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awesomerockets Emerald Sparx Gems: 4075
#1 Posted: 23:53:23 26/02/2018 | Topic Creator
[Fifteen minutes of exposition and stuff that I’m not gonna type out because it isn’t as epic as the rest of this]

Lightning McQueen forced himself out of his pit. He wasn’t gonna stop, he’s not old. He can win. Lightning used all of his might to make himself go faster. He felt something explode within him. His single, giant windshield eye grew wide. “Aw fiddlesticks” muttered the racer. He careened to the left and slammed into the wall of the race track. He flew up towards the left. He began to quietly sing Ave Maria to himself. He slammed against the pavement then flew back up. Sparks flew and left scorch marks on the road. He soared further and collided with the hard ground again. Fluid and car parts flew everywhere. Red paint was scraping on the ground. He bounced a few times and finally skidded to a stop, barely still in tact. His giant eye was closed. His tongue was flopped out of his mouth like an old carpet. One one tire remained on his body. His girlcar Sally drove towards him as quickly as she could, tears or wiper fluid or something streaming down her hood. Mater rushed to his friends side. He was frowning so hard his stupid gigantic teeth scraped around the ground. A forklift named Jermaine came forward and touched his …… fork I guess to McQueen’s engine, which was exposed. Jermaine turned and shook his upper half. Sally gasped. Mater gasped. The other cars gasped. The firetruck cried.
Lightning McQueen is dead.

[Roll credits until mid-credits scene]

The Radiator Springs car church was packed with all like twelve people that actually care about Lightning McQueen. Sally was wearing the black veil thing over her windshield. Lightning McQueen’s mutilated body sat in a car coffin towards the front. Each car went up one by one to gaze their windshield upon what was left of the racing superstar. Finally, Mater went up to speak.
“Dad gum” the tow truck said, “McQueen’s really gone.” He whipped his hook across the lower half of his windshield to wipe the wiper fluid away. The hook caught onto the side of his windshield. He tried to wriggle it free end ended up forcing the point part in. “AAAAAAAHH” he cried. Mater spun around and knocked over the car podium he was behind. He backed up and knocked McQueen’s car coffin over. The body fell out and it broke apart a little bit more. A piece of his bumper landed on Sally’s hood and she howled. Mater shoved into the dead car’s body, attempting to push it back into the coffin. He ended up chipping his teeth into McQueen’s window and shattered it. A piece of glass flew up and ledged itself in his engine. The tow truck sneezed a powerful sneeze and sent the dead red racer flying back into the coffin. The coffin titled back down into its normal position. Mater swept some of the broken glass under a rug and returned to his speech.
“We went tractor tippin’ together” he snorted, “He was so darn cool. He once said I was the bomb.” The rusty tow truck was a blubbering mess at this point. He drove back to his spot in the audience.
Fillmore approached the podium, “Hey guys, I got some nice deals on organic materials at my hut, buy one get one 30% off, come on down!” Fillmore returned to his spot.
Luigi got up “I think it’s time.”
The cars pushed the coffin to the Radiator Springs graveyard and they buried him.

[The rest of the credits until end credit scene]

A soft mound of sand sat in front of a gravestone. It read: “He lies Lightning McQueen. Whenever he was manufactured or birthed by another car or something - 2017 I guess. Kachow”
Suddenly, the sand began to move. A single tire shoots up from the sand.

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Carmelita Fox Prismatic Sparx Gems: 10369
#2 Posted: 03:32:27 13/04/2018
cool fanfic you should write mcqueen x mater (mcmater) yaoi
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