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Dragon Wars: Blooming Rose [Dragon RP Open Invite]
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#1 Posted: 04:36:58 02/06/2019 | Topic Creator
HELLO DARKSPYRO.NET! Everyone's favorite Primal Dragon has FINALLY returned from the depths of Discord and Tumblr! To bring you good boys and girls another installment of the RP series DRAGON WARS! However, since it has been so long I believe it is time to start a new RP and reboot the series as a whole. Dragon Wars: Blooming Rose is the rebirth of the story told in Dragon Wars: Elemental Unbalance as the world it takes place in has changed drastically over the years I have been gone. Come and explore the land of the Eight Elemental Kingdoms, make discoveries, make new friends, and find the dark truths that had laid dormant for thousands of years!


For nearly hundreds of years, the lands of the Eight Elemental Kingdoms have been savage in wars in the name of power, religion, and dominance. Violence carves itself into the bloody history, however, for nearly thirty years with the death of Central City by the hands of the Earth Kingdom, and the birth of Rosa City and its Court of Roses. Peace was wrestled free from the Warring Kingdoms. Led by the most powerful Earth Dragoness in recent history, dub the title of Lady of Roses, Celestia, the Rose Court are known as a neutral peacekeeping party. They settle disputes between the Eight Elemental Kingdom in a fair manner keeping the balance of power and the peace between the Elemental Kingdoms. In addition to keeping the peace, Lady Celestia establishes the Rose Court as a school for young dragons and dragoness to learn, practice, and hone their powers and abilities. Talented dragons and dragoness travel to Rosa City to learn and train under the tutelage of the Lady of Roses.

However, peace and war, much like light and dark are never far behind as the forces of the Fire Elemental Kingdom attacked and burn down a Scared Elemental Grove; known simply as the Forgotten Forest in a declaration of war. Leading the charge is Vol the Ruby King of the Great Fire Dragons. For nearly five years, Vol's army has plunged the land into war. However, the Court of Roses stood in his way. Forcing the battle into a standstill while defending the other kingdoms.

Captail Kingdoms and their Kings

While there are many smaller kingdoms, towns, and villages within the Eight Elemental Kingdoms. The Captial Kingdoms are the head of their nation holding the most power within the Elemental Kingdom. These Kingdoms are:

Icefall: This kingdom is surrounded by Ice and Snow, lead religious priest of Blizzard called Cyro, the city is protected by harsh and terrible snowstorms and blizzards. Many powerful dragons of Ice called the Frozen Kingdom home. Legends once state that Blizzard; the Avatar of Ice impale his legendary blade Glaclibur into the city's center, declaring whoever may extract his blade from the stone shall be king of the Great Ice Dragons. This ancient relic still sits within the town's center as a shrine to Avatar.

Ruby City: This kingdom is nestled beside the active volcano as lava flows like rivers through the city, only the most powerful of fire dragons and the Great Fire Dragons can wander the streets without some form of protection from the heat. Many Fire dragons made the pilgrim to the Fire capital, however, many were forced to turn back due to the heat. However, the few that manage to make it to the Ruby Kingdom claim that the city is made out entirely out of rubies and gold. Although these rumors have never been proven by other kingdoms. Legends state that Nova; the patron deity of the Fire Dragons, had carved out the Ruby kingdom for her people. When it is time for a new king to rise to power, Nova herself comes to see if they are worthy to sit upon her ruby throne. The current King of Ruby City is Vol.

Warhammer: The mountain kingdom of Warhammer the Captial of the Earth Elemental Kingdom, The Earth Dragons here are proud and traditional, their stone fortress is matched by none. The people of Warhammer follow the teachings of Crustor the Avatar of Earth. They live and breath by the sword seeking worthy opponents to battle for the honor of Crustor. The dragons of Warhammer are honest warriors, however, most scorn female combatants. Believing that only men should be out on the battlefield. However, the women of Warhammer often work as historians, doctors, and teachers. However recently, there has been a social stir within the culture of Warhammer with Celestia rise of power. The current king of these warriors name is Gunjar after the former king Titan dishonor himself attacking and being defeated by his daughter and losing the sacred treasure that once belongs to Crustor.

