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PSA: Redbox Game Sale
Vespi Gold Sparx Gems: 2474
#1 Posted: 04:39:34 21/12/2019 | Topic Creator
Do you have a GAMER in your life? Perhaps you're a GAMER yourself?
Well, this post is for you!
Redboxes (those little red boxes outside of Walgreens usually that gives you entertainment circles to rent and put in your display rectangle) is going out of the game rental business. To do that, they need to sell off their stock, to YOU, the GAMER.
Your reporter on the scene, Vespi, went and did some investigative journalism, and discovered some pretty good deals. Personally, I picked up the Resident Evil 2 Remake for $11.99 and Devil May Cry 5 for $14.99. Another wicked price was Death Stranding for $24.99. Obviously they come in those little Redbox cases and not an actual PS4/XBO case, but for some of those games or recent releases, it seems like a pretty good deal. Thought I'd let you all know~
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#2 Posted: 02:24:56 23/12/2019
thanks vespi!
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#3 Posted: 03:01:22 09/02/2020
[User Posted Image]

thats some good ****
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