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Skylanders: Academy Unite!
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#1 Posted: 21:32:44 08/10/2017 | Topic Creator
WARNING- the following topic contains spoilers for skylanders academy season 2.

Skylanders: Academy Unite is a fangame based on the Netflix TV Show. In this game, you'll be able to play as characters from the show, as well as those not seen in the show before. 31 figures will be released, of characters from the show. This game is considered a spinoff of the main series games- thus, only Academy Unite series figures will work in this game.

(this portion of the topic contains spoilers from the show. only open if you wish to see potentially major spoilers. or don't. i'm not the boss of you.)

The story of this game starts off simple enough, by thwarting a minor Kaos scheme. But as villains continue to crop up, Eon discovers that Kaos is not alone in the quest of evil- the Doom Raiders, Malefor, and Strykore have risen to plunge skylands into darkness! Now, you must take control of a legion of skylanders- cadets and legends alike- to save skylands from ultimate destruction!

In this game, you must track down and defeat a multitude of villains. From small threats such as Bomb Shell and Fisticuffs, to highly dangerous forces who shall not be named! You'll explore the vast skylands to find and defeat these villains, and continue to spread justice and peace through skylands. Many regions of skylands will be included- Falling Forest, Arctic Isle, and The Underworld to name a few. And get ready to take down some crazy bosses!

All the skylanders in Academy Unite have COMPLETELY new movesets! They'll still keep classic moves (example- Pop's beast form stays, thank god), but for the most part, everything's getting changed. These movesets will be adapted to the current mechanics of the game (AKA no more flying attacks. characters who CAN fly can do so by holding the jump button.)

The hub is, of course, the academy. But this hub isn't just any hub- it's a fully open world. Every nook and cranny of the academy is yours to explore! Find unique NPCs and complete tasks around the academy between levels. You can even go inside the buildings and explore the outer islands! And who knows.. maybe you'll find some secrets if you look hard enough. smilie

Rather than in game variants, some characters will get "costume" variants based on the show. These figures will play the same as their regular counterparts, but they'll have a special wow-pow in addition to the costume in-game. a full list will be available in the second post.

(this portion of the topic contains spoilers from the show. only open if you wish to see potentially major spoilers. or don't. i'm not the boss of you.)

Certain skylanders will have new powers from the show. Here's a full list.

Eruptor can temporarily enter "detective mode", allowing him to stop time in the area around him for a short time. This, however, cuts 1/4th of his maximum HP.

Stealth Elf has a new set of combos, one of which allows her to use an totally awesome ninja blade from the academy vault.

Spyro can charge his fireball attack to grant himself temporary invincibility.

Hex has a new area-of-effect attack that turns enemies around her into zombies that fight for you, as well as increasing the power of her attacks.

Sprocket can perform a powerful wrench slam, that damages enemies and heals nearby allies.

Jet-Vac can fire off magical blue eggs it at 25 percent HP or lower.

Chill has a "healing beam" that can heal allies.

Dark Spyro's moveset has been remade from the ground up, making him a completely new character with unique abilities and powers.

and last but CERTAINLY not least, Cynder's damage output is multiplied by 3 when at 25 percent HP or lower.
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#2 Posted: 21:51:27 08/10/2017 | Topic Creator

There are three "ranks" figures are sorted into.
Cadet- skylanders in training.
Skylander- skylanders who go on missions to defend the realm.
Legend- skylanders who have served above and beyond.

Skylanders are organized by rank, not element. they still have elements, though. This does mean most, if not all elements have odd numbers of skylanders, however.
Here they are.

Chill (Water)
Roller Brawl (Undead)
Cynder (Undead)
Hex & Skull (Undead)
Wind-Up (Tech)
Bad Breath (Life)
Food Fight (Life)
Flashwing (Earth)
Pop Thorn (Air)

Spyro (Magic)
Pop Fizz (Magic)
Stealth Elf (Life)
Eruptor (Fire)
Ka-Boom (Fire)
Jet-Vac (Air)
Sprocket (Tech)
Trigger Happy (Tech)
Jawbreaker (Tech)
Cy (Earth)
Snap Shot (Water)

Ninjini (Magic)
Tree Rex (Life)
Spitfire (Fire)
King Pen (Water)
Astroblast (Light)

all villains figures are of the Kaos element.

