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Spyro in CTR Nitro-Fueled and Reignited ports for Switch and Steam
danyq94 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1877
#1 Posted: 15:24:20 08/06/2019 | Topic Creator

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We've got a very special double-rumor for you today, and the source! We have a tipster who's reached out to us to share this information, and we feel quite confident in it. I've gone through the source's previous tips to us over the years, and I'll be damned it they weren't spot-on. We're talking about tip after tip sharing inside info, and they all panned out.

As I said, this is a double-rumor, but both tidbits pertain to Spyro. First up, we hear that the Spyro Reignited Trilogy is going to make its way to Switch. Many fans saw this as a given, especially considering how Nintendo UK had an entire page dedicated to the game on their online store at one point, only to be yanked quickly after. It seems it'll finally be time to talk about that port, as it's set to hit Switch on Sept. 3rd, 2019.

On top of that, Spyro will be swooping in on the upcoming Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled as well. He'll be tucking the wings in for a stint in a kart, becoming a playable character. We're not sure about the specifics on how to obtain him, and instead only have base knowledge of his appearance as playable in the game.

You won't have to wait long for confirmation on these tidbits. Both are said to have reveals coming at this year's E3, so we'll find out next week!

HUGE thanks to our anonymous source for the info.
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StevemacQ Platinum Sparx Gems: 6383
#2 Posted: 18:00:38 11/06/2019
Judging by how the content is called Seasons, I worry this'll mean unlocking Spyro will be a hell of a grind like in Fortnite. I hope I'm wrong but the idea of these fan-requested characters only appearing for a limited time and gone forever is pretty scummy.
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