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The Experiment (Reboot)
ShadowMewX Diamond Sparx Gems: 8109
#101 Posted: 02:00:25 01/06/2019
OoC: Red is... a certain black-and-red-haired angel that I tend to use in a majority of my RPs. ;P Bullet is S2SF's character!

Hearing the others speak around him shook Lux out of his trance. The angel hadn't noticed his odd looks at her- rather, she was cheerfully accompanying the blonde she was with and gazing at the rest of them with curiosity and wonder. The blonde male did not strike Lux as familiar at all. He had to forcibly tear his gaze away from the angel in hopes she wouldn't notice how confused he felt about the feelings bubbling inside him.
"Nice to meet you, Lux and Indigo!" she spoke up. "They call me Red, and this is Bullet." Lux felt himself flinching at Apollo's sharp screeches that he couldn't understand, and Red also flinched at the sudden sounds. So she can't understand him either.
"This is Apollo," he found himself speaking. The angel finally turned to him as he spoke, which made him uncharacteristically nervous. "Only some of us can understand him. I, uh, can't. Indigo can translate, though!" He nodded to the small blue fennec. "The girl behind me is Pyra, and the little gal on my head is Misty."
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S2 Swap Force Emerald Sparx Gems: 3069
#102 Posted: 17:43:51 01/06/2019
Bullet was in shock. Not only could that blue fox talk, but apparently this griffin's ear splitting screeches was a language that he couldn't understand. And if he had to guess, he'd say those emotional smells can from someone in this group too. After Lux was done speaking, Bullet asked, "How is Indigo able to speak?" Then, realising that they might be like him and Red, he quickly tacked on, "Or did you guys forget everything except for one memory too?"
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redwes Diamond Sparx Gems: 8637
#103 Posted: 18:02:55 01/06/2019
"Kaw...," Apollo screeched in a somewhat distressed sounding tone letting his head lay low. It was a action that was very clearly a response to Bullet's question, indicating that the Gryphon could understand common without issue, even if he couldn't directly speak it.
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Skyhunter Diamond Sparx Gems: 8977
#104 Posted: 21:31:22 15/07/2019 | Topic Creator
"Beats me," Indigo shrugged, looking up at Bullet. "I've been speaking common for as long as I can remember- which isn't very long actually, but still -but anyway, yeah, we're in the same predicament. All but one memory gone, dumped out here, and trying to figure out what the heck's going on." The blue fox's tone sounded pessimistic, but quickly brightened a bit as he snapped his fingers. "Oh! But I do have a theory! If we find certain things that look familiar, we might be able to get our memories back!
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