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Anyone else regretting not completing their Imaginators figure sets?
Matteomax Platinum Sparx Gems: 5378
#1 Posted: 04:54:13 18/12/2018 | Topic Creator
So, a year after they've all been released, I seriously regret not completing the full set of Imaginators.

I've missed out on the following figures:

Easter Flare Wolf

Gryphon Park Observatory Pack


Legendary Tri-Tip

Chompy Mage

All Chase Variants

Resell prices are through the roofs on most of the characters, it's kinda sad to see them shoot up so high in value. Even some of the figures that were "shelfwarmers" are quite expensive nowadays.
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fairyland Emerald Sparx Gems: 3800
#2 Posted: 06:32:50 20/12/2018
I never got Chompy Mage nor Christmas Chompy Mage but luckily that's it from Imaginators. Well, I don't have any chase variants of course because I never felt like paying over $50 for any Skylander but I am tempted to get a Dec-Ember though as I like her and I wouldn't mind a crystal pink Barbella. If they show up in the game like that, I would have bought them ages ago even at high prices.

Those create a character crystals on the other hand I never bothered to get most of them. I only have one of each element and several random extras which I found from garage sales. It is my goal to have one each of every fighter class and every element. So I'd need something like 90 of them in total? LOL I honestly couldn't care if I have 9 of the same exact crystal for each element to do that.
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SlayerX11 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3488
#3 Posted: 06:21:22 29/12/2018
Didnt get regular chompy mage or regular thrillpede. Maybe one day
zookinator Platinum Sparx Gems: 5694
#4 Posted: 01:07:56 01/01/2019
Wish I could've gotten Chompy Mage, but otherwise, I've got everyone. A shame he ended up so rare even compared to Thrillipede. Who knows? He might end up in some dollar store in dozens in the near future. One can only dream...
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Dark fhoenix Emerald Sparx Gems: 3166
#5 Posted: 10:37:06 09/03/2020
I was pretty much done with Skylanders when Imaginators came out .

I came very late to the Imaginator show . I have a bare bones collection . I scored myself a Jingle Bell Chompy mage , I cannot believe the normal Chompy Mage was soo pricey . I have not unlocked all the elements and probably wont but i dont regret it . I DO regret not buying a Master Tri Top . If i buy more Skylanders from ebay its normally TrapTeam and below figures .

The game itself was great but i kept freezing i assume because of the gagillion old skylanders loaded up onto it .
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CountMoneyBone Platinum Sparx Gems: 5016
#6 Posted: 09:55:42 17/03/2020
im glad i stuck it out with the imaginators and got the full set. the game was not perfect but it was a good last send off for the skylanders games.
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Hologramme Green Sparx Gems: 463
#7 Posted: 00:06:12 18/09/2023
I'm still looking for the Enchanted Elven Forest...

I was lucky enough to get two crystal variants (Barbella on release day thanks to an employee at Micromania [the GameStop store name for the shops in France] who told me he hadn't put everything on the shelves because he didn't have enough space and who brought me this variant without realising what it was. And Starcast at Toy'sR'us thanks to the head of the video games department with whom I'd made friends and who put it aside for me for 2 weeks while waited to see me again).
Pheonix W Blue Sparx Gems: 520
#8 Posted: 00:44:41 16/03/2024
I'm redoing the collection that I had abandoned when I had my bad period of depression, I already started Imaginator and I sold my (double) Charizard cards to buy Chompy Mage, I also have Ro-Bow and Storm Wild. I just bought land racing action pack smilie
cookieeater Gold Sparx Gems: 2486
#9 Posted: 01:57:15 30/03/2024
seeing this thread years later and yuuuuup its my biggest regret especially since i kept all the boxes i really wish i started buying them up in 2017-19 before the nostalgia soaked in
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