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The nonsense topic.
Muffin Man Emerald Sparx Gems: 3544
#1 Posted: 14:35:32 20/09/2019 | Topic Creator
Only post nonsense here. No stuff.
whoever reads this shall succumb to the ways of the Muffin
somePerson Platinum Sparx Gems: 5481
#2 Posted: 14:46:37 20/09/2019
[User Posted Image]
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Thomas OMalley Blue Sparx Gems: 598
#3 Posted: 22:48:40 20/09/2019
[User Posted Image]

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ThunderEgg Yellow Sparx Gems: 1068
#4 Posted: 01:56:35 21/09/2019
Spyroboy Diamond Sparx Gems: 9255
#5 Posted: 06:22:53 21/09/2019
Here is a load of nonsense I stumbled upon, but have yet to understand. Please clarify, Mr darkSpyro, Sir.

Forum Rules
These are the forum rules.

Don't swear or use offensive language
Minor infractions of this rule will result in the words being censored or the post being deleted. However larger/often occurrences of breaking this rule will result in either a short suspension or permanent ban from the website. Please completely obscure swear words if you feel you absolutely must use them. That means if, for example, "hello" was a swear word then "h*llo" or "h****" are not sufficient it must be written as *****.

Don't spam
Pointless messages aren't useful, these will be deleted. The "Stuff and Nonsense" board is a section that is more lenient on spam but it does still fall under all the other rules. Advertising is counted as spam but is still not allowed on Stuff and Nonsense.

Only be one person
The use of multiple guest names and/or registered accounts to pretend to be more than one person is pointless and will likely confuse any other users of the forum. It is also generally frowned upon to have more than one registered account anyway but as there is no username change function you may register a new account provided you completely stop using your old one.

Don't post links to illegal/pornographic material
It is completely inappropriate for a website based around a game such as Spyro the Dragon and Skylanders. Anyone who does so will be banned immediately. Asking for ROMs will get you a swift ban as well, discussion is allowed as long as you aren't boasting about the fact or providing a method for others to get them, no matter how cryptic.

Don't troll/flame other users
Provoking other people intentionally or insulting them is not a good practice and such posts will be deleted.
Responding to these posts is ill-advised, especially if they have worked to rile you up, instead just report the post and move on.

Don't bump topics
Posting simply with the intention of bringing a topic to the top of the board without adding anything of significance to it is disruptive to the flow of the forum and will usually result in the deletion of your post. Topics close automatically after a certain amount of time (the time varies for each board) to prevent this from being as much of a problem as it could be but if a topic is near the bottom and is still open it is likely the potential conversation has run out already. Reviving old arguments is really not a good idea.
In the game specific boards where you may be looking for clarification on a past conversation please feel free to post in the older topics.

Be constructive with criticism
If you're going to post negatively in regards to any of the Spyro or Skylanders games (or other series) then give a reason as to why you dislike it. Merely stating the fact you don't like it is pointless and doesn't contribute anything.

Stay on topic
If you wish to discuss something unrelated to the topic then please start a new one, in the correct forum of course. Posts that go off-topic will be deleted. Topics that are entirely off-topic will either be deleted or moved to the correct forum if one exists.

Don't post in a disruptive manner
Writing entirely in capitals, alternating capitals, capitals at the start of every word, bold, italic, text or 1337 speek will be deleted or edited as it makes it difficult to read and is pointless to post in such a manner. Making posts or titles that stretch the page will also result in the deletion or edit of your post/topic.

Don't advertise
This includes the buying/selling/trading of Skylanders toys on the forums. Please contact a relevant forum moderator before creating a topic linking to your own off-site content.

Use the edit button
Posting several times in a row back to back in quick succession is pointless, disruptive and a waste of space. Use the Edit button below your posts in order to amend your previous post with what you would have posted, the topic is still marked as having new content.

Don't misuse the Report feature
Mass reporting of posts that have nothing wrong with them just wastes the time of the forum staff. Continued misuse will mean the removal of your ability to report.

Please use English
This is an English language website and very few people here will be able to understand you if you use another language. This rule applies to the general use of the forums, you can of course use other languages in conversations with individuals just not all of the time.

