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Dissidia: Skylanders VS Final Fantasy
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#1 Posted: 21:40:14 15/01/2019 | Topic Creator

Materia, the Goddess of Technology and Harmony. Spiritus, the god of Magic and Discord. Two divine powers locked in an endless struggle, each seeking to reign supreme. Long has the world played stage to their violent conflict, now at peace, now teetering on the verge of annihilation, but never for a moment striking a balance between two. The scars of war run deep across the realm. And still these battles rage on, a tempest the eons cannot quell. However... a dozen generations of heroes meet their same fate as the gods... and dozen more has emerged from both skies and horizons.

Characters (If bolded, They are New Characters)
FFI: Warrior of Light, Garland
FFII: Firion, Mateus the Emperor
FFIII: Onion Knight, Cloud of Darkness
FFIV: Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwind, Golbez
FFV: Bartz Klauser, Exdeath
FFVI: Terra Branford, Locke Cole, Setzer Gabbiani, Kefka Palazzo
FFVII: Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, Yuffie Kisaragi, Sephiroth
FFVIII: Squall Leonhart, Rinoa Heartilly, Seifer Almassy, Ultimecia
FFIX: Zidane Tribal, Vivi, Kuja
FFX: Tidus, Yuna, Auron, Jecht
FFXI: Shantotto, Kam'lanaut
FFXII: Vaan, Vayne Carudas Solidor
FFXIII: Lightning, Serah Farron
FFXIV: Y'shtola Rhul,
FFXV: Noctis Lucis Caelum, Gladiolus Amicitia, Prompto Argentum, Ignis Scienta, Aranea Highwind, Ardyn Izunia
FFT: Ramza Beoulve, Luso Clemens
FF0: Ace, Machina Kunagiri, Rem Tokimiya
Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure: Spyro the Dragon, Stealth Elf, Eruptor, Jet Vac, Pop Fizz, Trigger Happy, Gill Grunt, Kaos
Skylanders: Imaginators: Crash Bandicoot, Cynder, NeoCortex
Skylanders: Horizon: Hikaru Daichi, Yoshiro Tsukimura, Hanami Mikisa, Hatsuya Daichi, Kazama Daichi, Shiroko Tsukimura, Sinferno, Proxys
I'm Hikaru Daichi, I was once a Skylander, but I've been dropped out. So I'll keep and cherish the memories of the Skylander to become a Horizoneer.
HikaruDaichi Blue Sparx Gems: 821
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Encounter Quotes: VS. Spyro the Dragon

Warrior of Light: "Hey, stop staring, haven't you seen a talking dragon before?"
Garland: "I think you're getting too old for this..."
Firion: "You're wielding too much weapons, you know that, right?"
Mateus the Emperor: "Think you're the king? Think again!"
Onion Knight: "Hey, um, how old are you?
Cloud of Darkness: "Do you need a robe, miss?"
Cecil Harvey: "Whoa! Teach me how to tame my darkness!"
Kain Highwind: "Dragoons, huh? That's all new to me!"
Golbez: "Are you one of Malefor's minions?!"
Bartz Klauser: "I wouldn't count on an overpriced piece of feather if I were you!"
Exdeath: "Ooh, I'm so scared of death!"
Terra Branford: "You're new around here... or not."
Locke Cole: "Hey, punk! Give back the treasure!"
Setzer Gabbiani: "Do you own a Casino?"
Kefka Palazzo: "Clowns are not my type."
Cloud Strife: "Don't try to break your bones, pal!"
Tifa Lockhart: "You look like you know kung fu!"
Yuffie Kisaragi: "You must be Stealth Elf's long-lost Sensei!"
Sephiroth: "You're so handsome... and scary at the same time."
Squall Leonhart: "That weapon is kinda dangerous, you know?"
Rinoa Heartilly: "Who says that you get to walk your dog in the middle of the battle?!"
Seifer Almassay: "Whoa, another kid with that explosive weapon!"
Ultimecia: "Time paradox must be your fetish, right?"
Zidane Tribal: "Are you some sort of a monkey?"
Vivi: "You're creeping me out, kid."
Kuja: "Playing with floating balls are we?"
