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Skylanders: Rebirth (okay here we're back) [CLOSED]
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#1 Posted: 00:47:14 27/03/2019 | Topic Creator
what is this, you ask?

this is a fangame attempting to "reinvent" the franchise.

It's been years since Kaos last threatened skylands- Since then, all has been at peace. With this new age, an executive has made a decision to slowly phase out the skylanders operative. Some skylanders still work, but most have gone on to new things- awaiting the call to duty.

However, a new evil has risen- and this time, a very real threat looms over skylands. Malefor has risen from the underworld, and laid waste to skylands. To ensure his rule, he has even enlisted the help of other villains.

Now is the time to rise again to save skylands. Join forces with new recruits alongside fan-favorite characters. Explore skylands like never before with the new Explorer mode, and play with 100 portal masters at once in an open-world skylands experience. Take on the story mode and unlock special epilogues and endings in the most lore-filled skylanders game to date.

Explorer Mode allows you to explore a vast, open-world skylands with up to 100 players in an amazing online experience. Complete quests, take down bosses, and unlock special elemental zones together and discover the amazing secrets of skylands.

Explorer Mode requires an internet connection to play.

Skylands needs heroes. Skylands needs YOU.

Digital versions of EVERY existing skylander, including the new characters, will be available, for free. all of them. some of these characters will be ready as soon as you begin, while the rest can be unlocked, FOR FREE, by exploring and playing through the game.

Switch owners will have access to Donkey Kong and Bowser from the start.*

And if you have toys? you can use those! just select "physical mode" in settings and party like it's 2011. This can assist in unlocking characters.

And if you want figures of those new guys? you can have those too. they'll be available exclusively through an official online store and select retail locations.

In the story mode of Rebirth, the dragon king Malefor has destroyed skylands and all but a select few skylanders. In order to restore the magic to skylands, Cynder must team up with Snap Shot, Starcast, and Flarewolf to save skylands and discover her true origin.

Sound the trumpets! KING K ROOL comes aboard and joins Skylanders Rebirth! Unlike Bowser and DK, he doesn't have a fancy outfit or weapon- it's the genuine king. With attacks from the Donkey Kong Country games, the king makes a powerful ally! For Nintendo Switch owners, this is the finest hour!

King K. Rool will be available exclusively for Nintendo Switch owners digitally as soon as you start the game. A figure version of him (which also works as an amiibo!) will be released as well.

Skylanders: Rebirth is available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#2 Posted: 00:53:53 27/03/2019 | Topic Creator

(18 newcomers, 2 villains, 1 guest star, 6 reposes)

Bernward (Fire)
Moltlas (Fire)
Tomahawk (Life)
Bad Breath (Life)
Icecap (Water)
Tsunami (Water)
Wargoyle (Undead)
Crack Shot (Undead)
Forecast (Air)
Cliffhanger (Earth)
Spectrolita (Earth)
Arkane (Magic)
Ringleader (Magic)
Spillgore (Tech)
Iron Maiden (Tech)
Sun Block (Light)
Trenchcoat (Dark)
Kuunza (Dark)

Dreamcatcher (Air)
Luminous (Light)

King K. Rool (Water)

Bismuth Prism Break (Earth)
Eclipse Smolderdash (Fire)
Inferno Sunburn (Fire)
Unbound Hex (Undead)
Chain Killer Ghost Roaster (Undead)
Dyna-Mighty Boomer (Tech)
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