Hide your spoilers
Many people prefer to play the games without foreknowledge of story events so please be courteous to the people who have not completed as much of the game as you have. Use spoiler tags in your posts to cover up plot details and, if you are creating a topic, make sure the topic title clearly indicates that spoiler discussion is going to be happening within. There are obviously limits to how long something can really be considered a spoiler but try to be as careful as possible.

Do not mini-mod
If you see somebody breaking the rules please just report them and leave the forum moderators to take the action that they see fit. The occasional bit of friendly advice is fine but you should not be acting like a moderator trying to enforce the rules all the time, leave those actions to those who have the authority to do so.

Do not post your account information
You are responsible for the security of your account, letting other forum members use it will result a lengthy suspension or permanent ban of your account. If you see somebody posting such information, for example their password, please report it and contact a moderator if there is one online. Misusing another person's account will also affect your own account's status.

Abide by the above rules and you'll do fine here.
Muffin Man Emerald Sparx Gems: 3544
#6 Posted: 18:16:19 21/09/2019 | Topic Creator
Quote: Spyroboy
Don't post links to illegal/pornographic material
It is completely inappropriate for a website based around a game such as Spyro the Dragon and Skylanders. Anyone who does so will be banned immediately.

Oh wow you're right that really is nonsense.
whoever reads this shall succumb to the ways of the Muffin
Carmelita Fox Prismatic Sparx Gems: 10154
#7 Posted: 00:34:13 22/09/2019
A few months ago, I was driving along the streets of Los Angeles with my friend, Sesshomaru75, until we realize that we were running out of gas.

We were trying to park somewhere to give our car a rest, but no luck. Then something caught our eyes. It was a McDonald's building with Ronald McDonald at the top of it.

When we parked by the parking lot, we noticed that they was no customers inside. It was weird, considering that McDonald's is open 24/7. Also. there were no cars either. I could've swore that the Ronald McDonald statue turned its head against me.

I told Sesshomaru75 about it, but when he he saw it, it was in normal position. He told me I was going nuts, but the statue DID turn it's head. I then heard a faint laugh coming from the inside. We got terrified. I tried opening the door, but it was locked by a rusty Master combination lock. We didn't have time to figure out the combination, so Sesshomaru75 pulled out his gun and shot at it. it was finally unlocked.

So we opened the door to the inside. What we saw was so horrible. There were dead corpses all over the tables and chairs, and lots of blood in the soda machine. We puked in the trash can that was next to us, but before we did that, I saw mutilated arms and legs inside, which made us puke even more. How did McDonald's end up like this? We were so hungry, so we ran into the kitchen. There were fries and a few burgers, I thought we finally found food, until we saw more corpses.

This time, they had no eyeballs, juts blood coming from the sockets. Their stomachs have been ripped open with the organs ripped out. I tried ignoring them, but they still bother me. I didn't even have time to eat fries. We tried escaping through the main door, but it mysteriously locked by itself. We were now prisoners inside the building. We got scared just by staring at the corpses. Sesshomaru75 and I spitted up, trying to look for a exit. He went to a door that was covered in oil.

I didn't want to enter with him, because I felt that danger was lurking behind the door. That's when I saw a small bomb in one of the dining tables. I picked up, fused with my lighter, and placed in the door. After 10 seconds, it finally exploded. I was free to go wherever I want. I tried calling him to come back, but he still didn't answer. I filled up my car with my backup gas supply that I stored in the trunk. I waited for him to go back to my car with me, it was now 7:00 pm. That's when I saw a tall figure coming from the door with a chainsaw. I drove away as fast as I could. I managed to escaped to my house. Sesshomaru75 never came back at all...

Two days later, I received a newspaper with the most disturbing headline of all, it said:

"2 people went to a abandoned McDonald's restaurant in the far side of Los Angeles. One manged to get away, with the other one nowhere in sight. Police are still trying to locate the man, but they never found proof. Then they mysteriously disappeared by entering a oil covered door."

What was behind that door? How did they all went missing? I hope someone would this mystery anytime soon...... And who is the strange figure?
ThunderEgg Yellow Sparx Gems: 1068
#8 Posted: 17:11:26 22/09/2019
but what about stuff
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