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Skylanders Spirit Squad (Revisited) (Revisited Again Oof)
DreamTeam Yellow Sparx Gems: 1503
#1 Posted: 22:17:00 12/11/2017 | Topic Creator
I wanted to revisit this idea I had but make it way better. So here I am.

DISCLAIMER: This is of course fake and I would love if it were real but lets be realistic here, I'm just a nerd having fun typing fake stuff that i think is cool, don't judge.

Story has spoilers for Imaginators enter if you dare!
Story: Kaos is done. He is trapped in a Jar and will probably never escape. But there is always evil in the world. And this time, She isn't joking around...
Mesmerelda has retired from her performer job to become the Queen Of Spirits, which she was offered once the pervious King died.
She lives her life in the world of Myst where all spirits live in peace. But one day Eon sealed the portal to the World of Myst, in fear its evil creatures may curse skylands.
Mesmerelda didn't take kinda to this and did everything she could to escape. She found a legendary spell that could re-open the portal, temporarily. She had to sacrifice some of her people to open a temporary portal back to skylands. She did it.
Now she has escaped into skylands searching for items to create a permanent portal. Once she does that, you can bet revenge is on the table. You must stop her before she takes over skylands! But how?
Some spirits escaped aswell and want to fight back against Mesmerelda and her evil ways. Use them to fight mesmerelda and win the battle!


-Psycho [Spirit]
-Enchanter [Spirit]
-Flamethrower Spyro [Series 4]
-Time Warp Deja Vu [Series 2]
-Star Struck [Star Strike Mini]
-Helmet of Stars [Armor]

-Sir Starfish [Spirit]
-Frostbite [Spirit]
-Eel Punk Shock [Series 2]
-Yeti Slam Bam [Series 3]
-Cool [Chill Mini]
-Boots of Frozen Dreams [Armor]

-Charm [Spirit]
-Rocky [Spirit]
-Anvil Torch [Series 2]
-Crossbow Flameslinger [Series 3]
-Hot Puppy [Hot Dog Mini]
-Gloves of Blaze [Armor]

-Chip [Spirit]
-Wheelord [Spirit]
-Gearing Gadget Drobot [Series 3]
-Missle Drill Sergeant [Series 3]
-Biter [Chopper Mini]
-Gear Shield [Armor]

-Archi [Spirit]
-Copper [Spirit]
-Destiny DynoRang [Series 2]
-Boulder Rocky Roll [Series 2]
-Loose Tooth [Slobber Tooth Mini]
-Crystal Necklace [Armor]

-Wild Warrior [Spirit]
-Ivy [Spirit]
-Hive Bumble Blast [Series 2]
-Reinforced High Five [Series 2]
-Snack Attack [Food Fight Mini]
-Thorn Cap [Armor]

-Bluebell [Spirit]
-Cirrus [Spirit]
-Mythical Whirlwind [Series 4]
-Sharpening Warnado [Series 2]
-Screech [Sonic Boom Mini]
-Cloud Wings [Armor]

-Tusk [Spirit]
-Fright [Spirit]
-Hellfire Hex [Series 3]
-Summoned Grim Creeper [Series 2]
-Bat Spun [Bat Spin Mini]
-Skull Chestpiece [Armor]

-Rein (Spirit)
-Stargaze (Spirit)
-Binding Spotlight (Series 2)
-Flashlight (Spotlight Mini)
-Prism Shoulder Guards [Armor]

-Plasma (Spirit)
-Paradox (Spirit)
-Breaking Blackout (Series 2)
-Shortage (Blackout Mini)
-Moonlight Mask [Armor]

Corrupted Spirits:

Corrupted Spirits are spirits who were sacrificed to make this temporary portal, find them scattered across skylands and capture them using "Spirit Cages" When captured they will use there elemental ability to help you solve puzzles!

