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November PvP Challenge!! Fire vs Undead
Earth-Dragon Blue Sparx Gems: 972
#1 Posted: 23:40:45 15/11/2017 | Topic Creator
Greetings Skylanders fans!! It’s time to bust out your old landers and the first game, grab your friends and family and have a PvP throw down.

The rules are simple:

- Use the selected elements against each other that have been chosen at random
- Elements are considered teams. Only skylanders of differeing elementa fight each other
- Each Skylander can only be used in two battles. That’s “Skylander” not figure.

So for this game, that means you’d have a total of 12 possible matches to report (6 skylanders per element being used 2 times each)

For the Month of November, we will Be lighting a fire under the Dead to get this thing going: FIRE will be squaring off against UNDEAD.

It’s up to the individual event holders whether they mix up the fighters every match or go 2 rounds per pairing. Please post your results and we’ll see how this goes!!
Glad heroic challenges are gone. Imagine doing 165 per skylander. That's 27225 challenges. No thank you.
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