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Have You Seen These Skystones?
Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3065
#1 Posted: 09:19:51 04/06/2019 | Topic Creator
  • Mace Major 4
  • Inhuman Shield 5
  • Boulder Bowler
  • Slobbering Mutticus

I'm playing the game again and I'm so sick of grinding on 'stones. Please help.

I figure Boulder Bowler is from the Weapons Master, but he's never dropping it, and I figure Slobbering Mutticus is from Quick Draw but I haven't seriously tried to get it. The others... Troll Home Security maybe? 'Cause I just played the minigame once in that level.

The lack of Skystones information on the net is infuriating. There's no guide to getting every stone. There's just none. This seemed fun at first, and it got me into Skystones more, but then you're just missing four stones, so you replay most of the opponents hoping any of them will drop these stones, and you grow to hate the collection, and you realise how much time you spent on Skystones, and think about what the later iterations did better, and also how often luck ruled the game in a predictable manner, and how predictable but still unsatisfying the minigame is, and your enjoyment of Skystones rolls back down the hill.
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exefile Yellow Sparx Gems: 1652
#2 Posted: 10:45:53 04/06/2019
I think for Boulder Bowler there is someone in Drill X's Big Rig named Criggler, on the other side of the first giant wall, that's what my guide says at least.

You should also check this table here: if you haven't already, though I remember Mace Major 4 being trouble to get so I don't know about that.
Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3065
#3 Posted: 13:38:11 04/06/2019 | Topic Creator
Oh golly, thanks a lot! Nah, I never knew about that. I checked guide sites because wikis tend to be full of junk info (and I don't like wikis in general), I expected it to be like a bunch of other pages I saw where it was just a list without the stuff I was actually looking for. The pages I saw on the Wiki generally did not have game information and lacked in galleries too. Thanks again.

That list is incomplete, because I just went to Bert and got IS5 and Slobbering Mutticus from him. I'm going to research this more and post better info elsewhere eventually. This has bothered me for years; at one point I made a post asking for someone to hack the game and inspect this, though that got deleted.

Skystones collection complete... on this save. T_T
Not sure if it was worth it... but I'll say, I'll take both other iterations of Skystones collecting over this any day, haha. With TT it's really just getting further in the game rather than collecting, but jeez, I spent all day on this so I'll take the "loot and scoot" alternative gladly next time. Overdrive just towers over the other two in quality in general though. A rare instance I enjoyed the RNG collectables in SC. I'm curious to see how much I enjoy TT Skystones when I get back to that game.

Would have been nice if Dreadbeard had random decks on the ship and all the Skystones you didn't have just went into a pool to unlock there, even if it was just after a match with respective characters or something. He's such a pointless addition there. The same dull match. No special stones or stuff.
I dunno, this actually made it feel like going out and looking for the stones but it wasn't fun anymore after a few hours. Again, it got too predictable. And my heart sank when I went to a level for a match and just saw the gold chest. The RNG can't be that awful, but collecting these started to feel just obtuse. I was obsessed with this game, and I can't remember doing this when it came out, so it has to at least sort of be too obtuse probably. :/

Anyways Giants good game but it's one of the worst among the best methinks I'll shush here
ChompyMage18 Red Sparx Gems: 0
#4 Posted: 17:33:54 05/06/2020
I'm recreating skystones smash as a website, so if you want to play, I will give the link when the site is done.
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