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I just realized that the gameplay is all about offense
madison-dwrd Emerald Sparx Gems: 3201
#1 Posted: 04:02:27 21/12/2019 | Topic Creator
I recently watched someone play through the first Spyro game and realized just how aggressive enemies are and how much the game demands you to play offensively. I'm not saying this is a hard game or anything (though seeing someone struggle through Tree Tops the first time made me wonder how I ever figured out those supercharges haha), but this game doesn't let you run away from enemies. It demands that you face enemies immediately and make a split-second decision for how you will attack it, either with flame or charge. I never ever realized this even though I've played this game dozens and dozens of times.

I watched this person play the game for the first time and run away from all enemies once they started to attack, and he died several times and even got a game over in the early stages of the game. He had to change his reaction from being defensive to being offensive to stop taking damage. Has anyone else realized this? It made me appreciate the game even more than I currently do (which is a lot haha). I never considered this game to be boringly easy or anything, but I now appreciate the challenge new players have when playing this game for the first time.
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#2 Posted: 02:30:01 23/12/2019
hmm. now that you mention it, i watched a friend play spyro 1, and they had a similar problem!

i think they got to toasty and had a ton of issues there with the dogs. im not sure, it was a couple of years ago.

its always interesting seeing people play spyro! the game feels somewhat intuitive to me, so watching people learn the system is like playing the game with fresh eyes.
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