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Excerpts from Skylands
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Ahh, my old stomping grounds. Just putting these someplace else, have their own little page where I can expand them further.

Stink Bomb: He secretes a venomous fluid from glands within his palm. If you’re struck by a wayward claw, you will become ill and badgered by hallucinations, your body paralyzed from head to toe. He lacks external ears, instead possessing earholes. Exhibit A: His nostrils, too, are difficult to spot. They’re small slits, able to be sealed shut when needed be. His nasal passages are narrow, and thus he takes in a lot of air through his mouth. It’s thought that stronger emotions produce more potent and nauseating fumes. These gases are flammable and corrosive, able to fry eyes, distort ecosystems, and melt metal. Consuming toxins will do that to you. Well, not you. You’d die. Stink Bomb, however, eats poisonous insects and completely inedible mushrooms like they’re candies. Fuel in the tank.

A menagerie of microbiota lines his stomach walls and intestines. His stomach itself is cauldron-like and ferments food. Curiously, Stink Bomb lacks a gag reflex entirely, and is physically unable to regurgitate or eructate. Might as well weaponize the excess gas. Option B is dying due to bloat and a flipped stomach. It’s a reasonable response. Haphazard cadets should think about this the next time they’re decommissioned, left pouting in a tub of copious amounts of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and liquid detergent. For a month. Green’s always in fashion, and your fragrance is sure to stun everyone. At least that’s what Stink Bomb says, always accompanied by a sheepish smile and weak laugh. Thanks to the rank layer of algae and other microorganisms growing within his fur, he’s got a strong immunity to sickness. We’ve been reassured that his increasing entourage isn’t unhygienic, since they provide a good dose of nutrients to his body and destroy nasties. Many Skylanders admit that it is actually cool to see strange plants blossoming from his fur. Just don’t get too close. The insects that make their home there are temperamental and very protective of their furry whoopie-cushion. There is a point in time when population control is necessary. An overdue shower handles that. No one knows what Stink Bomb’s natural fur color is. It’s unlikely anyone will ever see it return.

His stench isn’t offensive to everyone. Stink Bomb has been smothered and fawned over by a number of homesick Undead suitors. Skunk au naturel smells like rotting corpses. It’s a backhanded compliment, but a compliment nonetheless. As a hopeless romantic, he showers them with ballads in return. They recognize true (f)art when they see it.

Smash Hit: Warsupials can lift up to 1,000 times their own weight. Adrenaline floods through their body near-constantly, only letting up at night when they crash hard. To them, severed limbs and deep lacerations are mere flesh wounds. They eat bowls of nails for breakfast. Just kidding. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t tried before. Nail-Eater lived to a ripe old age of eighteen. She died after telling a reaper to go suck eggs. She actually said something far worse, but you get the gist—don’t screw with a Warsupial. Why get an army when you can get a couple of Warsupials? Precisely.

These bloodthirsty berserkers have humble beginnings. If you ask to see a baby picture from Smash Hit, he’ll show you photos of what looks like gross fleshy jelly beans clustered together. Of course, this is after you have to slowly explain to him that you’re not asking for a BABY picture. (“Pictures don’t age. Well, not really. I guess they fade. Do pictures age? You know, I’ve never thought about it, but I am now! Baby pictures. Wow. That means pictures breed! So d’ya think they like spawn or do they lay little eggs? Is it live birth? I was made in a pouch—are they made in a pouch?!”) Warsupials, unsurprisingly, are marsupials. The pouch is their first battlefield, nipping at each other and flailing around to fight. Warsupials can have litters of up to fourteen joeys and their gestation periods are incredibly short. They can make an army in no time.

