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Early Build of Giants found!
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#1 Posted: 13:32:59 19/10/2018 | Topic Creator

This is pretty big! Someone found a very early version of the game with incomplete cutscenes and everything. Pretty fun insight into a game that was just about to find its footing.
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#2 Posted: 12:22:01 20/10/2018
2:05 I think I see figures of Mario on the shelf above Kaos but I can't be too sure on that.
It has the same shape, nose, hat and outfit as Mario
Maybe the Wii version was going to have Mario figures there as an easter egg but it got cut out before release?
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#3 Posted: 13:51:19 20/10/2018
Yeah you are right those are Mario Figures this is kind of Major
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#4 Posted: 06:35:11 21/10/2018
The secret bonus ending is the best and totally canon.
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#5 Posted: 16:49:10 23/10/2018
this is an awesome find smilie
Ha! HA, sage ich.
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