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Skylanders: INFINITE (revisited)
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#1 Posted: 13:19:56 02/12/2018 | Topic Creator
I might have had this idea before, but I wanted to go back to this idea because nostalgia lol.

So as you may have guessed, the name of this fan project is Skylanders: INFINITE. As crazy it might be, i've actually done a lot of stuff for INFINITE.

I've designed the logo, the starter pack and even a friggin' mug. The half done logo's below.

[User Posted Image]

But in order to make this whole fan project more simpler to understand, I've listed a bunch of things here for you to read. This will get updated from time to time.

  • The story is a whole lot darker this time, featuring a new villain called the Eternity Reaper. Yes, some NPCS will die.
  • A semi-gimmick is introduced, the Dual Elementals. They might seem special, but they act more like Cores. New cores too.
  • 4 Player CO-OP! This makes bosses and enemies tougher in the Main Campaign, but this feature will be coller with a recurring mode.
  • Rereleases galore! I'm not talking about reposes, instead more higher quality paint jobs are applied to rereleased figures! Rereleases also have major and minor changes too. This will be the main focus when it comes to characters.
  • Battle Mode returns with 4 Player access! Battle Mode will be edited to seem close to EVO competible. Kaos cannot enter Battle Mode. Speaking of Kaos...
  • Kaos' Campaign of Doom! This is basically the Main Campaign, but with custom cutscenes with Kaos interracting with the world around him. Oh, and he has the same goal to stop the Eternity Reaper.
  • Skylanders returns to PC with a neat little feature! The Steam Workshop allows for actual custom Skylanders, levels and even Magic Items! With even a special guest...
  • Proving the name aspect for INFINITE, there's 3 guest stars! Ripto casts a spell on all consoles who banned his appearance! Banjo and Kazooie jump into the Switch and XBOX versions! And last but not least... Sans. Yes. Sans the Skeleton. Sans is a fully exclusive character for the PC version. Where his game originated from. I'm dead serious.

  • The rest of this list will be updated if I have more stuff to show. For now, this is what's planned for INFINITE.
    Off to be a Globetrotter somewhere else...
    Duke Spike Yellow Sparx Gems: 1669
    #2 Posted: 13:53:46 02/12/2018 | Topic Creator
    The Dual Elementals:
    Venom Bender (Undead/Dark) - "Engage the Webbing!"
    Classic Spyro (Magic/Fire) - "All fired up!"
    Stingferno (Fire/Life) - "Rekindling the Flame!"
    Warbat (Earth/Tech) - "Out with a BANG!"
    Hurricanine (Water/Air) - "Wet n' Wild!"
    Spellsmack (Life/Magic) - "Bamboo, Shoot!"
    Firefly (Light/Fire) - "A shine of hope!"
    Eclipse (Dark/Light) - "Taking the spotlight!"
    Steamdrake (Air/Fire) - "One with the clouds!"
    Grave Digger (Tech/Undead) - "Digging your Doom!"
    Illussie (Magic/Water) - "A mystery of the Sea!"

    Banjo and Kazooie (Earth/Air) - "Guh-huh!"
    Ripto (Dark/Magic) - "Hocus pocus!"
    Sans (Undead/Magic) - * ready for a good time?

    The Cores:

    Cat Whip (Magic) - "Whippin' it good!"
    Scallop Chop (Water) - "To the plank with ye!"
    Eyesoar (Air) - "Nothing but a blur."
    Skinsinge (Fire) - "Flambé for tonight!"
    Swansong (Light) - "Heavens above!"
    Off to be a Globetrotter somewhere else...
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