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Theatrical trailer released [CLOSED]
Chicken Yellow Sparx Gems: 1359
#1 Posted: 00:42:18 13/07/2007 | Topic Creator
Click game info and click Spyro games. The trailer will be the theatrical trailer.
teh insomniac Fodder
#2 Posted: 01:01:12 13/07/2007
And all of the clips in the trailer were from ANB. Interesting.
MJ Fodder
#3 Posted: 01:25:17 13/07/2007
Uh, that doesn't look at all like the trailer I saw in the theatre. In fact it was completely different in pretty much every way, and the theatre trailer was definitely not ANB footage.
best guy Fodder
#4 Posted: 23:36:13 14/04/2008
I think that the new spyro game will be wicked. i can hardly wait for the game. I wish i could see a movie or video about the legend of spyro the darkest hour so i understand the game.
Anonymous Fodder
#5 Posted: 04:29:35 16/04/2008
i have got ur game its so cool
Aang Green Sparx Gems: 370
#6 Posted: 08:41:57 16/04/2008
That trailer's fan-made.
The real one is on Spyro's Lair and
You kicked who in the what now?
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 12868
#7 Posted: 18:34:15 16/04/2008
And this topic is ancient. Don't bump dead topics for no reason, thank you.
If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, I hate you.
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