Tidus: "How many push-ups do you count?"
Yuna: "Where am I getting some soothing feelings from?"
Auron: "Whoa... your sword must be very sharp!"
Jecht: "What? Am I really fighting a sports teacher?"
Shantotto: "Okay, your constant rhymes are hurting my mallow now."
Kam'lanaut: "You're not human... are you?"
Vaan: "A skylander versus a Sky pirate, who will win?"
Vayne Carudas Solidor: "How are you controlling these swords without touching them?"
Lightning: "That name... doesn't suit you."
Serah Farron: "Hello, rosy-head!"
Y'shtola Rhul: "A Neko-girl Sorceress? That's a bit new."
Noctis Lucis Caelum: "Hey, kid, can you summon a gattling gun?"
Gladiolus Amacitia: "How much weight do you carry?"
Prompto Argentum: "Ever tried melee basics?"
Ignis Scienta: "Hey, specs, are the rumors about your yummy meals true?"
Aranea Highwind: "How long can you stay in midair? Can you beat my record doing that?"
Ardyn Izunia: "Your shady appearance mean bad news!"
Ramza Beoulve: "Can you try to speak more like you mean it?"
Luso Clemens: "Game-hunters... ehh, little bit weird.
Ace: "How many cards are you carrying?"
Machina Kunagiri: "How about I design 'Spyro-fanclub-exclusive Spears' for you?"
Rem Tokimiya: "Whoa, you're magical with these daggers!
Spyro: "What the-?! Is that me I'm fighting against?!"
Stealth Elf: "Don't hold back now!"
Eruptor: "Let's see whose fire is stronger!"
Jet Vac: "Sparring time, teacher!"
Pop Fizz: "Let's see how you fight, Pop!"
Trigger Happy: "Try and pin me down with these coins!"
Gill Grunt: "Just keep swimming, Gill!"
Kaos: "I thought you behaved yourself!"
Crash Bandicoot: "I'm ready whenever you are, Crash!"
Cynder: "I won't be easy on you, gal!"
NeoCortex: "You must be the shorty named Cortex, right?"
Hikaru Daichi: "I'm ready whenever you are, pal!"
Yoshiro Tsukimura: "Oh boy, he's angry now."
Hanami Mikisa: "Alright princess, back to basics!"
Hatsuya Daichi: "Don't even think you can stay in shadows forever!"
Kazama Daichi: "Can't you see he's been looking for you!?"
Shiroko Tsukimura: "Here goes, Shiroko!"
Sinferno: "This time, I'll defeat you for sure!"
Proxys: "Stop comparing me to that murderer!"


Ifrit: "Hey, gorilla, you're not as hot as Eruptor is!"
Shiva: "For some reason, I'm feeling warmer when I look at you."
Ramuh: "You look like master Eon, but BIGGER!"
Odin: "Whoa, that's... one knight I can't gobble up."
Leviathan: "Splashy!"
Titan: "Your insecurities are showing!"
Sylph: "Hey, if I win, may I get a smoochie?"
Alexander: "I wonder how many peeps and animals you'll carry!"
Phoenix: "Rainbows make me cry... NOT!"
Asura: "It's about time I'll make you faceless!"
Bahamut: "Wait... I think I recognize this creature...!"
I'm Hikaru Daichi, I was once a Skylander, but I've been dropped out. So I'll keep and cherish the memories of the Skylander to become a Horizoneer.
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Encounter Quotes: Spyro the Dragon VS

Warrior of Light: Tell me, are you an ally, or an enemy?
Garland: Your egotistic adventures come to an end!
Firion: A dragon can talk? Am I dreaming too much?
Mateus the Emperor: I loathe dragons, especially your talkative ego!
Onion Knight: Ooh! Dragon Meat!
Cloud of Darkness: You're full of insults, aren't you?
Cecil Harvey: Did my brother really cast a spell on the dragon?
Kain Highwind: It is an honor to fight you, Spyro.
Golbez: I believe you've been asking a wrong person.
Bartz Klauser: Hey, don't disrespect my pride!
Exdeath: You dare mock me, talking dragon?!
Terra Branford: You're special... like me!