Trap Shadow: He’s of the Grimalkin species. Like Dreadwalkers, they make their claim to fame by monster hunting. Their noses are sensitive. They can locate a needle in a haystack with a single sniff. If you’re cornered by a Grimalkin, punch them right in their snout and they’ll scram. They aren’t a social people, sent out into the wild as cubs, fending for themselves. Grimalkin aren’t parental. Fortunately, they’re born fairly precocial. Sibling bonds are strong, even though their natural aloofness presents otherwise. If one dies, it’s custom to collect their tusks. It shows respect. Grimalkin hold great pride in their large saberteeth, often carving runes and messages into them—a tooth tattoo. Trap Shadow had a hard time settling into the Skylander lifestyle. Such camaraderie was lost on him. He’s improved since then. Perhaps too much. Beneath that mysterious and intimidating facade is an enthusiastic go-getter in a snarly big cat body. He doesn’t know his own strength. An encouraging slap on the back usually ends up as a bruise and his hugs could crush your ribcage. He’s ripped. Grimalkin also don’t wear clothes, favoring only minimal apparel. He hates going to gatherings with formal wear on. By the end of the night, it’s usually shredded into little more than strips of fabric. He’s really trying his best. Wash Buckler wanted a team player and Trap Shadow thinks he’s pretty close to one.
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Fire Kraken: His species' island lifestyle has left them largely unaware to what lies beyond and has thus left Fire Kraken himself somewhat naïve. Most of their interspecies interaction comes trade, and trade is few, since their homes are surrounded by a sea of bubbling lava. Their people aren't plentiful; their entire population equals that of a large Mabu town. Their mysteriousness has created many legends and myths, of god-like dragons, capable of miracles, their births practically a phenomenon worthy of sacred text. When visited, they usually do keep up with this act, muffling their laughter as best they can. Sure, their descendants were definitely like deities, but these dragons don't care much for mysticism. With the Sparkler Dragons, everyday is a party. It's advised that tourists wear earmuffs. Heck, the dragons themselves have blown their eardrums out, screamed the skin off their throats. Inside voices aren't a thing. You'd expect with all this merrymaking that there'd be a few buns in the overactive ovens. But the idea of hatchlings is usually laughed at. You can't juggle Roman candles with your feet and balance on a lion's back with only a pinky while preggers, now can you? Carrying them around sounds so heavy and boring.

The Pandergasts: One of the wealthiest families in all of Skylands. They've kept this title for decades, despite the shady and sketchy dealings that go on in the background. The Pandergasts have blood on their well-manicured hands. These crime lords are not beyond rubbing elbows with cruel marauders or treacherous pirates. Family members have their own specialties. Pandergast the Magnificent just so happens to be a gearhead.

Slobber Tooth: Whereas Wrecking Ball is a living black hole, Slobber Tooth is a living trash compactor. He has his limits and can break down now and then. But don't let that fool you. He'll still beat you in a Tank Eating Contest. Then again no one's actually challenged him to this. His infamous appetite is especially welcomed by Tech Skylanders. Spring cleaning is a breeze with Slobber Tooth around! He loves ripping up wires and guzzling petrol. How isn't this destroying his insides? His stomach lining is about as strong as Traptanium. It needs to be—there's a bad middle school science experiment going on inside there. Believe it or not, Slobber Tooth is a gourmand. He doesn't just eat anything, you scandalists. He just happens to unique palate. Come on, guys, eating a dripping rotten carcass whole is just the same as eating gorgonzola cheese. Which, according to him, goes together quite well. Slobber Tooth is not a slob either. Well, not that bad of a slob. Whenever there's a shard of armor stuck in his teeth, Chopper, one of his close friends, has no problem reaching in a tiny claw. Despite his enthusiasm and naivety, he's a fairly old Skylander. Not nearly as ancient as Night Shift and not quite as old as Tree Rex.

