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Skylanders Nuzlocke: Traplocke
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[Image: DVn7UbnVQAAVTgZ.jpg]
Hey! I thought a great idea to try for Trap Team. You know how similar Trap Team were to Pokémon where you catch villains and use them to battle other enemies? well I've thought about a really interesting Nuzlocke that is similar to Pokémon Wedlocke where you have to use 1 pokémon that are partnered to the other Pokémon of the opposite gender and Soul Link where when if your Pokémon died, The partner Pokemon that were linked to the dead Pokemon also die. Traplocke is like that but with Traps you can use to get villains and partnered up with the current Skylander to linked.

I've made a Presentation explaining about the Traplocke itself so feel free to take a look.

But if you want to see the rules in this forums?, Well... here you are.

Nuzlocke Rules:

-You must play it on a Nightmare Difficulty.
-When a Skylander need rest, it cannot be used again for the rest of the game.
-You may allow one Skylander of every element (Elites are banned).
-You can't have a full team of Gimmicklanders. (See Presentation Why)
-Your permitted to switch during hub and in mid levels except in special events like Boss Battles & Arena Challenges.
*You can use Switch Clause to only play one Skylander Set during the entire level until it dies or completing the level.
-When the boss, arena challenge or wanted poster shows up on screen, The Skylander Set is locked until it dies or won over.
-Any Level or Upgrade path is allowed. You can reset them If you wanted a harder challenge.
-The run is over if you beat Chapter 18 or run out of current sets.
-You can put hats, trinkets and give nicknames on your Skylanders.

Traplocke Rules:

-In Traplocke, you will play through Trap Team in Nightmare Mode with 8 to 10 Elemental Traps.
-No catchable Kaos since Chapter 18 is the final level of the run.
-Villains cannot be allowed to be Evolved nor you are not allowed to take on Villain Redemption to evolve them.
-You can't switch villains around from one Skylander to another and it should stay with one for the entire run.
-You can put hats and trinkets on the same way you put on your Skylanders to give them little boosts. If you want, you can also nickname them.
-If a Skylander that the villain have partnered with dies, then the villain can no longer be use again and the trap will be empty on another set.
-You will only catch one villain each chapter so Trap Wisely.
-Adventure Pack Levels are allowed in this run.
-You can partnered Villains of a Skylander of the opposite Element to put up variety in your run.
Example: Whirlwind (Air) - Smoke Scream (Fire)/ Snap Shot (Water) - Golden Queen (Earth)
-If you have a Evolved Villain that was from a Pre-owned trap, you can either reset it or grab another trap.
It's hard to reset but I'll leave a link to the video of how to:

Here's the link for the Crystal Borders for your characters if you guys are willing to create a Livestream or Video Series out of this locke.

All of these are much but that's all you need to get started. However if you want to ask my either your team or any rule needs to establish, let me now. If you think your up for this Traplocke, well go ahead.
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