Locke Cole: You're more of a loudmouth than a dragon.
Setzer Gabbiani: It's no surprise you speak nonsense.
Kefka Palazzo: Oh-ho-ho-ho! He's adorable!
Cloud Strife: What do you want?
Tifa Lockheart: Don't get in my way, little one!
Yuffie Kisaragi: Now that's just getting weird!
Sephiroth: Judging me by appearance is your grave mistake.
Squall Leonhart: Don't act like you're older than I am.
Rinoa Heartilly: Whoa! It talks!
Seifer Almassay: Get out of my way, runt of a dragon!
Ultimecia: A talking dragon dares to insult my specialty...?
Zidane Tribal: Whoa~! The dragon talks! I'm adopting it!
Vivi: Eep! Can dragons really talk?!
Kuja: Ho-ho-ho, such ego!
Tidus: I'm not gonna be easy on you, fella!
Yuna: I sense hopeful future within you.
Auron: You got awareness, but not enough.
Jecht: What did you call me?
Shantotto: Your lack of flames emits a sack of blames!
Kam'Lanaut: Speak for yourself, dragon!
Vaan: A skylander? What the heck's that?
Vayne Carudas Solidor: You must be like a wondering child on the inside.
Lightning: You know nothing about me.
Serah Farron: Um... hi?
Y'shtola Rhul: Enough of your impudent nicknames!
Noctis Lucis Caelum: Uh... am I hearing things?
Gladiolus Amacitia: You're like Noct, but more than twice as annoying.
Prompto Argentum: Oh, Em, Gee! It's a once-in-a-lifetime find!
Ignis Scienta: Ridiculous, dragons cannot talk.
Aranea Highwind: My, my, how adorable!
Ardyn Izunia: Now, now, let's not be hostile so soon.
Ramza Beoulve: Introduce yourself, creature!
Luso Clemens: Don't think I'm gonna let you go, monster!
Ace: This dragon's out of this world.
Machina Kunagiri: Stop mocking me!
Rem Tokimiya: It's a little weird to be complimented by a monster...
Spyro: What the-?! Is that me I'm fighting against?!
Stealth Elf: Spyro... here goes!
Eruptor: Alright, pal, show me what you're made of!
Jet Vac: Don't blame me if I mortally wound you!
Pop Fizz: Trust me, I know kong-foot!
Trigger Happy: Oh trust me, I'm dead on!
Gill Grunt: I know what to do, pal!
Kaos: This is the last time you'll thwart me!
Crash Bandicoot: Best of luck, Spyro!
Cynder: No need to worry about me.
NeoCortex: You're going to be my next experiment!
Hikaru Daichi: I'll win this time!
Yoshiro Tsukimura: I hope you'll learn once I've cut off your horns!
Hanami Mikisa: Spyro, I can fight too!
Hatsuya Daichi: Let me show you the true horrors of darkness.
Kazama Daichi: Spyro, it's complicated.
Shiroko Tsukimura: I'm prepared, Spyro!
Sinferno: It's been a while, hasn't it, brother?!
Proxys: Face the truth, cowardly dragon.
I'm Hikaru Daichi, I was once a Skylander, but I've been dropped out. So I'll keep and cherish the memories of the Skylander to become a Horizoneer.
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Encounter Quotes: VS. Hikaru Daichi

Warrior of Light: "I'll redeem myself! You'll see!
Garland: "I hope you get what's coming to you!
Firion: "Throw anything you have at me, I'll dodge 'em all!"
Mateus the Emperor: "Will you shut up, you politician?!"
Onion Knight: "I hope you know what you're doing, kid."
Cloud of Darkness: "Your aura...! Are you a tamajin?!"
Cecil Harvey: "What the-?! How are you changing forms like that?!"
Kain Highwind: "Let's see you're faster than a speeding bullet!"
Golbez: "Your dragon must be a ketsujin!"
Bartz Klauser: "You better not mimic me, punk!"
Exdeath: "You're also a shift-shaper?!"
Terra Branford: "A girl...?"
Locke Cole: "Haruka-?!"
Setzer Gabbiana: "A gambler, huh?"