Spyro: The rough scaly wrinkles on his face help channel blood, not unlike that of a bulldog’s. His top and bottom canines are visible, other teeth hidden. Exhibit A: He has a fearsome bite and even worse bark. He practices his quips quite a bit to make sure they’re delivered perfectly. Villains beware—you’ll be roasted both figuratively and literally. Spyro has a couple of scars, reminders of his impulsiveness and immaturity from his early years. He’s capable of using other elements, but prefers Fire-based attacks. So he says. Some think he just never learned to, and it’s not like he has the time to do so now. With the onset of so many apocalyptic disasters and the responsibility of guiding cadets into the future, he’s not quite as spirited as he used to be. He can be a bit snappy after particularly stressful meetings. Cynder is his rock.

Camo and Sunburn: Soulmates. Or soul-destroying mates, if you hate slipping on banana peels or crank calls. Even their wedding cake was an explosive. Despite their relentless pranks, they’re a rather cute couple. After the Academy was built, they settled down in the Ruins, where Camo tends to Eon’s Garden and Sunburn brushes up on some spell scrolls in the Citadel. They don’t care too much for the Recruit Program. It’s all about curriculums and paperwork and blah blah blah. “Spyro’s got his horns screwed on too tight,” Camo has said more than once. Sunburn’s a little more understanding, but thinks there should be more focus on real combat. Clearly he’s never seen what Terrafin and Drobot put cadets through.
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Portal Sickness: Ate a big breakfast at the mess hall before taking on Kaos and his goons? Rookie mistake. Blipping, as it's been affectionately called starting with earliest days of the SWAP Force, refers to teleportation, as well as the brief moment of dissociation that occurs during it. One place to another in a matter of seconds. Shortcuts have side effects, however. While older veterans can grin and bear it, freshmen are not so lucky. Even after numerous test drives, some still find themselves tripping over their feet. When supervising portal training expect to see students blackout or give Eruptor a run for his money. It's like high or zero G-training, just a lot more magical. Luckily, these are only reactions for organic Skylanders. You can wipe away that nonexistent sweat now, robots.

Fire Vipers: An invasive species that make their hunting grounds in the Cloudbreak Islands. If you thought Slobber Tooth and Wrecking Ball were bad, think again. While they don't eat nearly as often, when they do your village is just a mere appetizer and your whole island a smorgasbord. While they're not necessarily social, Vipers will congregate when an all-you-can-eat buffet can be had, usually sniffed out by a larger more dominant individual. They'll eat anything, and have been known to cannibalize each other. After gorging themselves, they fall into a deep sleep, a food coma if you will. Just when monster hunters think they've got the upper hand, another batch of eggs is found...and another and another. Destroying them is a difficult task, Vipers are extremophiles and make nests in dangerous places. Eggs also tend to explode...and set off the entire clutch. You mustn't get close, unless you want your burnt cadaver to be a chew toy for hatchlings. That is, if you leave any remains. It's been debated if whether or not they're sapient, due to some partaking in suspiciously evil actions. The most efficient ways to slay them? While they're sleeping off a meal or mingling in snake pits. There's one other way: from the inside out. Send in the skunk! No? Well, um, how about a Grumblebum? Alright, alright, fine. Geez, someone's not a fan of the classics. Just go in with some rotten eggs or garlic or something. Vipers have sensitive stomachs.

