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The New Digi-Destined (A Digimon Rp)
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#1 Posted: 18:41:04 05/08/2019 | Topic Creator
For years the Digital world has coincided with the real world, often those from other sides would pass over and help out their fellow Digimon or Digi Tamers to stop evil, it seemed almost ritualistic, every few years new Digivices appeared, new DigiDestined were chosen...But recently nothing, perhaps due to the lack of any Digi activity. Both the real world and the Digital world had been peaceful. In the past large creatures would ravage the Earth and that would be cause for new DigiDestined however that has long since been forgotten, the world has moved past the attacks and the previous DigiDestined have moved on with their lives. But that only means one thing....Who's going to stop the evil that's lurking in the world now...

Digimon still exist, but only a selected few have any, you being one of those few. You don't know of anyone else that has a Digimon, due to the fact that if anyone knew you'd most likely be arrested for harboring a dangerous creature and then the government would get involved and that's just messy.
You wake up in the middle of the night to find a Digivice and a note explaining that you are needed and to meet in the park in the middle of town the following day at 10 am where all will be explained.

Keep it PG-13
No Godmodding
Your Digimon cannot be above Champion
After a battle your Digimon will lose strength and revert back to Champion or below depending on the energy exerted in the battle
Type "Energized" at the top of your post so i know you've read the rules
Be Descriptive!!! As in try to write more than a sentence or two each post
Don't kill other characters unless given the okay
If you have any major ideas for the roleplay send me a PM and let me know
Don't have the same Digimon as someone else, or at least not the same evolutionary line

Character Sheet:




Nickname (Optional):
Evolutionary line:



Name: David Spencer
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: David is fairly easygoing despite having grown up in a household where he was always expected to do what he was told all the time with no questions asked. Whenever faced with a challenge David will give up at nothing to solve the problem while trying to keep everyone else safe in the process. David is stubborn in a lot of cases but when it comes down to it he has a huge heart and would do anything for a friend.
Appearance: David is 5'10" with Spiky brown hair. He wears a pair of brown aviator goggles that hang around his neck aswell as a shark tooth necklace. He wears a white shirt with an open-button red shirt over it. He wears blue jeans and brown shoes with white bottoms. David has brown eyes and a small scar on the left side of his face that goes over his eye.
History: David was brought up in many different environments as he had gone from foster home to foster home throughout his life. When he reached the age of 16 he had finally found a family that didn't want to give him up, but that wasn't for his lack of trying. It was a strict household where he was expected to do everything he was told, on his 18th birthday he ran off and left a note behind telling his 'parents' of how much he hated his life with them. David always regretted that moment and sometimes even went back to that house hoping that the couple would be there but sadly the house was sold to another family. After giving up on finding his foster parents he decided that he would look for his real parents, a task he has yet to follow through on as things changed when he was matched up with Dracomon.
Other: N/A


Species: Dracomon
Nickname (Optional): Pertinax "Pert"
Gender: Male
Level: Rookie
Personality: Pertinax is incredibly stubborn, often even when others have formulated a plan he'll huff it off and commence with his own ideas, however, things have changed since he met David as David has helped him control the stubbornness. Pertinax cares deeply for his friends and if they are faced with danger he will gladly stand up to the plate and try to fight even if it's an un-winnable battle. Pertinax is brave, and incredibly so, he doesn't get scared often and even when he does he doesn't let it be known as he doesn't want his 'reputation' to be shattered. Pertinax loves shiny objects, which is a trait shared by all Dracomon. Dracomon can be ferocious at times especially when their gekirin (a special scale on their body) is touched, something that causes them to goes into a frenzy. Though only at the rookie level and incredibly small, Dracomon is one of the strongest Rookie Digimon around. Pertinax has wings but cannot fly, though he longs to soar through the skies, an ambition he shares with David.
Appearance: [User Posted Image]
Evolutionary line: Petitmon > Babydmon > Dracomon > Coredramon (Blue) > Wingdramon > Slayerdramon > Examon (With Breakdramon)
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#2 Posted: 23:50:22 06/08/2019

