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Favourite Upgrade Path: Chompy Mage

The Champ of Chomp! Poll 29% (58)
Master Puppeteer Poll 8% (17)
Don't have him Poll 33% (66)
Never played Imaginators Poll 30% (60)
Favourite Upgrade Path: Chompy Mage
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#1 Posted: 19:35:06 08/12/2017 | Topic Creator
Ember's Samurai Combo Path seems to be the winner there.

Perhaps more widely found as his festive Jingle Bell alter ego, next up we have the Life Villain Chompy Mage! Do you prefer to upgrade his iconic chompies or some shrubbery?

[User Posted Image] The Champ of Chomp!
Upgrade the Chompies!
Bitey Chompies! Giant Bitey Chompies Pile Launcher!
[User Posted Image] [User Posted Image] [User Posted Image]
Chompies now latch onto enemies and chew on them for a bit. Bitey Chompies transform into Large Chompies. Large Chompies hang around longer than Bitey Chompies. Chompies jump out of the pile and attack enemies.
Master Puppeteer
Upgrade Talk to the Hand!
Get Thee to a Shrubbery! Here Lies a Chompy Shrubsplode!
[User Posted Image] [User Posted Image] [User Posted Image]
Acorns now sprout poisonous shrubbery. Chompies now leave behind shrubbery. Shrubs now explode! You win Shrub, you lose Shrub.
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#2 Posted: 21:07:22 08/12/2017
smilie ?/Bellwether
PATH: The Champ of Chomp!
REASON: Having Chompies that can deal a lot of damage to enemies is pretty cool. Still a bit weird that there are still enemy chompies with the Mage having a Skylander.

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#3 Posted: 22:05:31 08/12/2017
mage sucks in this game lol
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#4 Posted: 18:26:17 10/12/2017
It's okay that he's not a sorcerer anymore. I mean, not for me, I honestly prefer him like he was before, but I can accept that. But no longer having his ability to transform into a chompy monster... that really sucks. I think they really mess it up with this character in this game. They tried to come up with something new and original and they screwed it.
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#5 Posted: 19:37:25 11/12/2017
Quote: ZapNorris
mage sucks in this game lol

I wouldn't agree with that assessment, I found the Chompy Mage to be one of the best senseis in the game! His damage output is tremendous, his pass through movement with his chompy pile Attack 3 move was really helpful in many situations and he was one of few senseis I could fight Kaos with on expert difficulty without losing any health.

Anyway, I'm putting in a vote for The Champ of Chomp!. The Chompy Mage's damage output was truly dangerous to his enemies on this path and the fact that the chompies would attack your enemies for you while you were free to run off helps to maintain pressure on your enemies, even when you can't. But the part that really makes The Champ of Chomp! a hands-down winner though is that--while the other path professes to distract enemies with the shrubberies--the chompies themselves are a distraction to enemies to begin with, so that makes it one-sided.
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