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Comet Dash glitch
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#1 Posted: 16:04:08 27/03/2018 | Topic Creator
Found an interesting glitch, maybe usable as an exploit, yesterday while replaying. In the Ancient Grove, right after the tutorial to knock down trees, there's this corridor inside a tree with Grove Mites, right? I used Comet Dash while walking over the root into the corridor.
Somehow, I got shot much further than the regular distance, and ended up on the other end of that area!(hitting the invisible wall, unfortunately) I fell into the acid and got put right back where I was, but I wonder if this can be used for speedrunning by skipping past puzzles.
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#2 Posted: 08:12:36 22/07/2018
Heya Bifrost

Yeah, you can. A lot of the invisible collision walls and the acid underneath is what we called the 'oil pan' back then. It's a collision box with a hurt ID to bounce the player back to the last position before they jumped, though has to be solid mesh, and not a floating prop. A lot of the QA guys worked out how to jump off flying dynamite and all sorts of things like that for their speed-runs. The translate on the animations on some of the attacks from memory was deliberately longer than jump to help with some advanced exploration, and I think there was a way to juggle enemies to skip up some jump platforms.

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