Dark Spyro
Chef Pepper Jack
Golden Queen

Clown Outfit Stealth Elf
Tuba Pop Fizz
Spy Outfit Eruptor
Zombie Hex
Zombie Roller Brawl
Concert Outfit Jet-Vac
Mechanic Outfit Sprocket
Racing Outfit Spitfire
Racing Outfit Astroblast

(These can be used in levels to get around faster.)
Hot Streak
Sun Runner
Tomb Buggy
Stealth Stinger


Includes: Game, Portal, Poster, Spyro, Stealth Elf, Eruptor, Cards, Stickers

KAOS EDITION STARTER PACK- (only at gamestop)
Includes: Game, Portal, Poster, Kaos, Dark Spyro, Stealth Elf, Eruptor, Spyro, Cards, Stickers
(Note- Dark Spyro and Kaos are exclusive to this starter pack.)

Starter- $49.99
Kaos Edition- $59.99
Single Figures- $9.99
VS Pack- $19.99 (skylander figure + villain figure)
Vehicle Pack- 14.99 (special outfit skylander figure + vehicle)
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#3 Posted: 21:57:33 08/10/2017 | Topic Creator

Starter (Spyro, Stealth Elf, Eruptor)
Kaos Starter (Kaos, Dark Spyro, Spyro, Stealth Elf, Eruptor)

Single Packs-
Concert Outfit Jet-Vac (Retail Exclusive)
Pop Thorn
Pop Fizz
Hex & Skull
Zombie Hex (Retail Exclusive)
Roller Brawl
Bad Breath
Food Fight
Tree Rex
Trigger Happy
King Pen
Snap Shot

VS Pack 1- Pop Fizz (Tuba) VS Wolfgang
VS Pack 2- Snap Shot VS Golden Queen
VS Pack 3- Stealth Elf (Clown Costume) VS Dreamcatcher
VS Pack 4- Eruptor (Spy Costume) VS Chef Pepper Jack

Vehicle Pack 1- Racing Outfit Spitfire + Hot Streak
Vehicle Pack 2- Racing Outfit Astroblast + Sun Runner
Vehicle Pack 3- Mechanic Outfit Sprocket + Stealth Stinger
Vehicle Pack 4- Zombie Roller Brawl + Tomb Buggy

- - -


10/9/17- Reduced the roster, added all packs, costumes, vehicles... WHEW. that was a lot.
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HeyitsHotDog Diamond Sparx Gems: 7934
#4 Posted: 22:08:04 08/10/2017
The Skylander cast needs more VV representation imo.
Hey is there anything you want me to bring for the rest of the week and if so it’s so cool that you can do something and just do it like that
SkylandrPurists Emerald Sparx Gems: 3341
#5 Posted: 00:28:27 09/10/2017
Chompy-King257 Gold Sparx Gems: 2956
#6 Posted: 01:12:49 09/10/2017
This is an awesome idea. The idea of an Academy game has certainly been growing on me with the new season. I love it!
i made the "bus" look like my "dad"
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#7 Posted: 04:29:41 09/10/2017 | Topic Creator

might downsize the roster a bit tho. this is just a spinoff, so too many figures would be kinda bad.
KingMed Gold Sparx Gems: 2456
#8 Posted: 07:28:17 09/10/2017
Quote: HeyitsHotDog
The Skylander cast needs more VV representation imo.

I agree we should get Astroblast and Spitfire since their vechiles are in the show.

I want freeze blade and Wash Buckler on the show.

We need a superchargers arc and have donkey Kong and bowser appear on the show.

Splat , Nightfall , Highvolt ( He can become a cop in the academy ) , Fiesta ,Varon Bob Shell Shock , Spell Slamzer , Mesmeralda , Avril , Tessa , Dragon hunter , Pandergast ,
Rattle Shake and More are very interesting characters that deserves to shine .
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#9 Posted: 02:30:52 10/10/2017 | Topic Creator
the roster has been edited greatly. take a look!
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