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Skylander Fan Lore: Komodo Warrior
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#1 Posted: 16:17:15 16/10/2017 | Topic Creator
This is based from Skylanders Academy Universe

Komodo races in skylanders:

komodo races in skylanders is not like komodo dragon in earth. they're biped, walk with 2 legs, like humans in mutant mode. and they haven't wings like other dragon is. they're a part of sub races of Dragons in skylanders. They have claws in hands and foots. and they have brown and scaled skins. all komodo races in skylanders can masters in 2 elements, based original elemental skylanders (Air, Life, Undead, Earth, Fire, Magic, Water, Tech, Light, Dark). they're live in skylanders isle that called Savanah spring. it's a land fullfilled with grass like in grass savanah.

Komodo Warrior :
Komodo Warrior is a hero and somehow will be a leader of all komodo races to defeat the darkness and villains. somehow, a new komodo warriors are called by Master Eon to Skylanders Academy to protect Skylands from darkness. A battle to be a komodo warrior will be held in every 2 years. Every adult of Male komodos will take battle with other male komodo to get a 'title' of Komodo warriors. the winner of the battle will be a new komodo Warrior. a new komodo warrior will be gifted an Armour and a sword. a sword is built from trap crystal to absorb and enhanced the sword by the elements that he gives from his hand. an armor is built from a steel and in middle chest, there is a crystal man made from traptanium to make the armour strengthen and resist from damage. it's tied with the belt to make the crystal always in middle.

But, When the great war comes, the darkness has been strengthen and more by the dark wizard, Strykore. he wants to devour all light energy of creatures, include komodo races. with corrupted creatures and dark powers, he attacks the Savanah spring, when all komodo races lives. all komodo warriors unites with all of their power to defeat them. but, the dark force are rising and richer, so all komodo warriors can't hold it and the others have defeated, then all their light powers devoured by him. but, a komodo warrior, Wayan, can hold a dark force that attack him and with the light element power, they create a interdimensional hole and go into it. he is thrown to earth, exactly in west of Komodo Island.
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