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Spyro: Re-Tailed
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#1 Posted: 09:18:11 24/02/2019 | Topic Creator
Hello friends. As I'm sure you all know, recently the original Spyro trilogy was remastered. While the gameplay was still fun and the graphics were improved, the story wasn't that impressive. I had assumed with them putting so much time and effort into remastering the character designs, the graphics, and fine-tuning the gameplay, they would give a similar treatment to the story. But of course they didn't. So today, I will begin writing my own interpretation of the classic Spyro story, the way it should have been in the Reignited Trilogy. I will be posting one chapter each day for a week but after chapter 7, I will be slowing down to give myself more time to ensure the quality of this epic tail. Please enjoy Spyro: Re-Tailed!

Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins

Our story begins in the Artisans homeworld, with our hero, Spyro, fast asleep. Suddenly, a voice booms throughout his tent.

"Spyro.... Spyro! ... SPYRO!!!"

"Huh.... What...?"

Despite the explosive voice, Spyro still struggles to become alert. "What's going on... What time is it?" As he yawns, a flame leaves his mouth, illuminating the tent for just a second, which reveals a large, bearded, purple dragon staring at him.

"Daddyro! What are you doing here?"

"Waking up the entire Dragon Realms, apparently. I almost thought you weren't gonna wake up." Daddyro lights a small lantern with his fire breath. "It's Sparx. He's been kidnapped."

"Kidnapped!?" Spyro jumps to his feet, fully awake now. "By who? I swear, I'm gonna torch whoever did this!"

"My son, I wish I could tell you everything, but you must go. Time is short."

"Okay Daddyro, let's go!" Spyro jumps to his two feet and grabs his equipment. On his head, he wears his signature blue goggles. Around his neck, a bright red scarf that trails behind him. On his left side, his sword hangs, protected by it's scabbard. On his right side he carries a satchel, and around his waist he wears a belt with multiple smaller pouches on it. As he steps outside of the tent he hesitates, sensing that Daddyro isn't following him. He turns around just as Daddyro begins to speak, with tears in his voice.

"You must go... on your own."

Spyro isn't concerned with what his father said, but rather how he said it. "Why is Daddyro crying?", Spyro thought to himself. But that thought was cut short as Spyro already knew the answer. Daddyro was about to make the ultimate sacrifice.

"Spyro, I know that you have felt it. A great disturbance in your very soul. A great evil rising to threaten not only the Dragon Realms, but the entire planet. We all have a part in this story, and I have spent many years serving as the guardian of the Artisans, but your now it is time for you to begin writing your own story, as the guardian of all dragons." Daddyro turned his head away from Spyro. "They have Sparx. Soon they will come back looking for you. And when they arrive, I will hold them off as long as I can. But you must find Sparx. I believe he is being kept in Dark Hollow. Once you rescue your friend, you will know what to do. Be careful my son, the enemy is very powerful. Do not underestimate your foes, and always remember what I have taught you. But more importantly, remember that I love you."

Spyro embraced his father in a tight hug. "I believe in you dad. I know we will meet again" But deep down, Spyro knew this wasn't true. He wasn't sure what he was about to face, but he could tell Daddyro was preparing to face death. So all Spyro could do was hold back his tears and be strong.

"Now go, my son. And don't look back. Find Sparx, and fulfill your destiny that is set before you."

As Spyro sheds a single tear, he wipes it away. He stares down at his hand, focusing on his pale green scales. He closes his hand into a fist, nods at his father, and turns to face the adventures ahead. As he walks out of the tent he looks up at the full moon.

"Don't worry Sparx, I promise I'll find you!"
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Gharlant Green Sparx Gems: 479
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Gharlant Green Sparx Gems: 479
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Gharlant Green Sparx Gems: 479
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Ha yesss I like it so far!!!!
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wheres mommyro
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Chapter 2: Sparx

As Spyro makes his way through Dark Hollow, he begins to reflect on the situation.

"Daddyro... Why is this happening? He warned me about the Gnorcs, but I never thought they would actually attack us on our turf. Daddyro has fought many battles with the Gnorcs, and he has won every time. Why would they attack the Artisans homeworld when they know what our warriors are capable of?" Suddenly Spyro remembered something Daddyro had said to him before they parted ways. "Daddyro mentioned a great evil rising... I'm not sure how, but I felt it... Whatever it is must be pretty serious if the Gnorcs are confident in bringing the fight to us."

Suddenly, there was a noise in one of the bushes near him. He drew his sword and spun around to face it. "Who's there?" Spyro focused on the bush where the noise came from. As the bush continued to make noise, as if something was moving around inside it, a faint mechanical whirring noise began to get louder. Suddenly, a small robotic mouse toy came shooting out from the bottom of the bush and ran circles around Spyro. He jumped back in fright and then laughed at himself.

"Oh, it's just a little toy! How cute." The toy began to run out of power, so Spyro bent down and picked it up. He cranked the mechanism on the back and it's wheel began spinning again. He set it down on the grass in front of him and it it zipped away, back into another bush and quickly disappeared.

