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Signature Suggestion
TheFlyingSeal Diamond Sparx Gems: 8537
#1 Posted: 21:42:57 29/06/2018 | Topic Creator
Usually I add some small quote as a signature, so it was never really a problem for me, but recently I got matching icons with Vespi and wanted to add that to my signature.

However, I went over the limit because the url to her profile counted towards the character count. I also noticed the code commands, such as when you want to make text bold, also count towards the character count limit. To elaborate, this was going to be my new signature

They say we are asleep until we fall in love, we are children of dust and ashes
Matching icons with Vespi!

Without the BBCoding and the url leading to Vespi's profile, this signature went to 175 - that's way over the character limit.

However, without the BBCoding, the actual signature itself is only 108 characters. It would still look the exact same, except the quote would not be italicized and there would be no link to Vespi's account. The size and line length of the signature would not change.

Long story short, I find it unfair that the BBCode counts towards the character count, when all they do is just contribute to the aesthetic of the post and not the actual size and length. I understand that Dark wants to keep the signatures small, and I agree, but it's annoying to have to think of a whole new signature when your original plan doesn't work out even though it was short enough to be a legit sig.

If you can't fix the BBCode counting towards the character limit, that's fine though. I'm just making this topic to bring up this slight issue, because I'm sure I'm not the only one who experienced this frustration.
Spyroboy Prismatic Sparx Gems: 12160
#2 Posted: 21:20:46 10/07/2018
I agree with this, the BBCode shouldn't count towards the character count. It's an easy fix, if dark52 is willing to do so, that is. It's annoyed me several times in the past, but I never bothered to bring it up, as I'm sure many other users have.
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