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Werecreatures VS Vampcreatures Reboot
Cynder09 Diamond Sparx Gems: 9801
#1 Posted: 23:04:00 24/10/2018 | Topic Creator
Well, I've officially brought this back from the dead to try it again. We're basically starting over from the very beginning again, with little to no correlation with the previous roleplays. So it's basically a new timeline/universe, so don't worry if you're unfamiliar with the old ones. Anyone is allowed to join in at any time.

~ ~ ~

~~~ Story ~~~

Werecreatures and Vampcreatures have been at war with each other for several generations. It all started with their early ancestors, except no one is sure of the particular reason. The newer generations only know that they were raised to think of the other race as the enemy, as it is what their parents were taught, and so on. Weres and Vamps alike are trained to aid their race in winning the war, but no one is really sure of what the fight is even about. It is a mystery that most don't care enough to explore. However, there are select few individuals who not only want to know the answer to the age old question of why it all started in the first place, but actually want the fighting to stop.

~~~ The Vamps ~~~

The vampcreatures are not your classic, old-school vampire. These vamps are not undead, immortal creatures that can only be killed by specific means. These are living, breathing creatures that can be killed by the same means as any human. They still have powers, and they still have fangs and drink blood, and they are still nocturnal. Vamps typically feed on animals they find in the woods, although some feed on people. Since vamps only require blood for survival, they have a habit of leaving their food laying around, often still somewhat alive. Anything left alive, human or animal, becomes a vampcreature within the following night. Vamps can be human or animal, but can not shapeshift.
Vampires: These are the human variants of the vampcreatures. They look like any average human with no discernible features. While not immortal, they can live for an extended period of time compared to humans.
Vampanimals: This basically refers to the animal variants of vamps. They're similar to their normal animal counterparts in behavior, except they have powers, the average lifespan of a human, a higher level of intelligence, and of course, a thirst for blood. Even the herbivores drink blood. While they are more intelligent, they are still unable to speak any human languages. They're commonly animals found in the area, like forest animals in a forest setting, since they're commonly food that was cursed by the vampires. Although, some vampires will go out of their way to curse other animals, like more exotic ones from a zoo. It's risky, though, and often considered against the rules in most camps. However, some will allow this, if the vampire can spread the curse without getting caught.
Powers: Vamps can have one or two possible powers, and while vampires can have anything, vampanimals commonly have telepathy along with another power. Here are the possibilities: levitation, telepathy, teleportation, invisibility, intangibility or phasing, telekinesis, astral projection, and sublimation or ability to turn into a mist form.

~~~ The Weres ~~~

The werecreatures come in many shapes and sizes, as well as any animal that hasn't gone extinct. Their inhuman abilities vary depending on their animal form. Some are stronger, others are faster, and some can breathe underwater. They are not immortal, but all of them are nocturnal. They can be killed by any normal means, much like a human, and have no real special weaknesses. Most of them have three forms; human, animal, and a hybrid of the two. Although rare, some only have two forms; either human and animal, or human and hybrid.

~~~ Clans ~~~

Both species commonly live in clans, or a small to somewhat large camp of their species. Some are loners, however, and very few decide to live among humans. Camps can be anywhere in the wilderness, with the forest setting being the most common. Some camps use tents as shelter and move around depending on the season. Others are stationary and use cabins as shelter. Bigger clans are usually stationary. All clans consist of a leader, a general, at least one healer, several hunters and scouts, with the majority being simple members.

The Leader: The leader is the one in charge, along with any spouse they may have. They run their own camp and make their own separate rules. Some leaders are more strict than others.

The General: The general is the leader's right-hand-man. He, and possibly his spouse, have dominance over everyone, except the leader. He is the one in charge when the leader isn't around.

The Healer: The healer is the doctor of the camp. They are highly skilled and have extensive knowledge in medicine. They lack the equipment of a human doctor, however, and mainly rely on herbs and old-fashioned remedies. Despite that, they still manage to do a great job. They typically don't have any fighting skills, and even during a war, attacking one at all is a capital offense on both sides. They are essential for survival, and are sooner made slaves than killed. The healer may also have an apprentice, or healer in training, who they are mentoring while they assist the healer.

Hunters/Warriors: These are the best fighters of the camp, aside from the leader and general. Their main job, during a time of peace, is to gather food for the camp. During a war, they are the first line of defense.

Scouts: These are the rangers and trackers of the camp. It is their job to know the lay of the land, survey the area for trouble, alert the camp of intruders, etc. They do know how to fight and are by no means weak, but they are not the first line of defense.

Members: They have the most numbers of any camp, and they generally have no specific job. Mainly, they populate the camp and care for their family, abiding by the rules of the camp. Majority of them know how to fight and can back up the hunters during a war, but generally do not venture far from home.

