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Re-writing the Legend of Spyro Trilogy's story - Your Thoughts?
spyrorulz Blue Sparx Gems: 556
#1 Posted: 09:45:25 14/12/2019 | Topic Creator
So first off - Its been seven years since I was last on here, oh my goodness I am so happy my old account wasn't taken down AND I remembered how to login!

The main reason I'm back is that I am now a uni student, well on my last year anyhow and I have a LOT of spare time on my hands. Me, my Gf and friends are a quiet bunch so filling in the time with partying or the usual student habits aren't really a thing. Instead I have recently replayed the entire Legend of Spyro trilogy (SO MANY MEMORIES) and realised that despite the long long long list of great reasons to love the games, the story in each is somewhat cheese. The games were written for younger teens and at the time I couldn't have loved them more. Now I've grown up a lot, been through uni and as great as the trilogy still is I'm noticing a MONSTER amount of plot holes, unused/unexplored context and a ridiculous amount of missed world building opportunities. Most of the world building is akin to something ripped straight from "Fantasy Worlds for Dummies."

Of course this might just be me being picky and I apologise if you're unhappy with this, my intentions aren't to go off on a tangent (much, kinda) so heres my pitch:

I write stories and anthologies for uni, I've been writing since I was very young and I know my way around words (most of the time.) I want to attempt to re-write the LoS trilogy.

I'll be keeping it more or less the same in terms of foundation and main characters, but adding a LOT of my own context, side characters, world building and narrative where I think it was lacking and fixing plot holes along the way.

Main reason I'm on here and not already writing on FanFiction is to ask the opinion of you lovely folk. I'll be writing this regardless of opinions but if its edging towards negative then I might just make it a private venture, I assume this isn't the first time someones attempted to re-do the story after all.

I'm really sorry this is an essay of a post, if you're still reading this then congrats, You're my first readers and you're AWESOME! Let me know if you have any questions about what i'll be doing as I plan for the journey ahead and please please please give me ideas, opinions and criticism.

Cheers my dudes!
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ThunderEgg Emerald Sparx Gems: 3970
#2 Posted: 18:02:09 14/12/2019
I'd love to see if if/when you're willing to share!

I'm wondering what you plan on changing or looking at more closely in your re-write. Are you going to include concepts from the Jared Pullen interview?

Also, I'd like to see how you tackle the split between ETN and DOTD. Are you going to turn DOTD in to something more Krome-like? Or are you going to write the series more like DOTD? Maybe explain the nature of Dark Spyro more? It's never been clear to me whether he is Spyro being possessed by Malefor, or Spyro being angsty.

Come to think of it, will it be a character-based story? Combat focused? Heck -- will it be first person, third person, etc?


Haha I know it's a lot of questions! I've thought way too much about the story in TLOS, but don't have a lot of time to re-write it, so I'm very excited to see someone doing their own interpretation! Best of luck to you!
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spyrorulz Blue Sparx Gems: 556
#3 Posted: 22:20:11 14/12/2019 | Topic Creator

If I can get any of this done (more hopeful in the coming month, i've got SO many uni assighnments due soon that I cannot fathom starting haha)

Fleshing out the world that tLoS inhabits is my number one aim, I feel like we were given generic areas and regions to explore that could easily be made unique, I mean I'm not exactly the best writer ever and I'm bursting with contextual ideas, I can't imagine how others on this site are haha. Jared Pullen is an absolute icon and I may very well draw some series inspiration from him.

I'm thinking of possibly splitting this into three parts (representing the three games) Although I could theoretically just do one big story?

DOTD had some seriously good stuff going on, so i'm almost certainly going to be including parts of that story in with everything, even towards the beginning. Warfang is an incredible example of what I may incorporate into the story early on, massive dragon city full of beautiful architecture and what do we see of it, like 5 dragons and a small group of mole people - this is the perfect place to introduce new characters and events. Plus i'd love to explore the city you know? Lots of cool places to see.

I agree with the lack of explanation about dark Spyro, I would assume its just pumping him full of evil energy in general? Its a bit ambiguous haha.

I'm thinking this would be first person but i will occasionally switch from character to character depending on whats happening, like one chapter its Spyro, the next its Cinder etc etc.

Genuinely thank you for being interested so far guys, the more questions the better! I've got to plan!
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spyrorulz Blue Sparx Gems: 556
#4 Posted: 09:38:34 16/12/2019 | Topic Creator
Quick Question, i'll simply decide myself if i get a lack of response! Should this story be kept to the same/similar age group it was aimed towards (so early teens) or should I up the target audience age? Personally I'm used to writing dark, very adult themes in my stories, not that I would be writing those into this anyway but it would make it a little easier and I suppose, grittier from me to aim higher?

So there will be some blood, maybe minor swearing, suggestive jokes, just stuff along those lines.
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fyra Platinum Sparx Gems: 6471
#5 Posted: 14:07:23 16/12/2019
You should up it, to allow deeper writing and showing more stuff but I’ll recommend keeping it in the T range, swearing and suggestives jokes sound weird unless well placed and not too frequent.
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spyrorulz Blue Sparx Gems: 556
#6 Posted: 15:54:36 19/12/2019 | Topic Creator
Yea fair point, I wouldn't be heading into M territory regardless, as much as i'll be adding my own stuff this is re rewrite of the trilogy and not flat out fanfic so I want to keep it close to its original age range. Just you know, a bit more might happen haha.
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Bolt Hunter Gems: 6135
#7 Posted: 21:06:30 29/12/2019
Oh this is great! Looking forward to this if you ever get around to sharing! (':
Please try to keep the overly edgy, 00's feel to it if you can lmao! (and put a character named edje in it omg)
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spyrorulz Blue Sparx Gems: 556
#8 Posted: 15:31:13 30/12/2019 | Topic Creator
Oh my goodness yes, the 00's edgy feel is DEFINETLY something I want to keep in, if anything thats part of what made the trilogy so easy to fall in love with haha.
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