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The Elemental Dragon with Cynder's textures
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#1 Posted: 23:55:56 26/12/2018 | Topic Creator
I stumbled across this video where a guy has edited the game by placing Cynder's textures on the Elemental Dragon. I think it looks pretty cool. The model is not entirely the same as evil Cynder's from ANB, but it fits well.

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#2 Posted: 17:27:27 28/12/2018
Bless Jack Harper.

I've seen some of his TLOS art, and it's pretty great. Lemme find a link to his DA...

Here's his Spyro DA
And his normal one

I don't follow him very closely anymore, so I'm not completely sure how active he is, but from my understanding, he's contributed a good amount of stuff to the TLOS part of the Spyro fandom.
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