Scratch: Feathercats share the higher regions of the skies with the Sky Barons and Storm Giants. They're naturally inquisitive creatures, cheeky and clever. They're known for their amazing craftmanship, known to decorate with the most precious jewels in all of Skylands. Such treasures are the norm, as Cats Eye Mountain is home to many caves and thus many crystals. Even their armor is bedazzled, able to stun enemies with their pure beauty. Groups of winged cats are called colonies. Scratch trained to be a warrior of the Mother Colony, but realized she couldn't stay in one place for long, favoring instead a life of exploration and adventure. A bit of a daredevil, she fits right in with the likes of Free Ranger, Boom Jet, and Stormblade. She's very knowledgeable of the prehistory of Skylands, and frequents archeological digs with Cali. Hot Dog and Funny Bone help too, since digging is their specialty.
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Tuff Luck: The Fortuana Springs have been guarded by generations of catwomen since the beginning of time. They're devoutly bound to the everflowing streams of good luck. Four leaf clovers, which grow across their land as far as the eye can see, are symbols of their people. Only they can drink from the magical streams, and even then it is only drank during one's rite of passage, the life force imbued into their very being until death. It's said that a Fortuanan's presence gifts longevity and treasure. Besting one is tricky business, if able to be done at all. Few Skylanders can say they've cheated the system and disarmed Tuff Luck. You'd have better luck hogtying a Chompy Worm.
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Smash Hit: A group of Warsupials is called a wreck, due not only to their destructive tendencies but also to their fiery emotions. There's a sort of mob mentality among them. If one gets riled up, they all get riled up—and there's always infighting. Simple disputes can go on for years. And by simple, I mean simple. They fight over everything and anything. Don't believe me? The most recent riots have been over which ice cream flavor is the best. Because of their pugnacious nature, out of all the vocabularies in Skylands, Warsupials have the largest number of swear words and insults, and indefinitely the most creative ones, too. Some single words span for a good minute. Smash Hit has quite the mouth on him. With what little of a filter he already has, you can imagine the trouble it's got him into. ("It just rolls off my tongue! I don't do this #$%! on purp—OH COME ON.")

Fights, verbal or physical, are rather important in Warsupial culture, a relic of their warfare-ridden, predator-besting past. More on that latter note, Warsupials fought off all their natural predators, and to drive their point home further, adapted to eat meat because of this. Yes, they became omnivorous simply to spite their longtime enemies. Once the Warsupials got their first taste of blood they became more feral, more reckless. From prey to predators. Apex predators. Warsupials, like so many others, were slaves to the Arkeyans, one of the few armies to overpower them. The Arkeyans colonized Daun'undah, their homeland, and experimented on its infamously dangerous flora and fauna. Warsupials who escaped became some of the greatest soldiers in the Arkus Wars. As the old Warsupial saying goes, tiny but mighty. They don't just make up for their size in strength either, as their battle cries can be heard from miles away. Warsupials are loud and proud, with voices shrill and easily recognizable. Most have Australian accents. Smash Hit, who's taken his one man wrecking crew all over Skylands, has lost his over the years, thanks to striking up lengthy conversations with Dirt Sharks, Frost Elves, Storm Chickens and more.

These small mammals—really, really small mammals, they're roughly the size of a Mabu child—take pride in their scars, and you'll be sure to hear every story behind them. And see every one. Don't ask Smash Hit about what happened to his tail. Please just don't ask. You'd be hardpressed getting him to stop his tales of woe long enough for him to recognize that he's mooning everyone. Common decency isn't exactly...common in Warsupial society, and Smash Hit's been toiling with quite the culture shock. ("What d'ya mean this isn't a backscratcher?" or "I thought it was a compliment!")

Body modifications and prosthetics interest Warsupials greatly. The former has always been apart of their society, such as when warriors would split their tongues to look more imposing. Warsupials have advanced prosthetics farther than anyone else, understandably so since many of them are missing limbs or even entire faces. Smash Hit lost his eye in a construction accident, although you'll probably hear otherwise as he changes this story into something more ceremonious about as often as he loses his train of thought. He's yet to upgrade his eyepatch, as he really can't decide what alternatives to choose. It's unlikely he will since he finds it fun to simply flip up the eyepatch and gross people out. He's made it one of his goals to faze Nightfall, his less than humorous teammate. Half the time, she barely even understands what he's saying, perhaps why their relationship is a smidge better than hers with Stormblade.

The sex ratio favors males, which are bigger and furrier, over females. This doesn't factor into life much; it's simply another odd characteristic of the Warsupials, perhaps a remnant from an eusocial common ancestor. Sheilas are no less aggressive or volatile than blokes. They're generally much more craftier than men, however, which is why they're often put in leadership roles. Contrary to what one might believe, all emotions are validated in Warsupial society. Masculinity doesn't erase that. It's alright to be scared, it's alright to cry. In fact, they're much more touchy-feely than most assume. Nuzzles are one such public display of affection.

