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Fan options: 2 Incarnation of Spyros in battle showdown. [CLOSED]
Arnold Jackson Blue Sparx Gems: 542
#1 Posted: 08:35:53 05/10/2018 | Topic Creator
Hey, Guys! smilie Today, I am gonna to Say Debate Fighting Showdown Character Is Legend Spyro Vs Skylander Elite Skylander Spyro! WHO WILL WIN FOR THOSE VERSION OF DRAGONS? Let's get going to. IT'S GOING TO BE EPIC FIGHTING DRAGONS!
[User Posted Image]

Here's Ability:

The Legend of spyro abilities :

Dragon Time
Elemental Fury
Melee Combat
Aerial Combat
Horn Dive
Tail Strike

Elite Skylander Spyro ability :

Fire Breath
Horn Charge
Dragon Flight
Triple Shot
Fire Shield

Here Rules In Fighting Full potential: Composite Game Series And No Outside Help!
Carmelita Fox Prismatic Sparx Gems: 12215
#2 Posted: 19:04:48 08/10/2018
spyro will die tonight
Clank Emerald Sparx Gems: 4373
#3 Posted: 00:36:37 09/10/2018
The Legend of Spyro one dies as soon as he moves due to his horribly deformed body. The end.
"*runs around like a headless gnorc*" ~Jaggedstar©
Trix Master 100 Diamond Sparx Gems: 8190
#4 Posted: 00:41:36 09/10/2018
Sorry, while in the right section, you did spam this with other boards and is considered spam.

Also let's set a few things straight:

I know English is not your first language, but that said I don't need your permission to do my job when it is breaking the forum rules. That's just how it's been working.

If you want to have a debate topic in fandom, that's fine and all, but don't literally copy and paste from the Stuff and Nonsense thread. In fact probably do a different set of Spyros or a different set of characters relating to Spyro. I would literally have no problem with that. Just don't spam/repost it to other sections because of lack of traction.

That said, closing before this thread goes exceptionally south.
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