Favourite CTR:NF Spyro skin?
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Am I the only one ...?
theuone Emerald Sparx Gems: 4880
#1 Posted: 01:28:59 16/08/2019 | Topic Creator
Who finds these disturbing?
On board Spyro Reignited hype, Choo choo!
Thanks to BlackWing116 for the Chimera drawing
Metaphorical phantom here, Blame everything lol.
Sesshomaru75 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6378
#2 Posted: 01:31:10 16/08/2019
I admittedly kind of like them, but they are a bit odd I must admit.
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sonicbrawler182 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6613
#3 Posted: 12:19:21 16/08/2019
>Elora merch actually exists
>But she's a duck

This is like one of those "you can be granted any wish but something will be off about it" moments.
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ThunderEgg Yellow Sparx Gems: 1133
#4 Posted: 18:25:59 16/08/2019
I dunno about the other characters, but I've always low key wanted a Spyro duckie
Ice Dragoness Diamond Sparx Gems: 7678
#5 Posted: 18:30:08 20/09/2019
I like them but I'd rather have actual figurines! High quality ones too.
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Willikers Green Sparx Gems: 135
#6 Posted: 16:04:16 13/05/2020
excuse while I cry to sleep.
I have to make a boat in Kachikachi-yama, so...Would you hurry it up...?
uskylandersa Yellow Sparx Gems: 1033
#7 Posted: 02:03:13 16/05/2020
I am arguing with someone. Was there NEVER a chase variant of Swarm in Giants? As in, not even a coloration difference (non in-game variant) etc. I don't know if anyone is still on this page but respond if there is an answer, lol.
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