Mount Saint: While not technically not a kingdom, the temple that adorns the peak of Mount Saint is accepted as the Captial of the Light Elemental Kingdom, The temple on Mount Saint teach and train priest and monks to follow the enlightened path of Prisma the Avatar of Light. Legends state that Prisma led her followers across the land to find their new home. For many days and nights, many of the followers began to lose faith as their journey continues without an end in sight. Once they arrive at the base of the tallest mountain she orders them to climb the mountain's heights, climb the mountain with their hands and feet. Do not fly for it shall be their downfall. So for years, her followers did just that they climb the mountain, however, many dragons disobey the goddess words and took to the skies only be struck down by the mountains harsh gales of winds. One by one her followers lost faith in their Avatar and left. What was once an army of thousands dwindle down to only fifty of Prisma's faithful whom; after nearly 10 years, finally, reach the top of the mountain to be greeted by a majestic crystal temple with Prisma greeting those who remain faithful and loyal to her and passed her test of faith. The current head of the Mount Saint is Oberon and his wife Titania..

(Will continue the introduction in the following post)
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#2 Posted: 04:38:22 02/06/2019 | Topic Creator
Stormcrown: This kingdom by the stormy shores of the Levinatain Seas is the capital of the Electrical Elemental Kingdom, unlike its patron deity Thundus, this is the technological home of inventors and scientist. Dragons who call Stormcrown their home are often split into two groups, inventors and scientist, and the more traditional warriors who followed the way of old. However, the majority of dragons who hail from Stormcrown are those who spend their time experimenting and inventing both new and old technology. In the legends of old, it is said that during the final battle against the Forbidden One, Thundus; the Avatar of Electricity, lost his crown. So in a rage, he cast down terrible storms and lightning upon his people destroying their homes and their land looking for his crown. It was by the quick wit and the genius idea of a nameless dragon who forge a new crown to quell Thundus anger. In return, Thundus made him the king of the now destroyed land, thus the kingdom of Stormcrown was rebuilt upon that very same land, bigger and better under the leadership of the inventor. The current head of Stormcrown is Dr. Liz "Chu"

Necropolis: In the South, the slaver kingdom known as Necropolis is the Captial Kingdom this kingdom is infamous for the slave trade, tribe of assassins known as the Shadowscales. Here in this kingdom knowledge and intelligence is a value above all else. "For without knowledge, there is no progress, without intelligence, there is no life. Fear not the unknown, but seek answers within the shadows" these are the teachings of Avatar of Darkness; Detah taught the Darkness Dragons so long ago. Darkness dragons who hail from Necropolis are often the most intelligent dragons, as well the most secretive and cunning of all of the other Elemental Dragons. The Shadow Libary; which the kingdom is built around, is rumored to hold all the documented knowledge and discovery made in both the Mortal and the Elemental Plains. It is said that within the depths of the Shadow Libary house the Nercomion. A book which all the world's knowledge and secret from both past, present, and future are written within by Detah himself. The current head of the Necropolis is Warick.

Zypher City: Zypher City is nestled along the border of the Everlasting Sea, the Pirate city within the Water Kingdom- Cove City, Zypher City is the home of the Four great ninja clans, the Whisper clan, the Singing Blade clan, the Hurricane clan, and the Silverwind clan. These four great ninja clans rule over the Wind Elemental Kingdom, however, the Four great clans are not the only one who claims Zypher City home. As many musicians and bards call Zypher City home as their eccentric patron deity Ventus the Avatar of Wind; at least according to the legends, gave the world the ability to create stories and songs as well taught them how to create music. Ventus teaches that in order to be creative one must be free as the winds. The current Shogun of Zypher City is Gust of the Silverwind Clan

