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How much do you think this lot can be sold for?
Captain Crit Green Sparx Gems: 122
#1 Posted: 23:08:51 21/05/2019 | Topic Creator
As the title says, I want to sell off my Superchargers figures, but can't pin down solid price for the lot.

(NOTE: This does not include the game, only the figures listed and the Xbox One Portal)

The Lot Includes:
  • Dive-Clops and Dive Bomber
  • Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf and Stealth Stinger
  • Dark Spitfire with Dark Hot Streak
  • Hurricane Jet-Vac with Jet Stream
  • Lava Lance Eruptor with Burn-Cycle
  • Shark Shooter Terrafin with Shark Tank
  • Big Bubble Pop Fizz
  • Splat
  • Dark Sea Shadow
  • Kaos Trophy

Any suggestions?
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ThunderEgg Yellow Sparx Gems: 1068
#2 Posted: 18:34:38 23/05/2019
Huh. I think selling Superchargers figures is gonna be hard because it generally received lower reception than the other games. I'm no experienced toy seller, but I'd say the max you'd get is $100 USD. From what I've seen of eBay listings of lots of Skylanders, that tends to be the number they go for.
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