Name: Kassandra Streater (Goes by Kass normally)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: She's a bubbly girl, but very shy at the beginning. She always sees the good in people. Has seen her fair share of terrible things which her understand a lot of other people's hardships. Very kind hearted. Will put others first before herself. However, she can hold her own when it comes down to it.
Appearance: Kasssandra has a large muscular physique. 5'11 with dark brown hair that has one braid separated from the rest of her hair. A rounded face with soft features. She normally wears jeans with fabric patches where it's torn; also wears a light aqua tshirt. Vivid green eyes, pale red lips. She usually wears a horseshoe pendant around her neck.
History: Kass grew up in rural part of town where her parents farmed, raised animals and lived off the land. Her dad was a contractor, so he was hardly home due to work. Mom was always busy with caring for the house and forgot about Kass. She kept up with herself though, working hard in school, helping around the farm, and overall taking care of herself.
Other: N/A

Species: Patamon
Nickname (Optional): Sero
Gender: Male
Level: Rookie
Personality: He's very loyal to his friends. Likes to talk non stop about anything, if not everything. Normally likes to fly, but really likes sitting on others and not exerting himself.
Appearance: [User Posted Image]
Evolutionary line: Patamon -> Pegasusmon (with Digi Egg of Hope) or Angemon -> MagnaAngemon
"The cowboy has always been a dying breed
But he takes his dying slowly, perched upon his steed."
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#3 Posted: 01:22:34 07/08/2019 | Topic Creator
/accepted, but you can go past angemon smilie i just meant you cant have an always past champion digimon. So angemon can digivolve too//
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#4 Posted: 11:39:25 17/08/2019


Name: Hikari Uda
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Personality: Hikari is kind, loyal, and friendly. She is a little shy at first, but once she gets to know someone she opens up. She is determined and sometimes stubborn, and sometimes she doesn't think before she acts.
Appearance: (something like this) (credit to original artist)
[User Posted Image]
History: Hikari grew up in the city and lived a pretty normal life. Until one day when she was in the park and suddenly fell into a portal which led to the Digital World. She met Veemon shortly after, and he helped her find her way back to the human world. After a few small battles with some evil digimon, they found an entrance to the human world. Veemon came with her and has stayed with her ever since.
Other: Hikari and Veemon are best friends.


Species: Veemon
Nickname (Optional): N/A
Gender: Male
Level: Rookie
Personality: Veemon is a loyal and friendly digimon. He likes to meet new people/digimon, make friends, and battle. He is brave and determined when he's battling, and he is very protective of his friends and Hikari.
Appearance: (credit to original artist)
[User Posted Image]
Evolutionary line: Veemon > Flamedramon (with Digi Egg of Courage) > Imperialdramon (this was the evolution line in Digimon Rumble Arena 2 lol)
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#5 Posted: 18:46:16 23/08/2019 | Topic Creator
//accepted :0 we can start -- also changed the OP to the note saying to meet at the park 10 am the next day.//

"I...I can't see anything am...Am I dead? No, this can't..I can't be dead I can still, I can still feel that I'm alive, but where...It's just white. Now it's black...Now it's..Am I falling? I am, I'm falling."

One hour earlier

"WAKE UPPPPPP!!!" The sound of trash bin lids slamming together rang throughout the messy apartment bedroom, "We're going to be late, David! You know how impatient I am, so let's be early!"

David, who had forgot to set his alarm, typical, was sound asleep, or at least he was until the loud metal clanging made him shoot up and out of his bed screaming.

The creature that had made the noise began to laugh hysterically. "You sound like a girl when you scream." "What the hell was that for!?" The dragon-like monster shrugged, "Entertainment? Look, we're going to be late! There could be other Digimon out there for me to be friends with and you're lazing around in bed!"

David, hair disheveled, groaned. "We don't know what or who sent the note, it might just be someone pulling a prank," "Then what about the Digivice!" "Okay, you got me there. But let's be cautious okay? You can't go out looking like that." "So what, you think I should wear a baseball cap to blend in?" "I was thinking more like a duffel bag."


David and his wriggling duffel bag made their way to the park, it wasn't often that he'd bring Pert out, he didn't want him to get caught, and Pert wasn't opposed to that, he loved staying in, playing video games and watching cartoons, but on the rare occasion, and usually at night, David would bring Pert out, but it wasn't night right now, it was the middle of the day and anyone could have been watching, not to mention if Pert was found he was too big to play off as a stuffed animal.

