... yeah. There was this old topic kiiiind of discussing it, but everyone mostly just brushed the similarities off and coincidence and game genre. Buuut after recently returning to both games, I was actually taken aback by just how much AHT seemed to copy J&D, specifically the first game.

Crocovile Swamp is literally just Boggy Swamp. Like, ****ing copy pasted lmao. Pole swinging, moving spike traps from out of the ground. They even both have the hillbilly shooter mission to get the vermin away from the food. Come on Eurocom lol. The plant tentacle things in the quick sand are basically the same as the boss from the Forbidden Jungle too.
Coastal Remains can be compared to Sentinel Beach/Sandover Village as well I guess. They both share p similar motives, but the thing that stood out to me most was the water wheel contraptions with the platforms.
Cloudy Domain and Sunken Ruins especially are just like the Lost Precursor City. Cloudy Domain reminds me of any of the precursor architecture tbh and it has those orbiting circular platforms from the lost city, but Sunken Ruins is p much just the Lost Precursor City. They're both sunken cities submerged deep underwater with glowing effects and dangerous piping (aht are hot pipes while j&d are electric).

I haven't gotten to the last world in J&D yet to properly compare that, but from what I remember it really reminds me of the Volcanic Isle from AHT.
And Red's Lab reminds me plenty of Haven City from the Jak sequels, but I will update when I get around it revisiting it.


I actually might update this with screenshots because oh my god haha. It will further help prove my point.
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sans Green Sparx Gems: 444
#2 Posted: 02:13:16 11/04/2020
yeah, it's safe to say aht was trying to be jak
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ThunderEgg Yellow Sparx Gems: 1276
#3 Posted: 16:43:02 11/04/2020
ooo yeah bolt if you have screenshots, that would be interesting to see. i'm currently doing a play through of aht, and i've never played j+d, so it'd be fascinating to see the visual similarities.
sans Green Sparx Gems: 444
#4 Posted: 04:48:24 12/04/2020
it's not just visual, it's game mechanics. like, straight up stolen from jak
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Sesshomaru75 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6521
#5 Posted: 06:03:35 12/04/2020
You can thank Eurocom and Vivendi for that.

The latter for putting the developers of ETD through hell and back, and then having the gall to essentially blame it on the series' formula.
(Rather than taking responsibility for the lack of quality control and their awful management skills)

The former for taking the basic idea of being inspired by the first Jak & Daxter, and instead turning it into outright plagiarism.
(They also had the nerve to reuse cut ideas from ETD, which wouldn't be a problem in of itself had it not already been for the pile of unoriginality that is AHT)

In either case, at least TwinSanity - despite being more of a technical mess by comparison - tried to be more original and take the definition of inspiration literally.
(Rather than resorting to shameless plagiarism like AHT did :/)
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ThunderEgg Yellow Sparx Gems: 1276
#6 Posted: 14:26:53 12/04/2020
i have no doubt it's plagiarized.
huh. maybe i should play j+d next...
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#7 Posted: 00:01:14 21/04/2020
SO guess what, your suspicions were right. Aura found a design document for the game in the middle of development (when some files were still called Spyro: The Dark Realms), and you can find J&D used as a reference in nearly every one of them. A lot of Rachet and Clank too.
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sans Green Sparx Gems: 444
#8 Posted: 07:01:42 11/06/2020
just thought about this but the villains are basically the same too
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