Scent glands are found on their wrists, tails, and under their arms; these become active during mating season. They're one of the few humanoid species in Skylands to still instinctively follow this. Warsupials are nowhere near monogamous, and so, in terms of bloodline, litters are pretty much sock drawers. When love is in the air, they actually become the most lax they've ever been, borderline intoxicated. Must be the fumes, which, curiously, smell like corn chips or buttered popcorn. In some respects, people often compare them to Sparkler Dragons, but there's a stark difference there. Warsupials aren't rare because they're too hyper to settle down; no, not at all, they pop out babies left and right. Those babies just grow up and decide to jump on a Water Viper's back or lick poisonous toads. Because of this, death is much more normalized than in other societies. Some misconceive this as heartlessness. In truth, Warsupials just have a different culture, one that some find too different.

Passionate and determined, Warsupials have huge hearts of gold. Metaphorically, of course. In a literal, physical sense, they're no bigger than a mandarin orange, made of same-old flesh, and beat over 600 times per minute.

Wash Buckler and Nightfall: As cuttlefolk, Mermasquids and Dreadwalkers share physiological traits, such as hemocyanin-rich blood, tentacles, ink sacs, regenerative limbs, muscles acting as a skeletal system, and elastic skin that exudes mucus. Their similarities, however, trail off there.

Mermasquids come in a variety of colors, and, like living mood rings, can shift them depending on their emotions. In comparison, Dreadwalkers only come in black, darker black, sometimes very, very dark gray, and pitch black. Pitch black Dreadwalkers are the most in tune with their natural affinity to the Dark element. Conversely, bright blue Mermasquids are the most in tune with their natural affinity to the Water element. Unlike the strong, broad beaks and toothy throats Dreadwalkers use to dine on the nutritious corals and juicy sea nettles that thrive in their territories, Mermasquids have no real jaws, no teeth or tongue. They're equipped with very muscly mouths instead, using pure force to smash the shells of crabs and clams.

As Dreadwalkers age, they grow sharp, curved barbs on the underside of their tentacles. As Mermasquids age, they grow mustaches and beards made from psuedo-tentacles. Unlike their true tentacles, as well as unlike Dreadwalker dreads, these don't have minds of their own and can only be moved slightly. Nightfall still has some growing to do, and those barbs are one of the few things she gets excited for. Wash Buckler, however, just didn't have as much luck with manscaping as other Mermasquids did. Perhaps he was stunted by a lack of seaweed in his diet early on. Raised by Seadogs, he still hasn't quite got the hang of how to change colors on command, and if he tries too hard, he...he tends to ink himself. Fortunately for Dreadwalkers, ink is pumped through the tentacles, or dreads, on their heads. The fluid itself is of a different consistency than that of Mermasquids, much more viscous and terribly acidic—Liquified Darkness.

The Academy: A relatively recent addition to Skylands and a new step in Skylander history. Of course, Skylanders have always undergone training and, depending on the time period, learned some form of education, but this is much different. Something long imagined and debated has finally come into fruition, with an ever-expanding syllabus and larger than life professors, sometimes literally. Only the best of the best attend, and even then most drop out within a week.

Let's just say it's been a learning curve for everyone.
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Grumblebum: Although no scientist has ever been able to get close enough into their territories to know the truth, not at least without ugly bruises and internal bleeding, it’s been long theorized that Grumblebum are mutated Greebles. The Arkeyans left a deep mark in Skylands’ many ecosystems, and while a number of teams have been dispatched to disable and destroy remaining artifacts, some of the damages are simply irreversible. Scientists believe the chemical runoff in Cloudbreak’s swamps must’ve altered the neighboring Greeble colonies, also known as gaggles. Grumblebums come in a variety of sizes and shapes. When it comes to mutations, they’ve got the works—some having four arms or ten eyes or multiple heads, bipedal and quadrupedal and everything in between. It’s thought that they’re actually constantly mutating, to best fit whatever challenge lie ahead. They’re much more aggressive than non-evilized Greeble gaggles, known for their dangerous wooden contraptions and weapons.