Finally the two reached the park...Not a soul was there, no kids playing, no adults passing by, just them, alone. "I guess...We wait." David took a seat, placing the bag next to him and unzipping it slightly so Pert had air, did Digimon need air? They were just data right? He'd have to ask Pert later when they were home and safe from prying eyes.
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#6 Posted: 14:34:04 25/08/2019
Kassandra was up early, tending to all of her necessities before the time that mysterious note had on it. She had the strange device in her pocket just in case something happened. The girl was surprised that she wasn’t asked about the strange little orange creature flying around her.

“What do you do here? What’s all these things?” Patamon rattled off as he flew around the taller girl’s head. He was a chatterbox, and it was amusing to Kass that he was that talkative for just getting here. “Are we gonna go to the place that was mentioned on that paper?”

“I mean, we can. You just gotta be a little patient!” She have a small laugh at the end of her sentence while she worked in some things.


Kassandra held Patamon like a smaller pet as she headed into the park. It was quiet and kind of eerie with no one around enjoying the outside. She stroked the top of her Digimon friend as she sat down on a bench. “Kass, get right behind my wing! This feels amazing~!” Patamon purred a little too loudly, which warranted a soft hush from her. Kass however did what was asked.

Kass wondered if any other people were going to show up. How many other people even got that note?
"The cowboy has always been a dying breed
But he takes his dying slowly, perched upon his steed."
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#7 Posted: 01:44:04 02/09/2019
"Hikari? Hikari, wake up." A soft voice murmured.
"Hm?" Hikari woke from her sleep, rolling over onto her side and slowly opening her eyes, seeing her Digimon friend, Veemon, peering at her from the side of the bed. He smiled as she opened her eyes. "Good morning."
"What...time is it?" Hikari asked, yawning.
"Uh..." Veemon turned around, searching for a clock in the bedroom. "Oh, it's 9am."
Hikari slowly sat up, yawned again, and saw the note and the Digivice on the end of her bed that had suddenly appeared that night. She reached over and grabbed them and quickly read the note again.
"I woke you up because of that." Veemon said. "We better get ready if we want to get there on time."
Hikari nodded.

Half an hour later, Hikari and Veemon were ready and standing by the doorway to their house. "Now..." Hikari began. "What do we do with you?"
Veemon looked surprised. "What do you mean? I've been outside with you before."
"I know, but we've always gone outside when there's less people around, and to places where there's less people. The note says we have to go to the park, and usually there's a lot of people there." Hikari replied.
Veemon thought about it for a moment. "Well..." He pointed at the Digivice in Hikari's hand. "I think I'm able to go in there."
"In here?" Hikari looked a little shocked. She looked at the Digivice, then at Veemon, then at the Digivice again, and then at Veemon again. "I...I'd rather not risk it since we don't know how this thing properly works." She put the Digivice in her jeans pocket. "I can just carry you like you're a plushie."
"Alright." Veemon nodded.

Once outside, Hikari wrapped her arms around Veemon and picked him up, heading towards the park. Around 10 minutes of walking, rather quickly, they reached the park gates.
Veemon looked around. "Didn't you say there would be a lot of people at the park?" He asked.
"Usually there is," Hikari replied, also looking around while slowly walking into the area. She glanced at the note that Veemon was holding. "The place it says we're supposed to meet is just up ahead. Hopefully we see someone."
Veemon nodded as they continued walking along the park path.
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#8 Posted: 17:41:03 20/12/2019 | Topic Creator

"You have to be quiet,"

"But why!"

Because it was too quiet. Something didn't seem right here, the note expressively stated that all would be explained, and it was almost 10 AM, only ten more minutes and nothing had happened... "Wait" "What! What is it?" The little dragon peeked out of the bag but David shoved his head back down. "Someone's here. I'm going to check what's going on." The boy grabbed the bag housing his digital friend and began to approach the bench where Kass sat. Wait is that... A Digimon!? It could be a stuffed animal but...No, I know better and this is far too coincidental. He thought to himself about the Patamon that was in the open on this bench with the only other person around.

"Are you uh,"

"David, I smell a Digimon!" David shook the bag, trying to get Pert to shut up in case this wasn't who they were supposed to meet.

"This may sound super weird but did you...Send me a note to meet you here?"
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