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Top 10 characters in Academy?
Luminous35 Gold Sparx Gems: 2457
#1 Posted: 16:37:34 23/08/2018 | Topic Creator
With a little over a month left till Season 3, I wanted to make a thread for us to post our favorite characters and why. Also: this is completely based off ACADEMY LORE.

I’ll post mine when I’m off mobile.
smilie smilie STARCAST FOR PRESIDENT OF MY SEXUALITY smilie smilie
smilie smilie Professor Jet-Vac? I don’t feel so good. smilie smilie
KingMed Gold Sparx Gems: 2456
#2 Posted: 16:44:33 23/08/2018
1.Glumshanks ( I don’t know I just like his attitude )
2. Spyro ( Just for the fact that he’s Spyro )
3.Kaos ( It’s an middle age evil guy that acts like a 10 year old how can you not like that )
4.Kaossandera ( She’s very interesting )
5.Golden Queen ( I love her because she’s a female dog )
6.Ka-boom I just like the way that he talks
7.Sprocket ( She’s a sweet heart )
8.Pop Fizz ( I have always had a soft spot for him )
9.Hugo I like his attitude
10.Roller Brawl ( I like her goth attitude )
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