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[Rumour] Sony is buying out Konami IP
StevemacQ Platinum Sparx Gems: 6533
#1 Posted: 11:28:16 17/03/2020 | Topic Creator
Throughout the week, Norman Reedus is already in talks to collaborate with Hideo Kojima again, the second piece of news is that Sony and Kojima might be developing Silent Hills (like how Sony financed and published Crash and Spyro while Universal Interactive did very little) and now there's rumour has it that Sony is interested in buying out Metal Gear, Silent Hill and Castlevania from Konami.

As awesome it sounds, I'm taking these words with grains of salt until some actual games shown off. I hope other IP like Z.O.E., Contra, Policenauts, Snatcher, etc. can be saved from Konami but hopefully the old titles can still be on Nintendo consoles and all future games and remasters come to PC.
Needz more eh-mo-shuns.
CountMoneyBone Emerald Sparx Gems: 3761
#2 Posted: 11:30:11 17/03/2020
more sony playstation exlusive games, nice smilie
Ha! HA, sage ich.
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