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CATS movie trailer (Oh no!)
StevemacQ Platinum Sparx Gems: 6383
#1 Posted: 22:47:52 18/07/2019 | Topic Creator

Oh no! Oh-h-ho nnnoooo! Uuugh! Aaarrgh! Those faces, the bodies, why are they stretching and dancing? This is even more terrifying than Sonic the Manhog!
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Bolt Hunter Gems: 5938
#2 Posted: 23:20:03 18/07/2019
Oh no?? What are you talking about? It looks brilliant? I'm not even saying this sarcastically.
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Sesshomaru75 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6447
#3 Posted: 23:26:01 18/07/2019
It looks like the intention is to be uncanny, so it comes off as strangely endearing honestly. I'm actually rather curious about the movie myself, despite still being a tad creeped out. smilie
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Trix Master 100 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6416
#4 Posted: 23:29:58 18/07/2019
It is a stage play adaptation where people straight up wore skin tight suits and pretended to be cats. Like I welcome this even though it's strange.
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Vespi Yellow Sparx Gems: 1847
#5 Posted: 02:11:50 19/07/2019
i think this is horrific but then again i found the original play to be horrific to so
KrystalLBX Gold Sparx Gems: 2069
#6 Posted: 05:16:00 19/07/2019
Too much furry
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Ice Dragoness Diamond Sparx Gems: 7730
#7 Posted: 06:55:50 19/07/2019
That looks horrifying.
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Big Green Platinum Sparx Gems: 5514
#8 Posted: 13:39:32 19/07/2019
why couldn't they just use makeup
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