(Will finish up in the following post which SHOULD be final post of the introduction with the rules and everything else.)
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#3 Posted: 05:16:42 02/06/2019 | Topic Creator
Neptune City: Home to a stunning view of the Everlasting Sea and beautiful beaches. Neptune City is the home to the finest arts and crafts of all the Eight elemental Kingdoms. It is one of the most favorite vacation spots of all the Eight Kingdoms, second only to Cove City; the home to pirates. Thus Neptune City is also known for the trading and business that flows through its walls and seas. Neptune City is the home to artists, sculptures, and sailors alike. Legends state that Aquila, the goddess of beauty lead her people to settle on the shores of Neptune City because she was so enamored by the breathtaking sight of sunset glistening off of the water surface. An artist of ancient times, Leonardo. Capture one of the rare times Mortals caught sight of her staring longingly to sea, he captured the sight in a beautiful painting that later became known as "The Lady and the Sea" and gifted it to the goddess. The Avatar, who fell in love at the beautiful piece of art of herself, pluck scale from her body and dip it into the sea transforming it into a paintbrush gifting it to Leonardo. It is said that whoever uses the paintbrush could paint the most beautiful of portraits whoever and whatever the painter pleases without the need for paint. Provided that they have the imagination and passion for their work. Some even say that the brush has the power to transport the artist into the painting itself. However, none could prove that this is true or not. The current king of Neptune City is Hydroid.

The Avatars

In the Eight Elemental Kingdoms the eight Avatar of the Primal Elements are worship these Avatars are:

Blizzard the Avatar of Ice: The God King of Pride, Resolve, Duty, Leadership

Nova the Avatar of Fire: The Wraithful Goddess of the Righteous Fury, Passion, and Power

Crustor the Avatar of Earth: The Warrior God of War, Honor, Loyalty, and Strength

Vextus the Avatar of Wind: The Eccentric God of Music, Storytelling, and Wisdom

Thundus Avatar of Electricity: The Impulsive God of Discovery, Destruction, and the Wraithful Storms

Aquila the Avatar of Water: The Graceful Goddess of Beauty, Love, the Sea, and Arts

Prisma Avatar of Light: The Dutybound Goddess of Faith, Justice, Life, and Truth

Detah Avatar of Darkness: The Tricker God of Death, Deceit, History, and Knowledge

(Ok one last Post with the rules and Character sheets I'm sorry about this I got carried away)
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#4 Posted: 05:26:40 02/06/2019 | Topic Creator

1. No cussing
2. I am the GM of this RP
3. No killing another person's character
4. No Godmoding
5. Your character must be 12 or older!
6. Have fun (I can't think if there any more rules if I remember any more I'll let you guys know)

Character Sheet

Abilities: [Leave this blank, for now, we will get back to it later on in the RP]

Phew, four posts in an I'm finally done. I cop out in the end with Rules and Character sheets and just copy them over from my Old RPs up here. Anyways those of you who part of my old Dragon Wars RP if you still are up here and wish to participate please DM me as a lot has changed to the world you once knew and if you have any questions about what has changed and what has not please feel free to DM me or contact me via Discord @lightpokemonking#0446 or Tumblr Lightpokemonking.

I am going to take a small break before I post any character sheets. As you can imagine I have a lot of characters and I don't particularly look forward at adding all those character sheets in X___X Especially since I spent almost 12 hours writing all of that down. Anyways feel free to go ahead and make your character sheets.
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#5 Posted: 04:45:10 03/06/2019 | Topic Creator
Name: Frost
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Elements: Ice
Abilities: N/A
Appearance: A snow-white dragoness with icy blue eyes, she wears a snowflake shape sapphire necklace as her horns are pale and glossy like icicles.

Occ: I am just going to keep most of the character sheets for my characters hidden and when more characters show up/important characters come up I will make their character sheet then.
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#6 Posted: 21:51:35 03/06/2019
Name: Icestorm
Age: 17 years
Gender: male
Elements: Fire and light
Abilities: N/A
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#7 Posted: 19:56:02 04/06/2019 | Topic Creator
Occ: Accepted
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