Kefka Palazzo: "Stop clowning around and start getting to the point!"
Cloud Strife: "Whoa, you're similar to my step-bro.
Tifa Lockheart: "Oh, wow, you're grizzly for a hot chick!"
Yuffie Kisaragi: "Kunoichis are especially tricky!"
Sephiroth: "Oh my god, this is gonna hurt."
Squall Leonhart: "So that's a gunblader, huh?"
Rinoa Heartilly: "Your dog might wanna stay outta this!"
Seifer Almassay: "Another gunblader? Already?"
Ultimecia: "Now I remember you... YOU WITCH!"
Zidane Tribal: "What's up with the tail?"
Vivi: "Tamajin?! No wait-"
Kuja: "What are these things moving around you?!"
Tidus: "You must be coach's son!"
Yuna: "Hana-? No, who are you?"
Auron: "You're shady..."
Jecht: "Coach Jecht?!"
Shantotto: "Just what are you talking about?"
Kam'Lanaut: "Another shift-shaper...!"
Vaan: "A sky... pirate?"
Vayne Carudas Solidor: "Something tells me you're bad news."
Lightning: "Hatsuya...?"
Serah Farron: "Who is this girl...?"
Y'Shtola Rhul: "Just what ARE you?"
Noctis Lucis Caelum: "What's up with the hairstyle?!"
Gladiolous Amacitia: "You look so tough...!"
Prompto Argentum: "Looks like I'm not the only one who's got a gun."
Ignis Scienta: "Your eyes look just like Yoshi-Tsuki's..."
Aranea Highwind: "Mid-air's your specialty, huh?"
Ardyn Izunia: "Your aura... you aren't human anymore, aren't you?!"
Ramza Beoulve: "Sorry, but honor's not my specialty."
Luso Clemens: "We don't have to fight, y'know!"
Ace: "Cards, cards, and more cards..."
Machina Kunagiri: "Let's see what your swords can cut through!"
Rem Tokimiya: "Magic's not your only Talent, bra!"
Spyro: "I'll win this time!"
Stealth Elf: "Time to test my Twilight Cross!"
Eruptor: "Chill. Out."
Jet Vac: "This'll be like old times, right?"
Pop Fizz: "Let's hope I don't melt from one of your potions."
Trigger Happy: "How much do you know about Kazama, my step-brother?!"
Gill Grunt: "It's swim or drown, right?"
Kaos: "Kaos, is it? You're obnoxious.
Crash Bandicoot: "You're... Crash Bandicoot?"
Cynder: "You're... friends with Spyro, right?"
NeoCortex: "Crash told me a lot of bad stuff about you, Doc."
Hikaru Daichi: "What the-?! Is that me?!"
Yoshiro Tsukimura: "What was that, you mophead?!"
Hanami Mikisa: "It won't be easy, Hanami!"
Hatsuya Daichi: "I'm done cowering!"
Shiroko Tsukimura: "Shiroko... are you sure...?"
Sinferno: "Let's settle this, once and for all!"
Proxys: "Murderer... YOU MURDERER!!!"


Ifrit: "My flames are stronger than yours!"
Shiva: "I'll send you back to winter wonderland!"
Ramuh: "It's about time you retire!"
Odin: "Let's see whose sword is stronger!"
Leviathan: "You'll be sushi when you cross me!"
Titan: "Whoa, he's huge...!"
Sylph: "It hurts me more than it does to you, Sylph..."
Alexander: "It's... Kazama's skylord..."
Phoenix: "Sorry to say this... but you're toast."
Asura: "The abyss won't last long!"
Bahamut: "Bahamut...! I'm taking you back!"
I'm Hikaru Daichi, I was once a Skylander, but I've been dropped out. So I'll keep and cherish the memories of the Skylander to become a Horizoneer.
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Encounter Quotes: Hikaru Daichi VS
Warrior of Light: Your rebellious appearance and righteous actions puzzle me.
Garland: You're a coward, aiming your gun at me, GARLAND!
Firion: You talk too much, you know that?
Mateus the Emperor: You DARE call your leader a 'politician'?
Onion Knight: Who are YOU calling a child?
