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Jumping problem in PS3 version
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#1 Posted: 23:34:37 08/04/2018 | Topic Creator
With the remastered Spyro trilogy coming soon I decided to replay the classic games again. I downloaded the digital versions onto my PS3 a while ago.
However, playing through I've noticed Spyro's jump in the first game doesn't seem very high in this version. This wasn't to much of a problem until I got to Misty Bog and getting some of the gems in this level now seems impossible to jump to. Near the end where you jump off a roof top and glide to some tree stumps, Spyro misses the first stump and can't make the jump onto the second stump at all, always landing in the water and constantly dies. Anyone else who's played this version had the same problem?
I might give up with this version and find my PS1 copy instead.
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