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That One E3 Presentation
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#1 Posted: 03:33:01 21/09/2019 | Topic Creator

A favorite of mine. I love to see Skylanders interact with each other and goof around. I wish there were more of these. The cinematic trailers are fine and all, but they’re mostly dedicated to fighting and exposition. At least from what I remember. Also I miss that announcer guy...

The one for Swap Force kinda blew my mind when I was younger, always thought it was fun to see their shadows and hear them bicker. Definitely watched it several times, because I can pretty much quote it. Heh. smilie (Never the same again—thoughts automatically go to “this is only a DRESS REHEARSAL!” whenever it comes to mind) And the Short Cuts definitely surprised me. A good surprise, since I didn’t find the in-game catchphrases and whooping, no matter how amusing, to be substantial enough. That SuperChargers challenge thing was a nice change.

Guess I should start reading the comics. I like them as team players.
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#2 Posted: 12:09:54 21/09/2019
The comics are great! Just don't let it set in that they were cancelled because "they can be mistaken for the show", and they cancelled right on top of the Bad Juju and Grave Clobber comic.
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#3 Posted: 13:15:10 21/09/2019 | Topic Creator
Yeah, I saw. That decision’s Certainly is something. The show and comics are distinctly different. The comics gave us a chance to look at the B-Team and lower. It gets tiresome seeing Eruptor and Stealth Elf in everything. From what I’ve seen, the comics also have some strong writing; we’d never get something on par with the intensity of the Malefor’s return in the games. SuperChargers, intermingled with some tonal whiplash, got close, but we defeated The Darkness by crashing a car into him. Malefor’s defeat involves some silliness, sure, but he felt more threatening. Although I only read it once and also played SuperChargers only once so I might have the information misconstrued.

There’s a lot of fun animation reels on Vimeo. I once saw this silent video (I think it was a test or something?) of Stink Bomb and Spy Rise sharing one brain cell. (You know, just really having a gas. smilie That’s self-explanatory) I had saved it, but the file is now on a dead laptop. It’s not really all that valuable—it was like a few seconds long—and yet I’m searching for it now to prove it wasn’t just some fever dream. I won’t rest until this snippet is found! I’ve officially accepted my role as a scavenger.
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ThunderEgg Yellow Sparx Gems: 1133
#4 Posted: 17:00:49 22/09/2019
I'm just constantly surprised by how unaware I've been of all this extra stuff. Thanks for sharing!
BlueFox Gold Sparx Gems: 2436
#5 Posted: 22:27:31 22/09/2019 | Topic Creator
No problem. I'm rather fond of these and would have loved to see more. Just one complaint: they forgot about catering. Fire Kraken had to perform with severe pink eye and an empty stomach. Poor thing. He didn't even know his cues. I watched this again last night and, barring a few lengthy gags and the hashtag ordeal, I couldn't stop smiling. A lot of good memories.
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emeraldzoroark Emerald Sparx Gems: 3121
#6 Posted: 22:38:02 22/09/2019
oh yeah i forgot how big the giants were in the trailers.
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