-Rock Spirit [Earth]
-Vine Spirit [Life]
-Molten Spirit [Fire]
-Glacier Spirit [Water]
-Electric Spirit [Air]
-Skull Spirit [Undead]
-Invisibility Spirit [Magic]
-Time Spirit [Tech]
-Shadow Spirit [Dark]
-Rainbow Spirit [Light]

Starter Packs:

Starter Pack 1: Normal (Pre-Wave)

Enchanter [Spirit]
Chip [Spirit]
Life Spirit Cage [Trap]
Earth Spirit Cage [Trap]

Starter Pack 2: Chaotic (Wave 1)

Chaotic Enchanter [Spirit] [Variant]
Chaotic Chip [Spirit] [Variant]
Chaotic Archi [Spirit] [Variant]
Life Spirit Cage [Spirit Cage]
Earth Spirit Cage [Spirit Cage]
Chaotic Thorn Cap [Armor]

Starter Pack 3: Rainbow (Wave 3)

Rainbow Enchanter [Spirit] [Variant]
Rainbow Chip [Spirit] [Variant]
Rainbow Rien [Spirit] [Variant]
Life Spirit Cage [Spirit Cage]
Earth Spirit Cage [Spirit Cage]
Light Spirit Cage [Spirit Cage]
i dont know what else to say, xox
Also i dont really care for skylanders anymore
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DreamTeam Yellow Sparx Gems: 1503
#2 Posted: 07:41:59 30/12/2018 | Topic Creator
lol i remembered how much i liked making fake skylander games so im doing this now.

also im not too interested in skylanders anymore, so dont @ me


-Starter Pack #1 (Starter Pack)

Wave 1

-Starter Pack #2 (Chaotic Starter Pack)
-Undead Double-Pack (Undead Spirit Cage & Bat Spun)
-Tainted Battle Pack (Ivy & Breaking Blackout)

Spirit Single Packs
-Charm (Spirit) (Single-Pack)
-Archi (Spirit) (Single-Pack)
-Ivy (Spirit) (Single-Pack)
-Plasma (Spirit) (Single-Pack)

Returning Cores
-Destiny Dino-Rang (Series 2) (Single-Pack)
-Tamed Trail Blazer (Series 2) (Single-Pack)

-Bat Spun (Bat Spin Mini) (Single-Pack)
-Biter (Chopper Mini) (Single-Pack)

Spirit Cages
-Air Spirit Cage (Spirit Cage) (Single-Pack)
i dont know what else to say, xox
Also i dont really care for skylanders anymore
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#3 Posted: 03:44:31 31/12/2018
looking good so far!
DreamTeam Yellow Sparx Gems: 1503
#4 Posted: 12:00:53 01/01/2019 | Topic Creator
Character Profiles:


Enchanter, like many other spirits, lived in Skylands. He was an innocent man, a simple blacksmith. But this would soon change. He swore he would never make a weapon, only tools, he couldn't bare to think that, he could make weapons that could kill innocent people. One day he was approached by a strange man, who claimed to be a warrior that fought for the elemental. He needed the strongest weapon he could get, and silly Enchanter trusted him. The strange man sold the weapon and continued to ask for more weapons. By the time Enchanter learnt of what was going on, it was too late. The damage was done and skylands was forever impacted. Enchanter tried to fix his mistake, adventuring off on his own, but this made matters worse, more innocent lives were lost. Enchanter had given up, but then, the portal opened. Enchanter was being cast off into the realm of spirits for his crimes. This was a gift, give him magical powers, but also a curse, trapping him there for thousands of years

*k thats a crap story for enchanter its 6am and i havent slept gimme break*
i dont know what else to say, xox
Also i dont really care for skylanders anymore
DreamTeam Yellow Sparx Gems: 1503
#5 Posted: 08:27:39 02/01/2019 | Topic Creator

Tier #1

Chapter #1 - Frostfest Mountains

Chapter #2 - Icicle Peak Theater

Chapter #3 - Seaside Docks

Chapter #4 - Woodburrow Ruins

Chapter #5 - Polar Post

Tier #2

Chapter #6 - The Golden Desert

Chapter #7 - Traptanium Mines

Chapter #8 - Skyhighlands

Chapter #9 - Cloudcracker Prison

Tier #3

Chapter #10 - Wilikin Village

Chapter #11 - Freakish Forest

Chapter #12 - The Courthouse

Tier #4

Chapter #13 - Skylanders Academy

Chapter #14 - Gravestone Grove

Chapter #15 - Coffin Cove

Chapter #16 - Funeral

Chapter #17 - Spirit Realm

Chapter #18 - Frostfest Mountains

Tier #5 (Expansions)

DLC #1 - Burning Battlelands

DLC #2 - Midnight Museum

DLC #3 - Temple of Fear
i dont know what else to say, xox
Also i dont really care for skylanders anymore
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