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McVitie's RP (OPEN)
Vespi Gold Sparx Gems: 2644
#1 Posted: 15:19:51 01/04/2019 | Topic Creator
this is a roleplay for the fabulous mcvitie's cookies!!! >w< please enjoy!!! <3 <3

Expiration Date:

- - -

Name: Gold Bar
Expiration Date: 4/2/2019
Gender: Female
Occupation: Satisfying a hungry tummy
Personality: Fearful of her impending demise, but wishes to fulfill her true purpose.
Appearance: [User Posted Image]
Powers: Can control the flow of corporate funds, possesses 5/6 Infinity Stones, can make someone less hungry upon death
TheFlyingSeal Diamond Sparx Gems: 7870
#2 Posted: 16:26:43 01/04/2019
Name: Jaffa Cake
Expiration Date: 4/2/2019
Gender: Male
Occupation: Biscuit
Personality: While he is legitimately popular, he has an enormous ego. He thinks he's cooler than he actually is, due to the fact that he was referenced in Doctor Who, the Great British Bake Off, and is Simon Yogcast's favorite biscuit.
[User Posted Image]
Powers: He is void of actual powers, however, his sheer popularity can make anyone do his bidding by promising a taste of his sweet jelly center.
Other: The only biscuit from the McVitie's gang that Americans know, so he sometimes wears a cowboy hat to please his fans.
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Vespi Gold Sparx Gems: 2644
#3 Posted: 16:35:16 01/04/2019 | Topic Creator
OOC: *glomps u* yaaay someone joined!! owo ill start

Gold Bar shuffled down the street, pulling her wrapping back up. She couldn't believe the things she'd do for a high these days. After all, her expiration date was only a day away. At least she made some sweet dough for satisfying someone like that. She sighed. Knowing her, it'd probably go to cocaine or something, anything to make her feel alive again. The cool British rain dropped onto her wrapper, and fell back to the ground. It was almost as if God himself was crying.

She remembered the good old days. Back when life was so carefree. When their expiration dates weren't so close. Back when she could feel happiness without the drugs...

Gold Bar began to well up, and sat on the soaking curb. She was supposed to be the "gold standard"... How did she end up here?
Grizzle Gold Sparx Gems: 2127
#4 Posted: 16:42:53 01/04/2019
Name: Hobnob
Expiration Date: March 18th 2019
Gender: Male
Occupation: Trying to get eaten
Personality: bitter because he's expired and nobody ever ate him and still wont
Appearance: [User Posted Image]
Powers: knows the words to one week by the barenaked ladies, rap god by eminem and we didnt start the fire by billy joel
TheFlyingSeal Diamond Sparx Gems: 7870
#5 Posted: 16:51:32 01/04/2019
Jaffa smiled and waved to his fans, the flashes of their smartphone cameras always blinding his vision. Nonetheless, he merely continued his swagger through the London streets. He gave a little tip of his worn-leather cowboy hat to the crowd that lined the edges of the pavement, and Jaffa swore he could hear the sound of a young American girl fainting. Security continued to push and shove, making sure Jaffa had enough room to simply walk to the nearby deli.

One woman in particular screamed out like a dying dog. "Jaffa," she howled, "Don't go!"

"Sorry ladies," he said, his voice like warm chocolate, "I'm afraid I have some business to attend to, today."

The screeches, the sobbing, the pictures; to a normal passerby, one would believe it to be a normal day for Jaffa. Except, it wasn't. These crowds had an air of sadness littered among their hearts. These screams, these tears, these photographs: they were seldom filled with gleeful adornment. Rather, it was a funeral procession of fans desperately trying to capture Jaffa's last moments on this waking Earth. Tomorrow was his expiration date.

As he approached a curb that neighbored the cozy deli, he saw that familiar golden glow. Despite the English rain and gray atmosphere, she still shined brightly as ever. "Goldy?" he called out, "Is that you?"
Vespi Gold Sparx Gems: 2644
#6 Posted: 17:04:28 01/04/2019 | Topic Creator
OOC: accepted, grizzle!! welcome to the party!!

In the midst of her sadness, Gold Bar thought she heard a familiar voice.
"Jaffa?" The morsel immediately leaped up from the curb to greet her old friend. "Oh my god, Jaffa... It's been so long." The tears wouldn't stop coming. The last time she remembered seeing her old friend was when she was on top of the world with him, soaking in every ounce of fame. She thought she could go on her own, but that was her first mistake. How the mighty have fallen...

With McVitie's out of money due to her crippling drug addiction, she had nowhere else to turn. But now, after that one epic night with Thanos in the Tilted Towers, reality could be whatever she wanted.

"How's life been?" She asked the biscuit.
Big Green Platinum Sparx Gems: 6217
#7 Posted: 01:43:17 18/04/2019
Name: Cyanide-laced American Sugar Cookie
Expiration Date: America don't expire, baby.
Gender: Toxins
Occupation: Assassinating children on Halloween
Personality: Proper and polite
[User Posted Image]
Powers: God's favorite
Other: His brother Earl once assassinated James from finance
"D'oh!" -Homer Simpson, S7E1: Who Shot Mr. Burns pt. 2 (1995) voiced by Dan Castellaneta. Directed by Wes Archer. Written by Bill Oakley, Josh Weinstein.
ThunderEgg Gold Sparx Gems: 2608
#8 Posted: 03:13:44 18/04/2019
Name: Penguin
Expiration Date: April 19, 2020
Gender: Male
Occupation: Serious clown
Personality: He can't figure it out, either. Sometimes he's in a fun mood, sometimes he's not. Stutters occasionally because he's always cold.
Appearance: [User Posted Image]
Powers: If he shakes your hand, he'll either pass on his feelings of coldness or bestow upon you a lovely chocolate.
Other: Doesn't understand humans.
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