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Which Songs Would You Add?
Crash10 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4569
#1 Posted: 21:09:47 22/04/2019 | Topic Creator
If you could add more music to the game, where and what would you add? Also avoid posting videos or else the topic will get very slow.
Bifrost Diamond Sparx Gems: 8611
#2 Posted: 21:30:28 22/04/2019
I think adding the Doom Raiders' boss themes already speaks for itself, but it's probably too much for the game size.

However, they seem to add extra themes for certain stages, so here are a few location suggestions:

Episode Dungeon:

Spell Punk Library - First Light Squadron 2

Meditation Woodland:

Rumbletown Main Theme

Cave of Gold:
Golden Desert Fight 1

Hall of Chaos:

OG Kaos Boss Battle Theme (it even escalates all on its own!)
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Crash10 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4569
#3 Posted: 23:27:18 23/04/2019 | Topic Creator
Okay so here's my ideas for a fully reimagined soundtrack, ignoring stuff like game size and songs already in the game:

Title Screen
Main Theme - Trap Team

Skylanders Academy
Skylanders Academy (Trap Team)

Battle Preparation - Adventure
Motley Meadows

Singing Forest
Junkyard Isles - Battle

Chompy Mage Battle
Legendary Ancient Sewers

Misty Bog
Golden Temple (SuperChargers)

Gulper Battle
The Gulper

Infernal Volcano
Fire Realm - Battle

Chef Pepper Jack Battle
Chef Zeppelin - Battle

Mirror Highlands
Air Realm - Battle

Dreamcatcher Battle
Dreamcatcher Boss Battle

The Golden Desert
Golden Desert - Battle 1

Golden Queen Battle
Golden Queen - Villain Theme

Abandoned Factory
Lost Imaginite Mines - Battle 2

Dr. Krankcase Battle
Dr. Krankcase Boss Battle - Part 3

Rainbow Valley
Cloud Factory - Calm Section

Pain-Yatta Battle
The After Party - In-Game Version

Bone Grave Village
Undead Realm - Battle

Wolfgang Battle
Future of Skylands - Battle 2

Mansion of Gloom
Vault of the Ancients - Vehicle Arena

Nightshade Battle
Nightshade Boss Battle

Shrine of Light
Sunscraper Spire - Battle 2

Luminous Battle
Prologue - SuperChargers

Battle Preparation - Arena
Cube Dungeon

Arena Match
Arena Battle (Giants)

Battle Preparation - Challenges
Battlebrawl Island - Main Theme

Mirage Tower
Crystal Eye Castle

Mirage Tower Boss
Climb SWAP Zone

Cave of Gold
Lair of the Golden Queen - Battle

Giant Golden Queen Battle
Golden Queen Boss Battle - Part 2

Realm of Souls
Mystical Vault - Over Water

Distorted Dimension
Drill-X' Big Rig

Distorted Dimension Boss
Time Town - Battle 3

Meditation Woodland

Chaos Dungeon
Kaos Battle Theme (Spyro's Adventure)

Battle Complete
Level Complete (Trap Team) (according to Star Rank)

Spring of Souls
Portal of Power (SWAP Force)
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