Assassin: There has been no record of a known assassin for several generations, but they are a blessing to have in any camp. Their skill in combat is uncanny, rumored to be greater than that of most hunters, perhaps even greater than the clan leader. Little is known about them because they are extremely rare. It is said that those who somehow acquire this rank keep it a secret from others, even their own kind. (I've decided to leave this as an option for later on in the rp. Characters may become one as the story progresses, but we won't be starting off with assassins.)

~ ~ ~


* Basic roleplaying rules apply.

* This is set in modern times, but appearances from humans are sparse, visits to the city are seldom among most, and most weres and vamps aren't crazy about technology. It isn't unheard of, but it also isn't common. Tech lovers/experts are allowed, but just be aware that others will likely think you're crazy or something.

* Loners are allowed, although I rather there not be too many of them. Assassins will be an option for later on in the story. I may come up with some sort of test or challenge that characters will have to pass in order to become an assassin.

* No leaders and generals for right now. If you really want to have your own camp, then wait until later. For now, we will be starting off with only two camps, and go from there. It will just make things easier starting out, and hopefully make everyone less scattered.

* I will not put a limit on characters, but you need to keep up with all of them. Also, try to help maintain a balance between the two races. I don't want everyone on the same side, unless you're willing to create another character of the opposite race.
I live my life inside a dream, only waking when I sleep.
Yeah, I've been living in the state of dreaming, living in a make-believe land.
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Cynder09 Diamond Sparx Gems: 9801
#2 Posted: 23:05:12 24/10/2018 | Topic Creator
Camps: (I will do a brief description of two camps, one for each species, that will essentially be the main camp for that species, depending on whichever species you want to be. There are several camps, but we will start with these two, so please start off your character in one of these two camps, unless you are a loner. I will personally be controlling the leaders, generals, and other minor characters within the camps.)

Were Camp: Leader - Samuel - male weredog. General(s) - Bernard - male werebear. Former leader. - Darby - male deer. Their camp is deep within the forest, by a river. The camp is of medium size, with stationary treehouses instead of the usual cabins. The treehouses are designed to blend in with the trees, and are at least partially covered by leaves. Archers and forest animals are most common here.

Vamp Camp: Leader - Layla - female vampire. General - Isaac - male vamphyena. Their camp is located northeast of the were camp, inside a mountain. The entrance to their camp is a cave hidden behind a waterfall at the base of the mountain. They make their homes out of the caves, having separate chambers for each family. There is a river that flows down from the mountain.

~ ~ ~

Both of these camps have their own sort of "black market" where certain individuals have "shops" of unique items available for trade. These items are often modern or older human things that have been likely stolen from the nearest town. Neither side of weres or vamps have money to offer, so everything is done through trades. The trade can be between any two items, or even the promise to do work for another, so long as both parties agree to the trade. It has to be considered fair between both parties, but there's really no limit to that, so long as both are happy with what they got out of the deal. Most people don't care for modern technology at least, but may want or need other things. The items available may be anything that was either easily found or stolen, or simply something requested enough by customers to be provided. I will likely control most of the shopkeepers myself, but you can request to make one yourself, if you like.

~ ~ ~

Character Sheet: (delete what's in parenthesis)
Species: (were or vamp, and what kind)
Powers: (if you're a vamp. if you're a were, you can just put your forms here, or animal abilities)
Role: (this is your job in the camp, like hunter or scout)
History: (just a brief bio)
I live my life inside a dream, only waking when I sleep.
Yeah, I've been living in the state of dreaming, living in a make-believe land.
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Wylrin Emerald Sparx Gems: 3784
#3 Posted: 00:02:53 25/10/2018
Name: Ulysses
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Vamp-Cobra
Powers: Telepathy
Role: Hunter/Warrior
Appearance: Just a cobra. Nothing special.
History: Ulysses was turned when he was about ten years of age. From that moment on, he's been a fiercesome creature, paying back what he feels is a debt to the vamps for turning him into such a powerful creature with enhanced, human-like intelligence. This has manifested as a great loyalty to his leader and general. While he really doesn't have anything against the weres, he's always up for a fight, and he just happens to be directed at the weres most of the time.
Other: He employs his vampiric speed most often in his battles, as well as his venom.

