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be honest with yourself, post secret truths about yourself here
Doomdrao Platinum Sparx Gems: 5040
#51 Posted: 17:03:26 13/07/2019

Turns out one i have is just called Driving Phobia
I'd wait a fresh minuteMe, To a Co-Worker about Greggs Bakery Steak Bakes
Grizzle Yellow Sparx Gems: 1368
#52 Posted: 20:23:18 29/07/2019
I hate my past self. I was obnoxious, overly flirty/sexual and I was just weird. Maybe that all came from the fact I recently found out I had autism and had been misdiagnosed so wasn't getting the proper treatment, I'm not sure. But I wish I could change who i was in the past. It's not who I am now but it still haunts me that I used to be that way.
ThunderEgg Yellow Sparx Gems: 1191
#53 Posted: 20:36:05 29/07/2019
All of my negative thoughts about myself are expressed in emotions, not words. So, it's been hard for me to recognize that I do, indeed, think very cruel things about myself.
darkwolf Platinum Sparx Gems: 5188
#54 Posted: 21:24:02 29/07/2019
Quote: 84skylanderdude
Everyone post your weird gross fetishes

I don’t want to get banned ._.
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