Cloud of Darkness: Explain your gibberish, boy.
Cecil Harvey: You see, I possess both darkness and light.
Kain Highwind: What is this, gun-and-run pun you talk about?
Golbez: Your foreign language skills are poor.
Bartz Klauser: Hey, who said I'm a copycat?
Exdeath: I see you possess the rift, but yours is inferior to mine!
Terra Branford: I assure you, I'm more than just that.
Locke Cole: Har-who-what?
Setzer Gabbiani: You must be a hybrid of a thief and a gunslinger.
Kefka Palazzo: Haven't you got sense of humor?
Cloud Strife: You've got a bright past.
Tifa Lockheart: Grizzly? Excuse me?
Yuffie Kisaragi: Cool! How good are you with your shuriken?
Sephiroth: You must be armed pretty well.
Squall Leonhart: Are you also a SeeD student, kid?
Rinoa Heartilly: Angelo, don't let his clueless words get to you!
Seifer Almassay: Hey, punk! You're comparing me with him, aren't you?!
Ultimecia: Have we met, boy?
Zidane Tribal: Who do you think I am, a monkey?!
Vivi: His serious look is scary...
Kuja: Haha, surprised by my excellence?
Tidus: My dad's more than just a coach...!
Yuna: Were you expecting someone else?
Auron: Don't judge me by appearance.
Jecht: Wha-? Have we met before?
Shantotto: You have a taste of a rebellious waste!
Kam'Lanaut: Shift-Shaper...? What kind of slang is this?
Vaan: Well duh, we set sail on skies!
Vayne Carudas Solidor: And what kind of 'something' makes you say that?
Lightning: What are you gawking at?
Serah Farron: This boy... who is he?
Y'Shtola Rhul: I am a seer of crystals' lights.
Noctis Lucis Caelum: Hey, who do you think you're posing as?
Gladiolus Amacitia: Hold up, you're not our Prince.
Prompto Argentum: Are you... Noct's twin brother?
Ignis Scientia: You are very similar to our future king, indeed.
Aranea Highwind: Hey, cutie... are you related to the Lucis prince by any chance?
Ardyn Izunia: Noctis- no, A mere civilian impersonating as him.
Ramza Beoulve: It is an honor to fight you, ninja gunslinger.
Luso Clemens: So what? I'm warming up!
Ace: You got a problem with that?
Machina Kunagiri: You! Who are you?!
Rem Tokimiya: You know magic as well?
Spyro: I'm ready whenever you are, pal!
Stealth Elf: Don't overdo yourself!
Eruptor: I have no right to 'CHILL OUT'.
Jet Vac: One of us is gonna regret it later...
Pop Fizz: You shouldn't just take my potions without my permission, mister!
Trigger Happy: Hey, don't crazy-talk all over me!
Gill Grunt: It's sink or swim, NOT swim or drown!
Kaos: Who do you think you are, babyface!?
Crash Bandicoot: The one and only!
Cynder: How much do you know about him?
NeoCortex: That Bandicoot RUNT! I'll eliminate him after I'm through with you!
Hikaru Daichi: What the-?! Is that me?!
Yoshiro Tsukimura: You're full of yourself, hairball head.
Hanami Mikisa: I've made my mind!
Hatsuya Daichi: You're still young, Hikaru.
Kazama Daichi: Hikaru... I'm sorry.
Shiroko Tsukimura: I mean it! I want to fight too!
Sinferno: You really are a loyal son to me, AREN'T YOU, HICARUS?!
Proxys: That's it... give away your grief, your wrath, and all your suffering to me!
I'm Hikaru Daichi, I was once a Skylander, but I've been dropped out. So I'll keep and cherish the memories of the Skylander to become a Horizoneer.
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Encounter Quotes: VS. Noctis Lucis Caelum

Warrior of Light: "Alright, I'm more than ready!"
Garland: "Once I defeat you, tell me about all these daemons!"
Firion: "If you can wield more than one, so can I!"
Mateus The Emperor: "Time to dethrone you!"
Onion Knight: "You're at least five years too early!"
Cloud of Darkness: "I'm the 'cloud of light'!"