A few minutes later, Spyro was still exploring Dark Hollow, looking for his friend Sparx. The sky was empty, with only the moon providing light. But as he continued onward he began to see a faint golden glow deep within the area. He followed it and was eventually greeted by a glass jar with a lock on it. Inside the glass jar, illuminating the whole vicinity, was Sparx, Spyro's golden bat companion. He was an average sized bat, with yellow fur that creates golden particles that give him the illusion of being shiny. The more power he exerts with flying, fighting, or becoming emotional, the more golden dust he creates.

"Sparx! Are you okay? Don't worry, I'll get you out of there!" Spyro reached into his satchel for something he could use to pick the lock, but he found nothing of use. He searched all of his pockets until his hand felt something he didn't recognize. "What's this? A key? When did I pick this up?" But he wasn't too worried about that now. He wanted to rescue his friend so he tried putting the key in the lock. It was a perfect fit. The lock came off and the glass jar opened and Sparx rushed out of his prison and hugged Spyro.

"Thanks Spyro! I thought I was gonna be stuck in there forever!" Spyro smiled, then began to speak. "Daddyro said you were kidnapped. Did the Gnorcs do this to you? How did they get you anyway, I thought you were in the tent with me? I know I can be a heavy sleeper but I can smell those nasty Gnorcs from a mile away. I'm sorry I let them do this to you." Sparx grew silent and he became visibly uncomfortable. "Spyro... The Gnorcs didn't do this to me. You think they would just leave me in some corner of Dark Hollow? I'd be on their king's dinner plate already." Spryo seemed confused. "Then who did this to you? Daddyro said-" Suddenly Spyro remembered that Daddyro had stayed behind, and Spyro's worries about his father all came rushing back. "Daddyro!" Spyro turned around, facing his camp many miles away from Dark Hollow. Though there were many trees and bushes in the way, Spyro and his friend were elevated enough to have a decent view of their tent. But as soon as Spyro was able to turn to see his home, there was a huge explosion. Fire and smoke filled his view as he looked onward in shock and horror, knowing full well that Daddyro must have been in the center of that massive fireball. The flames rose up into the air as a shockwave traveled in all directions from the explosion and reached Spyro. It knocked him down, off the platform he was on, and it knocked Sparx into the air and into a tree. He fell to the ground near Spyro, sustaining major damage as a result of the impact with the tree and the fall. Spyro, though barely conscious and very disoriented, crawled his way over to Sparx and covered him with his body, protecting him from any further damage. Spyro wanted to do something but he was petrified in fear. Did he just witness the destruction of Daddyro? Who caused that explosion? Will Sparx be okay? With so many emotions running through Spyro's head and so many things he has had to endure in such a small period of time, reality was catching up to him. He wasn't a hero and he wasn't a great warrior either. He was just a 15 year old kid who has gotten in severely over his head. With this realization, he lays his head near Sparx and begins to cry.
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Chapter 3: Light Hollow

Spyro opens his eyes as the sun rises over Dark Hollow, transforming it into Light Hollow.

"I'm so tired... Huh?" Spyro raises his head and sees Sparx lying motionless next to him. "Oh... So it wasn't a dream after all..." Suddenly fear fills Spyro's heart again. "I have to get Sparx some help!" He thinks to himself as he jumps to his feet. As he carefully picks up his friend and turns around, sprinklers begin rising from the ground and spraying the entire forest with water. The sprinklers then descend back into the ground, and multiple bird houses begin rising instead. One of them begins rising underneath Spyro's feet, forcing him to step to the side as he watches it stop rising as it reaches about the same height that he is. Out of the birdhouse in front of him comes a small, skinny, blue dragonfly. Out the multiple other birdhouses in Light Hollow comes many dragonflies of all shapes, sizes, and colors, yet they are all no taller than 8 or 9 inches.

"Who are you and what are you doing in our home?" says the blue one in front of Spyro. He answers. "I was just looking for my friend, Sparx. But I found him and now I'm taking him back to the Artisans homeworld to get some help from our doctors. I didn't mean to trespass in your home, but some Gnorcs captured my friend and brought him here during the night. I know we aren't supposed to be here during the day, but we were just on our way out." The blue dragonfly begins to looks slightly annoyed. "How stupid do you think we are, dragon? Why would a Gnorc leave some random bat in Dark Hollow? Gnorcs are known to play pranks from time to time but this is a long way from your home in Artisans. Now I want you to tell us right now what you were doing sneaking around here!"

Spyro decides he has had enough of the dragonfly's attitude and turns around to leave. "I don't need this. I told you why I was here, if you don't believe me that's your problem. But my friend is hurt and I need to get him some help." Spyro begins walking away from the blue dragonfly, heading towards the entrance of Light Hollow where he came in from. Suddenly, the dragonfly begins to speak.

"I don't think you understand who I am", he says as a group of 12 armored dragonflies with spears block Spyro's exit. "I am the King of Dragonflies, and I'm placing you two under arrest for trespassing on royal property!"
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