(prolly gonna edit this later cause i wrote it at like three in the morning. not feeling up to it today)
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Fryno: A bit of a brute, his record isn't as squeaky-clean as some of the other Skylanders. Because of the high-wire exploits of the Blazing Biker Brigade, he's been in and out of jail and is well-versed in how criminals think. He's very rough around the edges, both metaphorically and literally. Literally in a sense due to his pachyderm heritage, metaphorically due to his unpredictability and brashness. Don't underestimate his small size and stature; his character is as large as life and twice as intense.

By now, everyone's aware of his temper problem, citizens, cadets, veterans, and villains alike. Especially villains. Fryno's most happiest when he's bashing skulls and burning rubber, particularly burning it right over anyone who tried to stop, drop, and roll. When a mommy rhino and daddy demon love each other very much, you get a Fryno, the incarnate of unbridled rage and destruction, bringer of vengeance and cool leather jackets. You really can't stop him when he's mad. And when he's super mad? Like, past the breaking point? Black smog bursts from his flared nostrils and the sides of his snarling mouth. It's said that if you catch a glance at his fiery eyes, you can see all the fury of the nine circles of hell.

Unfortunately, this reputation has made it difficult for him to approach people, to socialize. There's been instances in which civvies have been downright terrified of him. It doesn't help that he tends to shout when he speaks. He's become somewhat closeted because of this and, although he doesn't outright show it, very insecure. It sounds like he's deeply afraid he might hurt someone...badly. Despite this, Fryno doesn't like the attention his emotional pain brings, and either shrugs them off...or pushes them away. He eats when he's sad or angry or stressed, which, as evidenced by the love handles he's grown, happens often. A box of chocolates here, a stick of deep fried butter there, meat lovers pizza for dinner. He frequents therapy sessions and, sadly, many counselors can't endure him at his most volatile.

The Academy isn't quite his speed and, although he enjoys when the more rebellious students praise his bad boy persona and ask for photos next to Angry Bike, he'd rather be at home watching a game of Sting Ball, slumped on his couch and in bunny slippers.

Stink Bomb: Something like Kung Fume doesn't sound like it has much grace to it but, so long as you stay upwind, you'll see that Stink Bomb can really put on a show. He's recently discovered how to refine his skunk clouds and bend the vapors for use in aerokinetic combat. It takes patience, concentration, and, more importantly, less fiber. The chance of friendly fire is minimized, so everyone's happy. Less of a bomb, more of a sniper rifle or crossbow.

A gentle soul, Stink Bomb is quite a hit with kids, largely in part to his signature ability. You'll hear little titters and giggles and squeals wherever he goes. ("Mr. Stink Bomb, can I pull your finger?" or "My mommy says you need to go see a doctor.") He has to pry their pudgy hands off his legs and particularly brave tots hang onto his tail. Everyone loves the tail. ("It's so big and fluffy!") He lets them win at hide and seek and listens when they vent to him about how dreadful baths are. Some parents aren't too fond of it and fear he might be a bad influence. As the only known living skunk in the Mainlands, there's an innumerable amount of misconceptions and stereotypes out there, so every now and then someone's uncomfortable with his presence. If he as so much bends down for a lucky penny, there's always someone who screams bloody murder and starts a panic. ("He's doing a threat display!") Which definitely ISN'T advised. If there's one thing you need to know about Stink Bomb, it's that he's terribly easy to scare. He can go up against enemies ten times his size, charge into hordes of evil, but falls apart outside the battlefield when the wind howls or a twig snaps. You can imagine the anxiety all that commotion gives him.

(it's bold of me to assume anyone's reading this, but if you've seen my art on discord, you know what's coming)
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