Cecil Harvey: "Here goes, Cecil!"
Kain Highwind: "You might be Aranea's ascendant."
Golbez: "Why don't you just listen to your little brother?"
Bartz Klauser: "Gusty Bartz, versus Gutsy Noct, who'll win?"
Exdeath: "I think YOU'LL be the one to wander into the rift!"
Terra Branford: "It pains me to hurt a girl like you..."
Locke Cole: "Don't think of robbing my bank!"
Setzer Gabbiani: "Gambling's not my forte."
Kefka Palazzo: "You're more of a clown than a Jester."
Cloud Strife: "I bet Gladio's gonna be jealous when I tell stories between you and me!"
Tifa Lockheart: "You're crazy-strong...!"
Yuffie Kisaragi: "You're not the only one who's got ninja skills!"
Sephiroth: "You'll be a no-winged angel when I cut your wing off!"
Squall Leonhart: "Easy, tiger!"
Rinoa Heartilly: "Your dog better not slobber my shirt!"
Seifer Almassay: "Once I win, I'm taking your gunblade, and handing over to Prompto!"
Ultimecia: "Sorceresses, who invented them?"
Zidane Tribal: "At least I'm not behaving like a monkey!"
Vivi: "Your face is kind of... hard to tell."
Kuja: "Can't tell if you're a girl or just... gay."
Tidus: "You're looking happy as always."
Yuna: "You got some eyes of Gentiana."
Auron: "Who are you?"
Jecht: "You're rowdy for a villain."
Shantotto: "Okay, that's enough with your rhymes!"
Kam'Lanaut: "Let's see who's more honorable!"
Vaan: "Let's see your magic show, Vaan!"
Vayne Carudas Solidor: "Why summon swords when you're not gonna use them?!"
Y'Shtola Rhul: "I think I recognize you..."
Noctis Lucis Caelum: "Wha-?! Who the hell's that, mimicking me?!"
Gladiolus Amicitia: "Oh, it's on, Gladio."
Prompto Argentum: "You'll shoot your eye out, bro."
Ignis Scientia: "If I lose, I'll just eat greens... fat chance for me to lose!"
Aranea Highwind: "You better not do something funny, woman!"
Ardyn Izunia: "Back off, 'brother'. There's only one rightful king in this castle."
Ramza Beoulve: "Alright, lets see what you can do with all this glimmer!"
Luso Clemens: "I'm also the king of Game-hunters!"
Ace: "What? You're using cards for a battle? It's Pathetic!"
Machina Kunagiri: "Dual wielding is overkill for me, if I were you."
Rem Tokimiya: "You're good with magic, but I don't always need magic to take my predators down!"
Spyro: "Uh... am I hearing things?"
Stealth Elf: "How many blades are you gonna waste?"
Eruptor: "You remind me of Gladio, but only angry."
Jet Vac: "Hey, where did your wings go?"
Pop Fizz: "Throwing potions is all you can think of? Lame."
Trigger Happy: "Do your guns actually shoot out coins?"
Gill Grunt: "A talking fish?! Talk about backseat fishing!"
Kaos: "You're bald, icky!"
Crash Bandicoot: "What is this weasel thing?!"
Cynder: "It looks like you've seen better days."
NeoCortex: "Mad scientist, aren't you?"
Hikaru Daichi: "Hey, who do you think you're posing as?"
Yoshiro Tsukimura: "Ravus...?"
Hanami Mikisa: "You look like Gentiana... but much younger!"
Hatsuya Daichi: "You reek... where do you live?"
Kazama Daichi: "Hey, hey, I'm not 'Hikaru'!
Shiroko Tsukimura: "You look like Shiva with Glasses on."
Sinferno: "Hey, I'm not your son!"
Proxys: "Now that's just getting old!"

Titan: "Hey, you better not do something funny with my head this time!"
Sylph: "Looks like the forest will have to wilt!"
Phoenix: "When we defeat you, how many feathers are you gonna offer us?"
Asura: "You're freaking scary...!"
I'm Hikaru Daichi, I was once a Skylander, but I've been dropped out. So I'll keep and cherish the memories of the Skylander to become a Horizoneer.
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