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Single Player Board or Card Games?
Johnbonne Yellow Sparx Gems: 1234
#1 Posted: 08:00:11 10/11/2017 | Topic Creator
Hey all!

I'm not enjoying video games quite like I used to and I need something to distract me from the bothersome things in the industry that're - to put it lightly - bringing me down. I'm thinking of trying out some board games or card games, but I'm not the sociable type and I doubt there's anyone in my area who shares my interests. So my question is - do you know of any single player boardgames, TTRPGs or card games? I've had a look around and I'm struggling to find solid information on how good they are for 1 player, as most discussions I've seen glance over that in a multiplayer-focussed discussion.

I play video games to get away from people, and this here forum is the most talking I do with others, but I'd like a break. If you've any suggestions, I'd love to know!

Side note: If you can recommend Warhammer stuff that isn't the tabletop battle game that'd be brill. I'm very much into their lore and video games but I don't have the patience, skill or money to build, paint and buy the figures.

Thanks in advance!

PS: Asking here because I'm not sure it goes into the video games topic.
AestheticDragon Ripto Gems: 1658
#2 Posted: 06:25:35 30/11/2017
I'd suggest looking up Talisman. It's an older board game that's now been released on Steam and mobile phones. My friends got me into it on Steam and I liked it so much that I downloaded it on my phone as well. There is the option to play against CPUs and it's still good fun. There is also a standalone expansion to the game set in the Warhammer universe.
Johnbonne Yellow Sparx Gems: 1234
#3 Posted: 14:42:31 30/11/2017 | Topic Creator
I keep trying to get into Talisman but I'm not sure what to do in it. I'll keep going at it, and I'd love to try the Horus Heresy edition at some point also. Thanks for the suggestion! smilie
Ghakimx Emerald Sparx Gems: 4064
#4 Posted: 19:16:08 25/12/2017
Wait, how does one play board games alone? Cuz if you play Monopoly by yourself, that would literally mean, MONOPOLY.
AlexBobSpoons Red Sparx Gems: 88
#5 Posted: 11:55:29 17/05/2018
I am a solo boardgamer and solo cardgamer

There is a guild here you can get info from on

There are loads of solo-able boardgames and collectible cardgames. Some favourites of mine:

Descent Second Edition (a miniatures fantasy dungeon-crawl) solo using an official PC/phone/tablet app or unofficial card deck variant.
Star wars Imperial Assault (based on Descent above, its app is new so not as much solo content via the app yet but good unofficial card-variant)
Arkham Horror (boardgame)
Mansions of Madness (uses an official pc/tablet/phone app)
Roll Player (dice game)
Sagrada (dice game)
Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Boardgame System (very simple/basic rules but fun. not much depth) There are now 5 of these available

Cardgames (collectible card-games, usually set-purchases rather than the older blind-buy TCG):
Lord of the Rings The Card Game (fantastic but big and costly with expansions. Needs very careful time consuming deck construction beforehand)
Marvel Legendary (comic themed deck-builder. The deck is built during the gameplay not beforehand)
Arkham Horror The Card Game (similar to Lord of the Rings in style but less dependant on deck construction)
Dresden Files Card Game (very puzzle-ey)

There are also many board/card games on the boardgamegeek website that players (sometimes professional games designers) have made unofficial solo rules variants.

There are unofficial solo variant rules for the two Warhammer card games I have (Warhammer Invasion (fantasy) and Warhammer 40K Conquest (sci-fi) but the license has expired so the games are no longer in production but you could thus pick up a big collection cheap maybe. is a good place for buying/selling card games.

Hope you find good stuff from this list that grabs your interest.
99% of my card gaming and boardgaming is solo, its great fun.

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