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Some Reignited headers suggestions
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#1 Posted: 04:51:10 22/07/2018 | Topic Creator
I know this is probably in the works considering all the news of the reignited trilogy. BUT I feel suggesting some header images in general. Not to say that the ones for reignited are bad it's just with more things revealed I feel like the entire forum would dig some suggestions for some headers.

Like having a reignited villains section for Ripto and Gnasty's reveal screenshots (or their concept art because the artist did a nice job)
Image for Ripto
Image for Gnasty

And maybe some of the images from here (Especially Glimmer because that wickedly pretty and I adore it so much you have no clue)

I would've suggested the dragons, but I 100% know that's gonna be a nightmare considering the first and third game is solely saving the dragons (adult or just hatching). Though I think a few of those wouldn't hurt too much imo.

Ya'll can throw in what you'd like to see in here to, I just kind of suggesting some good header images really.

Edit because I hate double posting. THANKS DARK FOR THE GNASTY AND RIPTO HEADERS
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