Name: Lekarz
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Species: Were-Crow
Powers: Human, human/crow hybrid, crow
Role: Healer
Appearance: Lekarz is a man of a pale, almost sickly looking complexion who stands at 5'10. While not terribly thin, he hardly has any muscle on him, either. His posture is almost always hunched over slightly as if looming over others. He rarely takes a completely human form, instead taking on a slight hybrid form with some traits of a crow pervading his human features. These crow-like traits include pitch black eyes, scaled and taloned feet, and, instead of hair, he has a head of swept back black feathers. No one knows exactly why he takes on this slight hybrid form most of the time, though some have speculated it might be an intimidation tactic, unusual for a healer. As for his apparel, he wears a dulled white labcoat and black tie over black trousers. He walks with a noticeable limp in his left leg.
History: Lekarz was once a warrior of his camp, but after a crippling leg injury from a vampcougar, he had to pursue other means of remaining useful. He's still a warrior at heart, as is evidenced by the poisons he concocts for the warriors of the camp to use. Despite his status as a healer, his hatred for the vampcreatures is nearly unmatched, and he will gladly kill a vampcreature if presented the opportunity.
Other: Though hardly a warrior with his crippled leg, he can still pose a threat in combat with poisoned daggers at his disposal.
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Waaksian Emerald Sparx Gems: 4906
#4 Posted: 14:29:59 30/10/2018
Name: Vesper
Age: 49
Gender: Female
Species: Vampdeer
Powers: Teleportation and Telekinesis
Role: Scout
Appearance: Vesper has a small and frail body, standing at a short height of 2’4 at the shoulders, and with a very low body weight, appearing to be almost starving with her ribs overly defined and jutting outwards. Her coat is completely silvery-white, and surprisingly sleek despite her looking so sickly otherwise. It’s unknown if she originally had this trait, as some deer possess a white coat due to a recessive gene, or if discoloration was a side effect of her vampirism. Her hooves, nose, and her left ear are a starkly contrasting black, and her nocturnal lifestyle makes her eyes appear just as dark. Of course, she also possesses a pair of sharp, deadly fangs, which can retract from their folded position against the roof of her mouth when needed.
History: Due to her muteness, the subject of her life before her arrival to the camp is a mystery. Rumors speculate that she was a loner, something confirmed by outside sources, but anything such as who was her sire, where she came from, and why she decided to forgo her lone wolf lifestyle has remained unexplained. Even after her presence in the camp for 11 months, knowledge of her inner workings is scarce. But what few things the other members have determined so far is as follows: she doesn’t like being followed, and she doesn’t like being seen when doing the following. While otherwise calm and presumably contemplative, as she is invested in the going-ons of the camp— albeit in a way that tends to unnerve people— anything that displeases her is met with a despondent huff and a quick turn of the hooves as she storms off.
Other: Her known uses of telekinesis are far and few between, and she’s rarely seen feeding, although she often returns to the camp with blood lingering on her snout. More commonly is her fur matted and darkened with dirt and grim, as a bright white pelt doesn’t bode well for a member specializing in stealth.
prextail202 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4024
#5 Posted: 05:53:42 28/11/2018
i'll be joining in~ Just gonna fill out my sheet tomorrow!
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Grizzle Gold Sparx Gems: 2260
#6 Posted: 22:02:36 18/03/2019
//Just noticed Wylrin has a cobra as a character on the vamp team. If you want me to change my were character I can//

Name: Volen
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Wereviper
Powers: Neurotoxicity, Spiny Bush Viper form, Hybrid form, Human form
Role: Hunter/Warrior
Appearance: Viper form:
Human form - Volen has spiked bright red hair going backwards, he wears a bright red collared shirt with the collar popped at all times, he wears black mesh gloves and ripped jeans. He has a pointy nose and bright red eyes. He always wears a smirk upon his face. Volen has two prosthetic legs and a prosthetic arm in his human form. He always seems to have his legs together and his hands in his pockets.
History: Volen was in a horrifying accident, his legs and right arm torn to shreds from a Were attack, unbeknownst to him that Were that nearly took away his life, saved it, by turning him into a Were aswell. It was a week before he noticed it as he was under heavy anesthesia. He was given prosthetic limbs but rarely uses his human form after discovering what he'd become and how it made him feel whole again. He ran away from human society after the incident when he was still quite young and tries to forget his past.
Other: He prefers to stay in his animal form

Name: Zigby
Age: 5
Gender: male
Species: vamp-owl (Burrowing Owl)
Powers: Telepathy and Astral Projection
Role: Scout
Appearance: https://assets.peregrinefund.o...ularia/6429.jpg
History: Long ago before being turned he was an upcoming father he'd had a mate and 4 eggs but a desert storm separated him from his nest and when he returned his mate was gone and so were his eggs. He still holds hope that his family are out there somewhere
Other: Expert digger, can fly but prefers to stay grounded and to the tunnels he digs
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Cynder09 Diamond Sparx Gems: 9801
#7 Posted: 01:10:52 19/03/2019 | Topic Creator
Hmm. Considering it's a wereviper, and not another vampcobra, I won't enforce a change here. We had more than one snake character in the original, so it's not a problem. However, if there was another animal form you wanted to use, you're free to change your character for diversity's sake.

Aside from that, all characters are accepted. I may add some information about cursed weres and vamps, so keep an eye out for that.
I live my life inside a dream, only waking when I sleep.
Yeah, I've been living in the state of dreaming, living in a make-believe land.
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