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More Spryo Coverage [CLOSED]
MysteryMeat Fodder
#1 Posted: 20:32:14 17/07/2007
Found this today. Really nice things are being said about the game so far!

Unfortunately the major game sites like IGN and Gamespot aren't doing much about the buzz surrounding this game while the rest of the internet seems to be going crazy. We should petition them to show Spryo on the GBA sections so more people know about it! We can't let one of the coolest looking games for the system go unnoticed! Especially since it's SPYRO and we LOVE him! What do you think?
Rexy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1313
#2 Posted: 05:36:23 18/07/2007
I thought IGN and Gamespot aren't doing too bad actually; if there's anything harshfully negative on those sites, it had to be from the forumgoers more than the journalists. Additionally, IGN put up the GBA trailer not too long ago as well.

Though, if you ARE talking about JUST the GBA version, the concern with that is that most of the people are thinking that the GBA is a dead system thanks to the advent of the Nintendo DS. Hence it doesn't seem to get quite as much attention as its Console counterpart.

Now that I think of it, if this turns out really well, odds are I might even get the cart - possibly the first GBA game I'd purchase since Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories 2 years ago.
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MysteryMeat Fodder
#3 Posted: 21:09:23 19/07/2007
Well... the GBA isn't dead and won't be for a very long time. It lives on in the millions and millions of DS systems that can play GBA games as well. Each DS sold is also another GBA sold.
Rexy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1313
#4 Posted: 21:37:20 19/07/2007
That's a very good point raised there - after all, the DS is possibly the best recent machine when it comes to backwards compatability on the market right now. It's just that with technology advancing as it is at this moment in time, I'm more concerned over how far the GBA would actually stretch out. The articles at Pocket Gamer there state that there's going to be only like 10 or so titles, with most of them being movie tie-ins; that tells me that there doesn't seem to be many developers that are serious with stretching the system's capabilities these days.
MysteryMeat Fodder
#5 Posted: 08:36:54 20/07/2007
The GBA has a HUGE library of games. Which will entertain for many years to come for whats already out. Doesn't really "need" new releases with over 500 games on the market already.
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