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Suicide Relief Groups - An Opinion/Discussion [CLOSED]
TheToyNerd Gold Sparx Gems: 2137
#1 Posted: 12:16:38 08/11/2017 | Topic Creator
Since I have pretty much nowhere to put this, I thought I’d share a musing if mine in its own topic. I think me sharing this experience is important in this current climate.

Suicide Help groups are inherently self-defeating, IMO. They aren’t real psychological help, but people treat them as such. You can certainly make the argument that people do gain some sort of help from
a constant stream of support from people who you don’t really know.

The issue for me is the staggering amount of emotional manipulation (both intentional or not) from strangers on the Internet. If you get to know those people a little too well, you might feel responsible for their life, which you shouldn’t. You deserve as much love and support as you’re giving them. No one, I don’t care how depressed the other person feels, should ever have to feel responsible for sone one else’s suicide attempt or suicidal thoughts. That’s manipulative and scummy no matter how ****ed up in the head someone may be. Co-dependency is cancer and that’s what these types of groups breed.

Obviously, this is just my personal experience with it. I’d be curious to know what others think about group chats like that...

Why’d I post this?
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#2 Posted: 12:48:00 08/11/2017
Dunno man, it might be different for everyone. I thankfully got help years ago and didn't get too close to needing one, but I'm also a person that likes to listen and be heard even if it's someone I'll never see again(though not over the internet most of the time, normal chat is one thing but I never feel comfortable talking about my family or extremely personal things). Some people don't trust other people with their life stories for anything.
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