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Skylanders Fan Games(Just some random ideas I had)
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#1 Posted: 00:08:27 15/04/2018 | Topic Creator
Some silly ideas I had, hope you like them.

Snap Shot:

Story:Snap Shot is a bounty hunter in a world of trolls, one day, a robed character asks Snap Shot to hunt down a guy named Chill Bill, who has a plan to freeze a ton of people to have his way.

Snap Shot's Arrows
Regular Arrow(Infinite Ammo)
Rope Arrow(Limited Ammo)
Blast Arrow(Limited Ammo)

World 1:Troll City

Stage 1:Troll City Streets

Stage 2:Rooftops(I know, creative)

Stage 3:Mega Mech Factory

Boss Stage:Mega Troll Mech

World 2:Cloud Kingdom

Stage 1:Thunder Town

Stage 2:Crazy Cloudtops

Stage 3:Lighting Castle Climb

Boss Stage:Inflatrator and Meteo Trollogist

World 3:Frozen Wasteland

Stage 1:Icy Junkyard

Stage 2:Slippy Slides

Stage 3:Chill Bills Quarters

Boss Stage:Chill Bill

More Later
Rise and Shine Ursine
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